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1k Death list - is it competitive?

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Hi so I am new to playing warhammer and it seems like something really cool that I want to get into. I want to start off playing a 1k army (2k is a bit too expensive for me rn) and was wondering if the list I was considering is competative.

Death Allegiance.

1 Abhorrant Ghoul King on Terrorgheist (400pts)

30 Crypt Ghouls (300pts)

1 Vampire Lord (140pts)

1 Necromancer (120pts)

For a total of 960 points. No battalion. Was just wondering if there are any important details I'm missing or if this would be a good investment to start playing and hopefully even do tournaments using general rulebook.



Ps: Also wondering if there are any good list building guides out there that somebody could give me a link for

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Well, to start with its not a legal list. At 1000pts you need a minimum of 2 battle line units. Which you could achieve by splitting the Ghouls into 2 units. Imo it will struggle with another problem though of not being able to hold multiple objectives very easily since you are investing so many points in heroes while your infantry is fairly slow and limited.

If it was me and I was looking to make a flesh eater 1k list based on yours I'd drop the Vampire lord as he doesnt really fit in the theme anyway. Instead, I'd then run 2 units of 20 ghouls leaving 80pts for a summoning pool to bring in some bat swarms near the enemy line to try to mitigate the shooting meta that is dominant right now. (fyi if your list can't deal with skyfire spam then it is going to struggle at the competitive level).

That said, if you haven't bought anything yet the flesh eater courts start collecting is a really good deal, which means you probably want to fit in Crypt Horrors. If that is the case, Maybe go with 20 Ghouls, 10 Ghouls, and the 3 Horrors and forget about the bats. I'd probably look to summon the horrors to get them up the field faster. The champion in the big ghoul unit would be my general with ruler of the knight. I'd give a Tomb Blade to the ghoul king.

I'd also like to mention that Death isn't in the best place right now for competitive. If your primary goal is to compete in tournaments we are largely considered a bit subpar with a few exceptions.

AFAIK the strongest death lists these days in the competitive scene run a skeleton unit champion as their general with Ruler of the Knight (since a champion is way harder to kill than a hero that can be sniped by any shooting). Vampire lord on Zombie Dragon with Tomb Blade is also incredibly powerful as you pretty much need to kill it in a single turn or it will just heal back up. 

With all that said, bear in mind that General's Handbook 2.0 could drop at any time and expect it to completely shift the competitive meta.

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