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The Future - And Past - of the AoS Aesthetic

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12 hours ago, DarkWingDuck said:

Since we've finally gotten off the Stormcast/Space Marine topic :-) :-) :-) and back to the future of the AoS aesthetic...

I've been trying to find hints as to where the Moonclan Grots are going (since I have 200+ painted) and haven't been able to find any mentions in fluff, outside of their unit entries in the Destruction book.

Does anybody remember seeing any references outside of the Destruction book?

Part of me is worried that that bodes ill for the short little blighters, but another part wonders if we'll see a make-over similar to the Flesh-Eater Courts.

I further wonder if the hint to their future direction is right there in the their name. MOONclan grots. Perhaps they will literally be from the moons that hover above the mortal realms and the references to sky born grots in the Kharadon Overlords book are actually references to the Moonclans.

Giant Inflatable Squig Balloons!

Just a thought...

I haven't read anything about the Moonclan grots outside the Destruction book, but heaps on spiderfang grots, who show up for a large portion of the story, they even mention their Spider God which was cool. I think, like many factions, they just haven't gotten around to writing about them yet.

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On 22/10/2017 at 6:33 AM, Mr. White said:

Nah. The social contract of these purchases doesn't necessitate support 30 yrs later.  We're not paying for multi year product support, but as is at time of purchase. I can't be mad at Nintendo because my Super Nintendo cartridges don't work on my Switch. 

Likewise, AoS is a new system.

True, I can still play my SNES when I want, and an Empire player can still  play any older version of WHFB they want, but in neither situation is the gamer owed unlimited future support in later systems.

To me that seems unnecessarily harsh on the many very slow painters among us (some of the slowest are also the best, cf Bishmeister) and on the sentimental attachment people have to old figures and armies. Comparing wargaming to a computer game (far more instantaneous) isn't useful in that regard. 

I really welcome GW's ongoing 'support' for Warhammer Fantasy armies through the compendium warscrolls. The more inclusive the game is of different aesthetics and the various models people have bought from GW over the years the better - the hobby should never feel exclusive. The fact that there's room for grimdark Hammerhal ghoul-slaying alongside more heroic Stormcast endeavours goes to show that GW do seem to want to keep the Mortal Realms open to interpretation and for us to be able to let our imagination and creativity unfold within them. 

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I guess Mr.White was only and only about the fact that GW owes us nothing and does not need to tell us when they are going to change the system or support their products forever. Which is true.

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