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Events UK: Tempest Crusade: Ulgu - Sat 20/21 Jan 2017, Stirling TICKETS AVAILABLE

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Event Title: Tempest Crusade: Ulgu - Sat 20 Jan 2017, Stirling
Event Author: Scottyjock
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 01/20/2018 12:00 AM to 01/21/2018 12:00 AM

Announcing the return of Tempest Crusade for 2018! Following on from the Realm of Fire, and Realm of Death in previous years...


Media preview

Tickets for this go on sale on SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER 2017

There will be a 1-day and 2-day event running on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st January 2018. This tournament will be held at Common Ground Games, Stirling.

46 tickets will be available across both days. The mix of these will be determined by who signs up for what the quickest!

Cost will be £17 for 1-day ticket, and £28 for 2-day ticket. This covers your games and lunch (and it's lovely at CGG).

Send PayPal friends payment to scottyjock@gmail.com, including all player names. 

On Day 1 all players will play 3 games and compete for the prize The Penumbral Prince.
On Day 2 those staying play 2 more games and compete for the prize The Lord of Sorrow.

Games 1, 3, 4 & 5 will use Battleplans from the General's Handbook 2017 ‘Matched Play’ section randomly determined at the start of each round (no Battleplan will be played twice).
Game 2 will use a custom Battleplan - Smoke & Mirrors.

Purchase of a ticket will confirm your place on the Entrants list.
Names will stay on the Reserve list until payment is made.
Refunds of tickets are available until Fri 30th December 2017

Final event pack available HERE (google drive) and HERE (dropbox)

Lists now added!


Tempest Crusade: Ulgu - Sat 20 Jan 2017, Stirling


1. Richard Strachan (List)
2. James Marshall (List)
3 Daniel Marshall (List)
4.  Calum Todd (List)

1. Stu West (List)
2. Erik Bews (List)
3. Lyndon Sinclair (List)
4. John Harper (List)
5. Nathan Watson (List)
6. Stephen McCormick  (List)
7. Graeme Davidson (List) 
8. Iain Hunter (List) 
9. Garry Marshall (List)
10. Liam Watt (List)
11. Niall Campbell  (List)
12. John Bayliss (List)
13. Sean McKechnie (List)
14. Ross Joyce (List)
15. Trev Moffat (List)
16. Paul Di Duca (List)
17. Phil King (List)
18. Paul Whitehead (List)
19. Greig Summers (List)
20. Craig Graham (List)
21. Michael Hanns (List)
22. Adam Rawson (List)
23. Stefan Craig (List)
24. Jonathan Forde (List)
25. David Nemeth  (List)
26. Katalin Fekete  (List)
27. William Pollock (List)
28. Krzysiek Witkowski (List)
29. John Craig (List)
30. Adam Turner (List)
31. Lucas Wdowiak (List)
32. Graham Duffy (List)

RESERVES (unpaid)
1. Neil Peckett
2. Trev Moffat
3. Martin Johnstone
4. Tim Dagnall
5. Brett Knight 

GRUDGES (Round 1)

Q: Does the  Fyreslayers 'Warrior Kinband' 'Legacy of the Lodge' ability effect units or models within 10" of the Runeson?
A: Models (as per the Blood & Glory 2017 ruling)



1 Richard Strachan Khorne vs Adam Rawson  Sylvaneth
2 John Bayliss Tzeentch vs Iain Hunter Chaos
3 Will Pollock Chaos vs Phil King Ironjawz
4 Paul di Duca Clan Skryre vs Graeme Davidson Order
5 Stephen McCormick Beastclaw Raiders vs James Marshall Flesh Eater Courts
6 Sean McKechnie Destruction vs Nathan Watson Tzeentch
7 Jonathan Forde Stormcast Eternals vs Liam Watt Fyreslayers
8 Daniel Marshall  Tzeentch vs Katalin Fekete Beastclaw Raiders
9 Erik Bews Khorne vs John Harper Stormcast Eternals
10 John Craig Destruction vs Lyndon Sinclair Beastclaw Raiders
11 Adam Turner Stormcast Eternals vs Mark Roberts Stormcast Eternals
12 Craig Graham Stormcast Eternals vs Garry Marshall Seraphon
13 Paul Whitehead Stormcast Eternals vs Niall Campbell Death
14 Michael Hanns Nurgle vs Ross Joyce Bonespltterz
15 David Nemeth Clan Skryre vs Stefan Craig  Kharadron Overlords
16 Krzysiek Witkowski  Sylvaneth vs Stu West Death
17 Graham Duffy Destruction vs Calum Todd Death
18 Greig Summers  Slaves to Darkness vs Lucas Wdowiak Seraphon


Edited by Scottyjock

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7 minutes ago, WeeDaveSoutar said:

Looks awesome Scott, 


Sign me up,



Main post now edited Dave...let me know your thoughts. Tickets on sale in a few wks :)

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I'm definitely up for the 2 dayer - not sure about the Sons of Marshall, but they might be up for it as well.  I'll just make 'em if we need the numbers :-)

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Folks, just a reminder I'll be putting tickets for this on sale this Sunday 1st Oct.

Both 1-day & 2-day tickets will be available to buy. 

Numbers ideally approx 50:50 split between the two, but will see how demand goes.

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1 minute ago, sirflukesalot said:

think i ought to get involved in more of these!

sign me up for the 2-dayer

Will do sir. What's your name?

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