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New shadespire faction!

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To be completely honest, it's a bit yawn IMO. They don't really look a whole lot different to the Ardboyz we already have. The Ardboyz were already somewhat dynamic for a kit that came out for square-based warhammer, these guys just have a few furs or slightly more interesting heads and that's about it. Not unexpected that Ironjawz are the first Destruction off the block... but still... poster boy syndrome strikes again.

The models are fine, both pose wise and aesthetically, but they don't feel like they've got this 'wow' factor the other warbands so far have. Like you know the others are 2 steps above the regular AoS multi-part models which have certain limitations due to being multipart, but these don't quite feel at the same level.

But what we can glean from this warband also feels a bit stale to me.

It seems that all the warbands so far, are basically a single 'unit' in AoS. So you've got the Liberators, the Blood Reavers, the Skeleton Warriors and now the 'Ardboyz. So if you're hoping for multi-race warbands or big guys and small guys, seems like, at least, initially it won't happen.

I would've enjoyed having a warband of like an Ogor leading around some Grots, or even for Ironjawz, a Brute and some Ardboyz. For cross overs into AoS proper, I guess it makes things simple as they'll probably just count as a Liberators or Bloodreavers with an extra special rule or something, but in terms of Shadespire seems a little bit plain.

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I think each has at least one model that can be a character at the same level as the regular AoS characters and the names combined with cool poses means the models will fit as character models easily enough. 

As for larger models etc, they really need to get a base level of factions down and ready to go and I think they want the classic looking ones before spreading out towards things like Ogors but there is no reason they can't do so. 

The Orruks are nice, the pics aren't stunning or majorly eye grabbing but I actually think they might be better than first thought and with more images they show them to be more individual than first look. I'm hoping :)

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I tho k these orruks look a ton better than the AoS ardboyz, which have always out me off the ironjawz factions where the models are otherwise beautiful.

I think these guys will be enough for me to take the plunge into shadespire. 

Hoping for a fyreslayers faction Next!

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I think this ard boyz mob is impressive and very well sculpted.


slight disappointment that they did not explore the lord further to give us some got mob grots etc.

i will be picking up these upon release to smash some thunder boyz!

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