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Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post


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Hey guys,

I decided to finally give my dust-gathering Shadespire box a try and realised that me and my wife are having surprisingly much fun with this set. Since playing fully painted is always more fulfilling I painted up both warbands.

And here they are:


Tbh though, I'm quite hesitant about investing more into this system since im not interested in buying every warband to get card xy. But time will tell ;)




I realised that I've painted some more warbands in the past. Not necessarily because I planned to play them in WHU but rather because I tend to collect everything that's WHFB-Greenskins alike where everything fought under one banner.

So here are my other Warbands as well:


That should be everything I got laying around ;)



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My Slayers (Chosen Axes) came across some gitz and promptly disposed of them. Fjul even cut one of the squigs in twain because it was in his way. I  decided to spruce up my empty bases a bit. The Slayers are officially finished  and hopefully they get some love with the new warband cards coming soon and maybe even an update for them at some point.  Here they are in all their glory!:











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Some lovely models being shared here. This is my latest Warband. I’d seen the theme done with other chaos models and wanted to try it out, then saw it’s pretty popular 🤣. Still happy with my version, it was a learning experience trying new skills etc. 


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