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Order 2500 Points


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Dragonlord 340

Anointed on Frostheart Phoenix 240

Celestial Hurricanum 380

Loremaster 100

Archmage 120

2x 5 Dragon Blades 280

6 Kurnoth Hunters 440 (Scythes)

4x 10 Skinks (Boltspitters) 240

2x 10 Executioners 360

2500 points



The general tactics are for skinks to screen, Hunters to hold down the center (hopefully with mystic shield) all the wizards and Phoenix stay close so the phoenix can get rly tanky. The executioners should be able to do a lot of mortal wounds with +1 to hit from the hurricanum. The dragon can hopefully pick up hand of glory, blow the war horn, and dish a lot of relliable damage with the dragon Blades in tow. 


What would you change about the list?

What do you think are its weaknesses?


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