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Terrain, Behemoths, and Mosters



I was playing a game vs Sylvaneth as Kharadon overlords last week that caused some contention. This is where my questions come in.

1 - Do frigates and ironclad get cover? They are not monster keyword but behemoths in the GHB. The faq mentions monsters not getting cover but also drops the word behemoth, so the official rules use them as synonyms. 

2 - Into part two. If these units do not get cover, because they are synonymous with monsters, then by extension are they immune from the wildwoods rolling to see if you die when moving through them? The spirit of this rule seems to be that the trees cannot hurt big or heroic units.

3 - If then ironclads and frigates are monsterous, then does a unit that gets bonus to fighting monsters also get that vs these ships? Say that it was a mirror match and the Arkanaut Company was shooting at the ironclad , does it get a plus one to hit?

4 - Finally, does this related back to a celestial hurricanum and a balewind vortex? This is not a monster, but a caster and behemoth. It feels like a violation of the spirit of the rule. If nagash cannot use it, why can the hurricanum?

I feel this question is important because there were only a couple monsterous war machines before, but now with more, questions keep on coming.

If no one has an answer, should I ask the Facebook team?

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Monster is a keyword, located on the units Warscrolls.  Behemoth is a battlefield role, listed next to the unit in the Matched Play points table.  They are two completely separate things.   While most behemoths are monsters and most monsters are behemoths, this is not ALWAYS the case.  If an ability states that it effects Monsters, then you check to see if the unit has the Monster keyword and that is all.  If something in a rule states that it effects or is triggered by Behemoths, then you check to see if its battlefield role is Behemoth and that is all.

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