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G'day All From Melbourne!


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Hullo all, newcomer to the forums and to AoS in Melbourne here, thought I'd pop in and say hi!

Basically just getting back into the wargaming scene after a long time out, starting from scratch after selling everything way back when. I've dabbled with a couple of other games systems in the last year from other companies, but having been a big Warhammer fan in my youth, I've decided to give GW another go. I was always a big fan of the Warhammer world, but never really had the time or patience (or money, for that matter!) to collect a mass army, so mostly played Mordheim and Blood Bowl when I was younger. Looking forward to putting that right now and collecting a big, scary Chaos horde.

I have to admit to being a bit apprehensive about giving AoS a go at first, mainly because the fictional setting was one of the things I really loved about Warhammer in the past, so finding out that it was all being ripped to shreds and started again was a bit offputting. But having read up on it all a bit more now, I'm really looking forward to delving deeper into the new setting and immersing myself in the fluff all over again, and if it's still as well written as it used to be, then no doubt I'll find myself loving it just as much as I loved the Old World. I've not read much so far, but the general idea I've gotten is of a bunch of different realms linked by inter dimensional gates, which being a fan of Feist's Riftwar novels sounds good to me!

Anyway, I'm still very new to the scene, but this looks like the place to be for all things AoS, so I'll no doubt be popping up from time to time. I haven't actually purchased any of the starter sets/books or anything yet, that'll be in the next couple of weeks, so as that happens and I read up more and start actually playing, I'll no doubt have have plenty of comments and questions to chime in with, but I've already found a whole ton of useful information on here, so so far so good!

Now, off I go to the Australia subforum to see if I can find somebody to play with!

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