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Silver Tower bases

Ben Johnson

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This looks cool, the crackle basing is very fashionable right now and you've given it a very nice twist with the colours, but it feels like it's missing something.  

Tufts wouldn't really seem right I don't think, maybe some crushed crystal or some kind of exotic flock.  Another idea is to use some kind of bits of Tzeentchian metal work, for example the top plate from the flaming chariot has some nice detail that could easily be press molded to produce pieces to add to bases.  Brass etch sheet with organic patterns could be cool and rolled up pieces of fine wire flattened down would make cool spiral type metal floor pieces.  These are the sort of things I'm thinking for mine, but for the time being I've just painted them black until I get all the models painted.  Also, seeing as GW have just announced the perfect bases for the Deathwatch Overkill game maybe in a few months we'll get a perfect Silver Tower basing solution. 

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But then if you want to use the models in a larger battle in AoS, I guess "Silver Towerize" (yup, it's a word...) your bases too much could be a pb.

The Twitter pics are awesome but it's too much related to Tzeench for me, especially for the heroes which I'm sure will join other survivors on the battlefield.

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48 minutes ago, StoneMonk said:

Aggrellan earth on the painted ones, and a "Golden crackle paste" for the bigger one. Liking Agrellan better myself. 

Thanks! Just checked and I have some AE. I like that Golden stuff on the last pic, I'm planning on making my Ironjawz basing in Ghul Deserts...to reflect the Fury of Gork book (Great story if you haven't read it). 

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I've been researching a few options in resin bases, if anyone wants a ready-made solution.


These are Ruined Temple bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  They're missing a 50 mm round base (ex. Ogroid Thaumaturge).


These are Arcane bases from Micro Art Studio.  This is what I'm going with for my custom hero character.  Like Secret Weapon Miniatures, they're missing a necessary base size as well - this time, 32 mm round (ex. Tzaangors).

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