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New Skaven stab-stab their way into Shadespire!


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The new art teaser of Shadespire has revealed the truth! The rats are back, and by the looks they are ready for action! :D



Shadespire is to be released next month, but the big question is... Will the Skaven also be released next month? As a big Skaven fan and waiting for ages for some new Eshin support I'm very excited to see these what I assume to be Nightrunners (or Gutter Runners?).

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I'm looking forwards to see Skaven in the game and I think Eshin would be a good fit, but don't forget that this is a chance for GW to tweak the Skaven background. So we might see something very different to what we are used to!

I'm expecting that we will see the four core warbands on release followed by the others over the next few months

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On 13/09/2017 at 5:57 PM, zabbraxas said:

the claw and the flail make me also thinks at the Eshin Nightrunners. They do the work at Mordheim and now they are brack to  Shadespire

The claw as the flail are also hand weapons in the clanrats kit, which has me very worried this might be a Verminus unit. I'm very hopeful we're getting some new Clan Eshin models as they're my favourite clan and in dire need of an update of some new plastic models. Either way I'll be getting them, I expect we won't see them until the first expansion in November mind you 

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On 2017-09-18 at 1:03 PM, Xasz said:

The Blood Warrior gives me hope that we'll see more than fratbros for chaos.

It struck me when I saw that (a bit obvious perhaps) that we might see several warbands from the same faction. I just hooe they make several fron different factions first xD

Also, is it confirmed that the warbands have fixed members? I'd rather be able to mix and match from same-faction warbands :P

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The 8 Warbands described in the lore within the rulebook are as per the above picture;

Stormcast Eternal Liberators
Stormcast Eternal Hunters (I think!)
Bloodbound Blood Reavers
Bloodbound Blood Warriors
Ironjawz Ardboys
Deathrattle Sepulchral Guard
Skaven Clanrats (I think!)

This isn't really news as such, more a confirmation :) 

I haven't fully read all the descriptions yet, but the impression I got for the Skaven was that they are Clanrats. I'll have a read again tonight and check.

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