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Trying to Pick An Army!

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So I used to play Fantasy and I have recently returned to gaming to find Age Of Sigmar in full swing at my local store.  I have an awesome tomb kings army but would love to start a new army from the destruction grand alliance!  I plan on doing tournaments/competitive play, I've done a ton of research and settled on two ideas.  Most of the info I was able to find online seemed to be pre-generals handbook 2017 which seemed to have changed quite a bit as far as points costs, so I'm not sure if the lists I've cooked up are still a good idea for a tournament list. Both lists are written for 2000 points, let me know what you think! Any input is great!

Also what is the feeling on destruction?  How does it tend to do?  I


List 1: Mixed Destruction 

This one has got some awesome monsters and a solid blocking force of gross with some basic battlelines to grab objectives and the like.  The grot unit with the fanatics is definitely no joke but my major concern here is depth, if I lost one of the monsters to early it could be all over.  It definitely revolves around the 3 monsters and I'm not so sure that after the 2017 points increase this still makes sense. 

Frostlord on stonehorn-460

Huskard on thudertusk (x2)-760

Moonclan Grots, mob of 60-360

Savage Oruuks, 10-120 

Savage Oruuks, 10-120 

Grot Fanatics, 6-200


List 2: Ironjawz

I really like this one but I am concerned with lack of mobility  and I'm not so sure how this would do against a kurnoth hunter heavy list or the flesh eater courts I played against the other night.  

Megaboss on Maw-Krusha-460




Ardboys, 10-180

Ardboys, 10-180

Brutes, 10-360

Brutes, 10- 360

Gore gruntas, 3-140




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That thread has the comments and results from the most recenthuge tourney wit has discussion and questions from the really good destruction players.

Give it a read, there are a few other threads kicking around which are worth reading. One about ironjawz allies, the last few pages of the IJ discussion thread for the two obvious ones.

EDIT: Allies are a huge part of ironjawz right now, and @Chris Tomlin has said goregruntas might be key.

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