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Stormhost Triumvirate

Greetings from Hong Kong! And a small showcase

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Hi Tga. I'm a junior student in Hong Kong who just picked up Age of Sigmar a month ago (despite following the fluff for a very long time). I'm a bit of an oddball because the popularity of wargaming in general is not high in China, so I'm going into this blind-ish, minus the odd miniwargaming videos and 1d4chan.

Bit of a background: I bought the Start Collecting for Stormcast Eternals set during a school trip in Singapore. I didn't like the gold and blue scheme (and I had a budget), so I just bought 8 paints and tried to make an army with Khorne-like color schemes- not sure what's the fluff for my dudes yet, but I'm thinking around a Stormhost in the Realm of Fire with camouflaged armor.

Looking forward to dive into my first games maybe when I go overseas for college (haha). Until then, it's just small business from now!

Stormcast Eternals.jpg

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Welcome to TGA

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