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WTS Death Army (Deathlords, FEC, Deathrattle)


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Looking to sell a decent size grand alliance death army. Hoping to get around the £250 mark for the lot, located in UK and looking to ship to within UK if possible to reduce chance of a postal mishap. For clarity this army is also listed on ebay, if this is an issue can someone please let me know so I can fix the issue (first time selling here).
All the models below are unbuilt and on the sprue. The boxes that are on display here have been opened to check the contents were undamaged in transit as GW refuse to put any padding between the sprues. Unfortunately some damage has occured. The damage however is minimal and luckily the damaged parts are from the Mortarch sets and it worked out that you could use all 3 of these sets to build all 3 completely undamaged. For example, 1 set I have marked to make as arkhan and has a perfect neferata head, if you use the head form this set with the set I have marked as for neferata you will have a perfect undamaged model. Just want to clarify that what I consider to be damage is basically any blemish that would require work to fix. 2 of the neferata heads for example have some detail ever so slightly eroded by sprue to sprue movement whilst in transit. The damage could be fixed with a little time and effort, but I consider it damage so list it as so incase the buyer is just as fussy as me :). As stated above the damage is not consistent through the kits, so what is slightly damaged in 1 mortarch kit is fine in another which will allow you total freedom to make all 3 of the models
I have also included a spare sprue of ghouls, this is to make a crypt ghast courtier, but it would also leave you with enough parts to make 6-7 other ghouls for either bases or for future army expanding.
If you require more info about this please let me know, but for the sake of this listing I am listing these all as fine to build as you can still assemble all the models listed below with ease with the kits being sold :)
So the total army is:
Mannfred, Mortarch of Night
Neferata, Mortarch of Blood
Arkhan the Black, Mortarch of Sacrament
x8 Morghast Archai/Harbingers
Total ~2020pts
Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist/Zombie Dragon
Crypt Ghast Courtier
x20 Crypt Ghouls
x6 Crypt Flayers/Horrors
Total ~1000pts
Wight King
x30 Skeleton Warriors
x15 Black Knights/Hexwraiths
Total ~720pts
TOTAL ~3740pts
(points totals are estimates only)
Also included:
Flesh eater courts army book
Grand alliance death book
I am open to offers for this army, but to buy this selection of models from even a 25% discount site it would cost you well over £250 and that's not even including the books, and some of the models + you wouldn't know until you opened it if any parts were damaged were you to order from somewhere else.
Located in Cardiff and happy to meet in the city centre if buyer is local and wishes to save on postage.
Any other questions or if you would like any other pics please ask :)


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