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A new age...

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hey, Im Wes from Rockhampton, qld, Australia... go by the handle Horus on most things, as the nickname suggests i come from a 40k/30k background and have been playing for going on 20 years, was not a fan of the warhammer Fantasy game, but loved the lore... so when aos dropped i got the starter played a few games and basically went back to 40k, however 7th edition 40k was a complete shitshow and the competitive scene was toxic.... then a beacon of gaming hope appeared.. GHB.. its been a love affair ever since...

i have a problem though... i buy alot of stuff, im more known for playing order, seraphon and more recently my overlords... but i own alot of other stuff, huge death army, beastclaw, spiderfang grots, gut busters.... even have a cheeky highelf army in hiding...


anyways thats me

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HI, welcome.  

Sounds like you need to pick a faction and run with it for a while!  

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