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Giving AoS a shot


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Hey sigmarites, I'm semi-reluctantly giving AoS a go. When AoS hit in my area most warhammer players sold off their armies and split for infinity, 40k or warmahordes, myself included. I sold off 3500pts of skaven and most of my tomb kings army (I kept some though). I started 40k daemons but it's pretty obvious to me now that 40k is in shambles rules-wise and I'm not having much fun playing the game.


the new AoS models are gorgeous, but I have no idea where to start, I want to learn the lore and the fluff but there are so many different types of books I don't know where to start.


anyways, thanks for reading and I'm looking forward to becoming part of the community, cheers.

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In relation to the fluff I fully recommend the Realmgate Wars Novels. The following link shows the reading order. Start with the Gates of Azyr and then enjoy!

If you just want a quick recap of the story so far check out the Heelanhammer podcasts. Episode 145 and 153 both have segments where Dan and Wayne give a great overview of the fluff. Here's the link their site.




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