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Episode 174 - So You Want to Run a GT?

Spirit of Grungni

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Episode 174 - So You Want to Run a GT?

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So tonight, before we get to the topic we have a TON of voicemail. We don't even get to it all because there's a lot and the questions need some serious answers. Then it's the toolbox combined with another news segment that's chock full of GW goodness because GW keeps on rolling it out. Then we get to talking about how to run a GT. Alex has done so much and I have no idea what I'm doing and after talking to him I think I'm more scared than I was before we started talking.


Show Index

0:00:00-0:24:45 – Intro, welcome and SO much voicemail Q&A

0:24:45-0:25:35 – Commercial Break One

0:25:35-0:51:35 – The Toolbox and The Garagehammer News Network

0:51:35-0:52:35 – Commercial Break Two

0:52:35-1:27:20 – Running a GT part one

1:27:20-1:28:25 – Commercial Break Three

1:28:25-2:12:05 – Running a GT part two

2:12:05-2:17:00 – Show wrap up and end of show announcement



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Well, everyone knows arcane bolt and mystic shield. I wasn't even thinking about those. I was talking about the fact that the model was obviously designed to throw that thing three times a turn.

Now, let me follow it up with this. I just want to go on record as, now having played against Lord Kroak...eff that spell. I agree 100% that it should only be allowed once per turn. It's just stupid.

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