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Events UK: Blood Tithe – International Team Championship #New# Shadespire

Marc Wilson

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On 13/12/2017 at 10:46 AM, Marc Wilson said:

Q: Can I use some models which are still on square bases?
A: Owing to continental norms this will be permitted but common sense should be applied in relation to melee range and pile ins. Where agreement can't be sensibly reached the benefit of the doubt will be given in favour of the player not using square bases in the point of contention. Pack will be amended. 

Eurgh not a fan of this at all. Can we not at least insist on bluetacking onto rounds?

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On 12/21/2017 at 8:03 PM, Countmoore said:

Eurgh not a fan of this at all. Can we not at least insist on bluetacking onto rounds?

I’ll find out accurately what the situation is. I believe it’s microscopic in the context of the event but in either case blue-tac might well be appropriate but.  

# Update! No square bases - anything lingering models on squares will be mounted on rounds/ovals.
# Updated entrants list moved to first post
# FAQ/House Rules  moved to first post
# Updated pack in next few days to reflect these clarifications
# There will be an organised Shadespire event on Friday evening - details to follow

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Pack v2.0 is linked in OP. 
All captains are now in the Whatsapp chat which will be used for important stuff; players should if possible channel stuff through their skippers.
Shadespire hype indeed. Details will be added to the OP but for now here's a FB link.

Spare Players and Mercenaries attention! If you're looking for a team, or if you think you could pop down either day please let me know. At present we have 20 full teams but we all know things can go pear shaped for individuals at any time.

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Norway v Ninja badgers

Crown of Champions v Cursed with Years

Paris Peacocks v The Marauders

La Gaultiniere v Da Kunningest Rukk 

Team USA v Team Not Hot

Team Wales v ‘Winners’

Team Norn v  Hydra

Carry Jones v I am Brucicus 

Sll leftovers v Angel 

Only the Filthful v Team Rocksteady 


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Well, this event is done and dusted and I hope all had a great time.   Despite the snow on the friday people travelled a long way to be here and it was very appeciated.

Winners - 'The Winners' Jack Armstrong, Craig Namvar, Mark Wildman, Chris Myhill

Runners Up - 'I am Brucius' Darren Watson, Will Barton, Dan Bradshaw, Kieron Allender

Third - 'The Marauders' Tony Moore, Mark Busby, Nigel Chorlton, Tom Mawdsley

Best International Team - 'La Gauntiniere  Antoine Parain , Christophe Salemi , Guillaume Garnier , Simon Blais 

Best Sports - 'Crown of Champions' - Alex and Dietmar Zwissler, Charles Fryer, Andreas Steckmeier 

Best Painted  - Adam Cunis

Shadespire Winner - Guillaume Garnier

Shadespire Runner Up - Antoine Parain


Name Capped Uncapped Missions
The Winners 470 515 65
I am Brucicus 435 500 60
The Marauders 435 470 50
Da Kunningest Rukk 430 500 45
La Gauntiniere 420 435 35
Angel 405 425 50
Team Norn 405 420 70
Ninja Badgers 385 440 60
South London Leftovers 375 385 20
Hydra 360 410 45
Crown of Champions 360 385 25
Team Wales 355 390 55
Team USA 345 385 30
Cursed with Years 345 335 35
Only the Filthful 315 325 65
Paris Peacocks 310 310 30
Team Norway 300 390 60
Team Rocksteady 300 330 55
Team Not Hot 250 215 40
Dogs of war 195 150 20


Hope to see everyone next year!


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Assume feedback can go here?

Massive thanks to @Marc Wilsonfor putting on a great event.  Location was ideal for the international idea. Venue was great, one of the best I've been to.  Food was excellent, bar was a tad expensive, but to be expected at that kind of venue.

Had 5 really good games, great opponents and nice to meet some new faces.  Our team will be back for definate if this happens next year.

Rounds went very well, no timing issues.  Early start on Sunday is most definately something all events should look at.

Well done to the 'Winners', and to all who got an award, see you next year!



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