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The Beginning....


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This sub-forum will the central resource point for the upcoming Scottish AoS Campaign 'The War of Caledonia'. The aim of the whole campaign is to get all Scottish AoS lovers playing, however frequently or infrequently they can, in a national campaign where your results in your local area against regular/one-off opponents can feed into something bigger. 

It will incorporate narrative, garage, hobby, tournament and any other gaming to contribute to a community effort and narrative. Nothing time specific, but flexible and loose with enough flavour to keep people interested and hungry. It won't only be restricted to Scottish based gamers, as I'm sure there will be various raiding parties from below the Wall and beyond...

At this stage we are just getting ideas and getting the ball rolling but aim is to include all types of games in something that people can drop in and out of as they can, and can give plenty flavour to informal games, tournaments etc.

The goal here is to get us all playing more AoS, forge a community, play in ways that fit our lives and desires and get more people in the Scottish AoS Scene. We also will feed into the recently set-up Facebook group 'Age of Sigmar - Scotland' where you can banter up your friends and opponents to your good/evil/daemonic heart's content.

Expect more details incl maps and some intro rules to drop soon once folk get involved. Feel free to drop any suggestions etc on here or on the FB page.

War is upon us....

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Saturday 23rd September is The Howling in Stirling at Common Ground Games. 2k of AOS. 

Games Workshop Aberdeen are running a tourney in store on the 14th October, 2k of AOS.

Same day as SKELP, Angus wargames clubs annual event (mostly historical though)

Winter War is the 18th November in Dunfermline. 2k of AOS, or 40k also. 

Northern Invasion is the 2nd December at Common Ground Games in Stirling, 2k of AOS with some northern isles themed additions. 

Would heartily recommend all these events. :D

Gaming clubs are around most everywhere but the biggest ones (to my mind) are Stirling Wargamers and Dunfermline Wargaming and Roleplaying Fellowship (DWARF). Outside of these giants there is a great scene in Aberdeen (gaming till 10pm on a Thurs at GW, (biggest GW outside of Nottingham) Dundee, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness have solid clubs, and there are wargames clubs in For far and West Calder that have decent reputations.


Hope that is of use. :D

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