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The Endless Deserts: Tides of War - Part 1

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Today I have something special, part one of a (hopefully) ongoing story series set within the Endless Deserts. Here's my best back of the book blurb: As the Age of Sigmar dawns across the realms, Nihlus Tidalborne and his Warrior Chamber are sent to the Endless Deserts of Shyish to seek out allies of old amongst the sands. The desert revenants who occupy the realm are not as forgiving of perceived past slights as the Stormcast may hope though. If Sigmar's warriors do not meet their demise at the hands of the living dead, then the many chaos tribes or the harsh realities of the barren land may do them in. Can Nihlus find the ancient monarchs and secure the alliance they need or will Sigmar's storm break upon the desert winds?
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