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Deconstruction of my destruction


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Hey TGA, been stalking these boards for a while, that circle of breathe on the window. 

Ive been playing aos since it dropped and almost exclusively chaos. I've decided to potentially move to destruction for the new handybook. Thought I'd share my stuff and keep myself on track. I went out and bought a full bonesplitter and ironjawz army. And a large chunk of moonclans. 

Building it all is killing me. Loving painting it. 

Hopefully I'll have a mawcrusher finished soonish, I've got some ideas for minor flavour conversions for I think and a cheeky extra for this megaboss. 





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Thanks for the kind words. 

I must admit I've been very distracted with destiny 2. I've decided to get my splitters commissioned and have handed them over, but I'm still working on my jaws. 

Not an enourmous amount of progress but it's steady. I'm also considering getting a rogue idol or troll hag, not sure which I will get the most out of. 

A wip of my brutes. Hopefully have them close to done by the end of the weekend. Still trying to decide on the basing theme. 


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