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Stormcast Consummate Commander and Allies




The Consummate Commander command trait from the Stormcast Eternals battletomb reads: -


Choose one other Hero in your army. While your general is alive, the model you choose can also use any command abilities it may have, as if it were you general.

If I took a unit of 40 Black Arc Corsairs and a Fleetmaster as Allies, could I use the above trait on the Fleetmaster? Allowing him to use his command ability At Them You Curs to reroll failed hits?

It does not state it has to be a Stormcast Hero. Other command traits do specifically state Stormcast Units. 

The Generals handbook does reads: -


Remember that in most cases allegiance abilities only work for units with the appropriate keyword.  

Not sure if that is a clear answer to my question or not O.o



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