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FEC and the Silver Maiden

Mr. White

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Open/Narrative gamer here mainly playing Skirmish.

Back in the Old World days I was a huge fan of Bretonnia and the Strigoi. I had a Bretonnian themed BB team and a Bretonnian WFB army as well as a Strigoi based Mordheim warband. Lucky for me, the Flesh Eater Courts seems to merge these two into the ideal faction.

That said, I'm not as versed in the AoS game as much as I'd like to be at this point, so need a little help fleshing out (ha) a concept.

My Skirmish games are set in Chamon post the Realmgate Wars and securing of Ghal Maraz by Sigmar. I envision it as sort of a post war realm with ruins and destruction everywhere. I have no idea if this is correct, but it's what I'm going with in my head. I understand there's a tragic 'Silver Maiden' character which is a banshee of sorts that operates in the area. What I'd like to be able to do is spin this Silver Maiden into a sort of 'Lady of the Lake' type-role for my FEC warband. They think they are fighting in her honor as the noble defenders of Elixia - The Shattered City.

That seems to work, but how can I work this character into the my actual collection of models? Are there stats for her anywhere? Should I simply use a banshee warscroll and include her in the warband as part of the Death faction? I don't have the FEC Battletome yet...is there a character/unit in there I could just sub a banshee model for and play 'counts as'?

What are the best options?

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