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Allies allowance at 1500pts



So, when the allies allowance was first announced people talked about it as being 20% of your force. This is true at all the levels listed in the pitched battle section of the GH (Vanguard, Battlehost and Warhost).

However, it is not clear that that is the way it should work for non-standard point levels. Nowhere in the rules does it actually say that it a 20% allowance. For the other army composition rules I’ve always seen people play using the next rung up when using ‘in-between’ points values - so at 1500 points using the Battlehost limits.

Since the allies allowance is just another army composition rule, does this mean that the way to write 1500pt army lists is with a 400 point allowance?

I worry that I’m a little in houserule territory here since 1500 points isn’t an officially supported level, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts.

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I believe GW has stated that each defined point level is intended to apply for +/- 250 points. So 1500 will certainly put you in house rules territory. 

Sort it out with your opponent. You could use the 1000 level limits, or the 2000, or a combination, or make up your own (20% being a clear option there). 

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