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2000 point list help


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Hey Guys 

Had a 1500 point tournament last week which was my introduction to AOS and ironjawz. Won 2/3 games was pretty fun but looking at going into a 2000 point one and just wondering what the best options are for expanding my army. The only real problem I had was facing a large battleline of elves backed up by more elves with lots of sharp things. 

Tossing up between a few options but after reading through some other posts on this forums I am not sure I need to take piggies along and was thinking of maybe dropping in another unit of ardboys or making the existing unit buffed out to 20 guys. 


Some advice from some of you more experienced guys would be awesome 


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Dude, everything will change pretty soon! 

Well not everything...

However, let's just wait two weeks and then we will know more!

However, the list with the Gargant was not (yet) legal. It breaks your allegiance Ironjawz, and you don't have any battleline units then.

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