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Need help with KO allies choice!

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Hi guys/gals,

I am trying to decide what allies to run in my 2000pt KO list; I am not worried about being ultra competitive but would like the option to take it to local tourneys and not get embarrassed :) 

I already have the KO, got a GW gift card so wanting to pick up the allies this week if I can decide on something. 

Here is the list so far

Code: Barak-Urbaz

footnote: There's no trading with some people


Endrinmaster -General- Fleetmaster- Endless Repeater (i think he is underrated!) 

Aether Khemist -Aethersight Loupe (Urbaz)

Aether Khemist


Arkanaut Company x10- 3x light skyhook

Arkanaut Company x10 - 3x light skyhook

Arkanaut Company x 20 -6x light skyhook



Akanaut Frigate-Heavy Sky Cannon-Self Healing Hull

Other Units:

Endrinriggers x12- 9x Chain Swords- 3x grappnel 


Endrinmaster and the balloon boys in the frigate, Company for support/objectives. 


this leaves me with 340pts for allies, I would be willing to cut my 20x Arkanaut Company down to 10x if it makes sense. Not really sure which direction to go here, leaning towards fyreslayers just because I want to paint them :P.  Any Ideas or suggestions welcome! 


Potential Allies

Aruic Runesmiter 

Vulkite Berzerkers x20- warpicks and sling shields 

-320 pts 


Vulkite Berzerkers x30- warpicks and sling shields 

-330 pts


Knight Azyros

Arkanaut Company x20 (making my 20 man unit a 40 man) 

-320 pts


Vanguard Raptors w/ longstrike crossbows x6

-360 pts

Maybe something with an organ gun?


Thanks for looking and all suggestions welcome! 









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I do think Urbaz benefits from no ships to be honest. Beef up the arkanauts, grab an admiral for his battleshock bubble. Balloon boys are so fast that they don’t need to ride in a ship


with that said,  Vulkite Berzerkers are amazing and totally worth it as allies in most lists

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