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Some inspirational art

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On 9/8/2017 at 5:04 AM, xking said:




This one fits really great with my personal headcanon for a Seraphon force in my home skirmish games (I don't like the "created from Stardust and psychic energy" aspect of the Seraphon).  So my idea was that after he divines a monumental discovery on Ghyran, a Slann actually lands his star-ship down onto the surface, using it's great weight to break through into a cavern that holds a spring of pure Life-essence.  He uses it to fuel spawning pools, giving his Seraphon their living bodies again, much to the surprise of those who face them in battle.  I imagine a city build around the remains of the ship would look just like this.

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This is all so awesome, and it's so aggravating that my work has started blocking some websites for some reason.  I can only see a few of the pieces anymore, and don't even get me started on the Blogs and Plogs I have been trying to keep up with here on TGA.  I mean, some people can still browse Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit, but I can't?  Yeah, let's see how long until I or someone else complains about that.

Anyways, keep it up with this thread!  It's still all as cool and awesome as can be!

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