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Makeing the kit worth more.


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I recently got a box of Vanguard-Raptors and had a hard time deciding which variant to build. The result was to build both! 

I built the eternals with the Hurricane Crossbows and took the leftover Longstrike weapons, some sprues and misc SCE bits and made a Longstrike Boltthrower:

Next up is to take some spare Liberators and make them crew it.





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Thanks for the kind words, I never thought of it as a siege weapon, just a way of getting another unit without having to pay for it. But now that you mention it the SCE must have some form of weaponry on their Stormholds that we hear about in the fluff? They can't leave it all to the Ironweld Arsenal can they?

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Made two Raptor Crewmen for the Boltthrower from a couple of Liberators, have too many of them anyway and odd numbers as well.

Took the arm from the Raptor-Prime with the Aetherwing and made a signaling flag from random bits.  

Super happy to have two units from the same box!??





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