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Stormacast 2000 competitive


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Hi guys! I'm new to SE but I thin k this list can be competitive. It's pretty fast easy to play

This is my idea

lord cele on stardrake 560

-straunch defender

-keen clawed

-mirror shield

Drakeswarn Templar 500

-arch hammer

lord cele 100

lord relictor 80

-lighting chariot

2x5 liberators 100

5 judicators 160

10 retributors 400 

tot 2000

can be competitive this list?:)

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Short answer? Not even if it was a legal list. You need 3 units of battleline and prosecutors come in multiples of 3. 5 of them is not 160pts it's 200, 4 is 200, 6 is 200, 7 is 300.

Drakesworn Templar is bad, better to take 2 LCoSD or normal dracoths instead.

Rets are fine with LC but there are better options.

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40 minutes ago, Tizianolol said:

I wanna write judicators ( 160) I just failed to copy my list! What do you think about it?;)

It's definitely better, I think the big change I would make is to drop the Drakesworn Templar for a unit of 4 fulminators.

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