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(H) Hordes Gatormen (W) Admech, Stormcast, PayPal

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Hordes (mostly Gators)

See below for my list of what I want or feel free to make me a cash offer. Here’s what I’ve got:

Hordes template/measuring set
2 packs of medium-base wounds markers

Swamp Horror (painted)

Boneswarm (painted https://imgur.com/gallery/Dmrv )
Gatorman Posse (old, unassembled)
Gatorman posse (old, painted and based by someone who knew what they were doing)
Gatorman Posse (painted and almost based by me)

Bog Trog Ambushers
Bog Trog Mist Speaker
Bog Trog Trawler


Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

Swamp Gobber Chef
Croak Hunter
2x Gatorman Witch Doctor
Dannon Blythe and Bull

I also have a ton of Skorne (


Here’s what I want:
Warhammer 40k main rulebook
Adeptus Mechanicus (40k)
Stormcast hero from Blight War
I’ll consider anything Stormcast
I MIGHT consider Primaris Marines

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