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Some inspirational art

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Bottle suggested an inspirational art thread, so here it is. The art should be fantastical, as this thread is meant  to give people an idea of the things that could exist in the "Age of Sigmar" setting. (disclaimer, I own none of this art, all art belongs each respective artist who made it and shared it online)






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1 hour ago, xking said:

Here is some more





Count me subscribed!

These three are fantastic. The one of Venice looks almost like a Lord of Change battling a sorceror.

Keep em' coming! :D 

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34 minutes ago, pseudonyme said:

Thèse are very nice. You should try and write the names of the artists, or at least the source of the image.

Google image. These images are all over the place on the net. I doubt I could find the original for all the image. Some of the images have names and sites on them however.

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Here's a couple of my favourites. One is the inspiration behind my current Chaos Dwarf army and the other makes me want to do a Kharadron Overlord army.maxresdefault.jpg.358050beb7d5778d0fff302ead267c51.jpg


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The following image is what finally drew me into the Age of Sigmar.


With this image, my imagination and creative drive finally divorced from the Old World and made me excited for this new GW setting. What it does though is remind me of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe setting from my childhood. The above painting has bold, colorful, epic heroes battling the perverse denizens of a villainous castle. The visage of the Gaunt Summoner's face over the proceedings reminded me of this:


However, Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle and company have designs far darker and twisted than anything Skeletor came up with. So, to me AoS is sort of like a grim, serious take on the Masters of the Universe setting. Like the MotU setting, I paint my models with bold, colorful skin tones. Tzeentch acolytes are blue skinned, Khorne followers have red, nurgle are green, etc.

So, here's some more images on a serious take of this childhood setting that have vistas and backgrounds fitting for AoS. Maybe mostly suited for Chamon.







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The art of Zdzisław Beksiński has proved richly inspirational for me thus far, and ironically I first found it linked here in the AoS28 thread in the Narrative section! 

This Mars-coloured world-tree is where my Skaven have made their lair. Not sure which realm it's in yet...



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