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BCR - Everwinter's Blessing - the only ability where you don't want to roll a 6?


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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to discuss the BCR abilites, because I think they will now be used more often by people who still play BCR. Even though our numbers may be low. And i think the abilites could still be improved. Especially the rolls of 5 and 6.

I think this is the only ability in the game, where you hope to roll a 1,2,3,4 but not a 5 or 6.

A short description for everyone who doesn't know this ability:

In each hero phase you roll a dice: on 1-2 everyone can reroll save rolls of 1, on a 3-4 everyone gets a 3" movement, on a 5 every enemy unit within 3" of your models suffers D3 mortal wounds on a 6 roll, and on a 6 they suffer D6 mortal wounds.


If you are lucky enough to roll a 5, you still have to roll a 6 to do D3 damage. If you are lucky enough to roll a 6, you have to roll a 6 again and after that also a 6 if you want maximum effect.

This would be three 6's in a row. Which are the odds that this might happen?


I think it should be more rewarding to roll a 6 for an allegiance ability. What do you think? Maybe I am wrong but I am really interested what you have to say about the ability annd what could be improved. Has it ever happened that the Everwinter roll of 5 or 6 worked for anyone and was still effective?

How could the ability change to make it more interesting?

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Have played BCR with  everwinter each time i wasn't in a tournament (where i had my magik potion of awesomeness)

tried to trigger that double 6 or 5-6

Never happened a single time

Basically can happen once every 18 everwinter's activation/

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I believe ironjawz Waagh ability doesn't want to roll highly either (although the way that ability works is frustrating as well. a weird delayed command ability that can fail? whyyy).

As a pure bcr player, I like Everwinter, but it's as you say: 5&6 are horrible rolls on our table, and have never actually done anything for me. You can't even play towards getting that roll if you happen to be in combats at the top of your turn, since you'd be pretty foolish banking on a 6% chance (roll of 5-6 followed by a roll of 6 to trigger D3 or D6 mw).

I'm trying to think of how consistent it would have to be for me to want it, and it's tough. Of the 3 choices, the move is of course the best at almost all points in the game, especially turn 1, and the save rerolling is also quite good whether in combat or without. The mw aura is only "good" if currently still in combat from last turn. If your roll of 5 or 6 gave a 100% chance at d3 mortal wounds, it would still be the worst result overall (and that's something).

I just remembered that you don't want to roll high on the allied Butcher with Cauldron table either, as that's another 'aoe mw' effect, this time for a guy who wants to really stay away from enemies. Though to be fair you don't want to roll a 1 either since he'll choke. And half the time you don't want to roll a 2 either since the heal is very polarizing. Hm, I guess what I'm saying is you usually only want that 2 in 6 chance of +1 to hit in your inaccurate ogor army.

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I could be reading it wrong but it seems as though on a 5/6 you then roll for each enemy unit individually?

So it's actually a series of 6+ rolls? The only thing I can think is it should be a 4+ to affect units and a 6+ on heroes. It's still fairly vicious when you consider that clan pestilence has a spell which does it while bcr get it as a freebie.

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In theory, if you are in cc with enough enemy units, you will roll the follow up 6 more likely. Still you have to be in cc with at least 6 enemy units for it to trigger once. That's a pretty ****** up ability. That's why it makes sense to play Everwinter's Master, but then again - waste that for the ability slot? no way.

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Well each unit is 5/6 to not be affected. So at 3 units your looking 125/216 or about 42% to hit at least one unit.

625/1296 for 4 units 52%

60% at 5

67% at 6

72%, 77%, 81%, 84%, 87%, 89%.

You can see diminishing returns has kicked in. So for a better than 50-50 chance to hit AT LEAST one unit you need to be in combat with 4 enemies, for better than 4/6 you need 6 units and 5/6 is 10 units.

Ie converting it to a dice roll

6+ = 1 unit,

5+ = 2 units,

4+ = 4 units,

3+ = 6 units,

2+ = 10 units.

That's converting the odds you will deal mortal wounds to a d6 dice roll.

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