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Greetings from the Dictator


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There was once a Dictator in the World-that-Was.

He began his journey with the hordes of 8th, reached the lofty heights of the Painting Masters and hosted the most elitist of hobby events during the End Times. Then fell into obscurity at the start of the Age of Sigmar.

But he is back. As a shadowy figure behind his allies, he basks in the damned glory of the Realms at War.


To those who know me, I am often called the Merciless. To those who haven't yet, I am merely known as Ming.

I've been in the hobby since the start of 8th and have been rather absent since the start of AoS due to real life eating up my free time. Before AoS, I rocked a Bretonnian army, but being a fluffmonger, feel they don't really fit in the new setting. So I have not chosen to rebase them and their currently sitting dormant in a display cabinet. Instead, I've been working on Chaos armies, primarily one worshipping Slaanesh.

I'm a member of Angel Wargamers in Central London, though am now based in East London so I've not been down to the club as often as I'd have liked. Any clubs out there in say Stratford?

Anyway, the best place you can stalk me is on Twitter (@Thornshield) where I post my paintjobs and other hobby-related tweets.

Looking forward to impose my will get along with all you AoS enthusiasts!

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