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Painting Warhammer Quest


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With our first game done and what a blast that was, it's time to start painting the models. This game has really fired the painting mojo and I'm keen to get a full set painted and so begin some serious gaming sessions. To that end I'm painting quickly but to a good gaming standard using the Army Painter method of colour primer, block colours and a wash with Quickshade ink. Once based and given a coat of anti-shine varnish, these will then be ready to take once more to the labrynthine chambers of the Silver Tower.

Here are the first models finished:

Ox - Darkoath Chieftain


The Mistweaver


Kairic Acolytes #1


Kairic Acolytes #2


I'm now working on the Blue Horrors and should have those finished today, then it's on to another hero. I am absolutely loving this game - not the WHQ of old, but a great reboot of the classic game. There is so much potential here for expansion, even if it is just homebrew stuff, that I'm really excited about what may come in the future for this game.

For anyone interested in the game, there is a Facebook Group.

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Some more additions to the painted section. Again, all these are painted to gaming standard - I'll go back and add extra highlights and detailing once I have everything painted.

Excelsior Warpriest


Pink Horrors


Brimstone Horrors



So far now that is 4 Heroes and 18 Adversaries painted, plus the Nurgle Lord of Plagues.

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On 2016-05-28 at 9:56 AM, bottle said:

Great work! I particulary like the colours of the Stormcast.

I was just about to say the same. Damn, that guy looks bad ass. He's like the Punisher of Silver Tower haha. So nice!

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