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Events USA: TWO KINGS GAMING, 716-276-8371


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Event Title: TWO KINGS GAMING, 716-276-8371
Event Author: ReynakZhen
Calendar: Events USA
Event Date: 10/21/2017 11:00 AM to 10/21/2017 08:00 PM

Two Kings Gaming added an event.
16 hrs · 

Our Age of Sigmar Fall Tournament is just around the corner! Compete against other Age of Sigmar players in this three round tournament for the chance to win store credit prizes. $15 entry. Registration starts today!

Tournament Rules:

-2000pts. Battlehost.

-3 Rounds. 2.5hr each. Once time is up you may finish the phase you are in.

-Pre-determined General’s Handbook 2017 Pitched Battle Scenarios.

-Winners will be determined by W/L ratio. A tally of total “destroyed unit” points will be kept for tie-breaker purposes (E.g. Destroying a 200pt unit will grant 200 destroyed unit points).

-The Triumph Table will be used.

-Command Traits and Artefacts of Power must be chosen and on your army list before the tournament begins. These items cannot be changed between matches as they are a part of your list. Choose wisely!

** All players must bring their own dice, tape measure, miniatures, rules reference material, and two copies of their army list.
*** Store credit prize pool is determined by number of players in the tournament.

Sat 11 AM · Two Kings Gaming · Buffalo
You like Two Kings Gaming

TWO KINGS GAMING, 716-276-8371

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