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Returning after 15 years


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Hi guys,

Just thought I'd say hello. Used to play 40k 2nd ed and 3rd back in the 90s but also got into fantasy with a decent sized dark elf army (looking back at my old models I'm amazed at how much better the new models are looking in terms of detail!). 

Popped into my local GW and picked up AoS starter set earlier this year mainly for the Bloodbound. It's taking ages to paint so I haven't really played any games yet but hoping to have a game ready army by the end of the year.

I just want to say that I really appreciate the attitude in this forum. Before I found TGA I was reading DakkaDakka and just found there was negativity on AoS which just got a bit tiring to keep reading.

If anyone has recommendations for novels to explore the lore a bit that would be great.


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Welcome to TGA!


With your interest in the Khorne Bloodbound I can solidly recommend the Call to Chaos short reads, and Call of Archaon.


The Labyrinth of the Lost (Silver Tower novel) was an enjoyable quick read and I'm a big fan of The City of Secrets novel.


I know that getting stuff painted can be a haul. (I just finished painting my my first Start Collecting Set myself.)


But head on down to your local GW and try a Skirmish game. You can run a game with just 3 models [emoji4] (I'd recommend a couple more ... but 3 works.) Don't be afraid to put unpainted stuff out on the table, as long as it's assembled it's alright to try out and get your feet wet so you know what you need to get next for your Army.


With your painting work, head on over to The Painting Table side of the site and we'll support your building and painting side of the hobby as well!


I say it a lot but, [mention=2804]Mohojoe[/mention] is hosting the monthly "Painting Contract" for September 2017 where we post up what we're going to build and paint for the month.


The Painting Contract - September 2017




Join in for the painting and building and stick around for the cool models [emoji4]


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Picked up the battletome, mainly for lore and colour schemes. Trying to do Skullfiend tribe but painting black armour is a bit challenging without making it look like you just left it undercoated :S.

Thanks for the novel recommendations, once I've ploughed through the HH backlog I've got I'll get those to start with.

As for playing at a GW store, do you generally just turn up with models and hope someone else is there looking for a game or do you organise these things in advance?

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