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Hi Guys,

after my hint in the Chamber Thread I will show you my painted collection of Stormcast Eternals.

Stormhost is Celestial Vindicators

They started as the Chamber of Bladestorms but after what happened in All-Gates I wanted to decide the story myself and created my own chamber, the "Blazenhearts"

I also wrote some fragments of story but after I wrote them in german I would have to translate them first to show them here (actually I postet the german once in my same named project in the GW-Fanworld.

But here are the pictures (I have painted 51 of 200 miniatures). 50 of them were painted in about 2 month. Hope you enjoy.

Lord Celestant on Dracoth




Lord Celestant



Lord Castellant



Lord Heraldor




Liberators 1



Liberators 2



Judicators 1



Yelena Stormheart (Judicator Prime 2)

She should be a female Judicator Prime (or Judicatress Prime), but after I used a male model she isn't as thin as the model GW showed in Warhammer Community for Shadespire)









Vanguard Hunters 1



Vanguard Raptors 1 (Vanguard Raptor Prime "Ramir")




Aetherwing 1



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Already an army to be proud of with 150 models to go! :) And in two months? Wow!

The only constructive suggestion I have is that a second coat of paint on the base rims would be a nice extra finishing touch.

I like your female Judicator btw, the GW Shadespire one looks too scrawny!

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Thanks, I wanted to paint the 50 Miniaturen unter easter (
Start of painting was in february) and made it in the weeks after easter but my Motivation was down after that (painting 10 Liberators at once is a real Motivation killer, but the real Killer was the All-Gates Story with the Bladestorms :/).

Think I got some Motivation back when I repainted the Plumes in orange. Got 6 WIP Prosecutors and 4 Judicators in the line  (Yelena should have some somebody to lead).^_^


dang  word completion of my smartphone. o.O Had to correct some missspelled words I didn't saw when I posted yesterday.

Edited by EMMachine
errors with the word completion of the smartphone corrected

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Hail Celestial Vindicators! Hail! 

So nice to see the best stormhost taking over as the face of the faction. I'll be posting my Celestial Vindicators son enough. Ace painting on yours!

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So, today I decided to start a blog, with the same name as this one, here in the community after I wanted to share my character descriptions and tales, too but didn't found a place to post them.

Really hope to entertain you.

During the next days I should be able to finish 6 Prosecutors.

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Okay guys, I finished my first unit off three units Prosecutors. If someone is wondering. I used the 40mm Bases first but thought whey would be to small and used 50mm Bases instead which should be Warmachinebases




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So, let's bring this Thread up again. I stopped using this Thread when I made my blog.

What have I done since I started the blog.

August 9, 2017

I painted a Lord Aquilor (Actually I have to remember what colors I have used for the bird?)





August 20, 2017

I painted 4 Models in time of last sunday to Thursday for a event that was called "Heldengemosche" (let's call it "battle of heroes"), the plan was about 1000 points consisting up to 6 heroes

I painted these three in about 8-9 hours (wednesday 18:00 to Thursday 3:00

Knight Questor



Knight Venator



Lord Relictor (I will call Morbius)



The three days before I painted my biggest model for Stormcast Eternals. 

Drakesworn Templar




So my plan for the event was the following army

Drakesworn Templar (500)
- Storm Lance

Knight-Questor (100)

Victor Brightsoul (100)

Knight-Venator (120)

Morbius (80)

Valten Blazenheart (100)

Total: 1000/ 1000

So the complete warband would look like this:


The actual battle report I only link here: Battlereport "Battle of Heroes"


September 2, 2017

In that Time I painted the Judicators for Yelena Stormheart.



(I actually hope, there will be some Female Judicators soon, so I could replace Yelena's model)

February 25, 2018

I painted the Lord Ordinator



This was the only model for Stormcast Eternals I painted this year, but I have the feeling that I have to do something about the toppart of the Robe again.

Still haven't painted anything of the Sacrosanct Chamber.


The only thing is that my list is quite massive.


Celestial Vindicators Warrior Chamber (5940 Punkte)

Battalion Hammerstrike Force (Weiß) (720 Punkte)

5 x Paladin Decimators (200)
- 1x Starsoul Maces
5 x Paladin Protectors (200)
- 1x Starsoul Maces
6 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (200)
- 2x Stormsurge Tridents

+ Battalion

Battalion Hammerstrike Force (Schwarz) (740 Punkte)
5 x Paladin Retributors (220)
- 1x Starsoul Maces
5 x Paladin Protectors (200)
- 1x Starsoul Maces
6 x Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers (200)
- 2x Grandblades
- Shields

+ Battalion

Battalion Hammerstrike Force (Purple) (740 Punkte)
5 x Paladin Retributors (220)
- 1x Starsoul Maces
5 x Paladin Decimators (200)
- 1x Starsoul Maces
6 x Prosecutors with Celestial Hammers (200)
- 2x Grandhammers

+ Battalion

Battalion Thunderhead Brotherhood (Purple) (1080 Punkte)
10 x Liberators (200)
- Warhammer & Shield
- 2x Grandhammers
10 x Liberators (200)
- Warhammers
- 2x Grandhammers

10 x Liberators (Prime Beowulf) (200)
- Warhammers
- 2x Grandhammers
5 x Judicators (160)
- Skybolt Bows
- 1x Shockbolt Bows
- Stormcast Eternals Battleline
5 x Judicators (160)
- Boltstorm Crossbows
- 1x Thunderbolt Crossbows
- Stormcast Eternals Battleline

+ Battalion

Battalion Thunderhead Brotherhood (Weiß) (1080 Punkte)
10 x Liberators (Prime Samuel Stormclaw) (200)
- Warblade & Shield
- 2x Grandblades
10 x Liberators (Prime Riko Stormclaw) (200)
- Warblade & Shield
- 2x Grandblades
10 x Liberators (200)
- Warblades
- 2x Grandblades

5 x Judicators (Prime Yelena Stormheart) (160)
- Skybolt Bows
- 1x Shockbolt Bows
- Stormcast Eternals Battleline

5 x Judicators (160)
- Boltstorm Crossbows
- 1x Thunderbolt Crossbows
- Stormcast Eternals Battleline

+ Battalion

Battalion Lords of the Storm (1260 Punkte)
Valten Blazenheart (100)
Victor Brightsoul (100)

- 1x Gryph-Hound

Morbius (100)

Lord-Veritant (120)

- 1x Gryph-Hound
Knight-Heraldor (100)

Knight-Heraldor (100)
Knight-Vexillor (120)
- Meteoric Standard
Knight-Vexillor (120)
- Meteoric Standard

Knight-Venator (120)
6 x Gryph-Hound (140)

Sonstige Einheiten (320 Punkte)
Knight-Questor (100)
5 x Paladin Retributors (220)
- 1x Starsoul Maces

Extremis Chamber (1140 Punkte)
Sonstige Einheiten (1140 Punkte)
Lord-Celestant On Dracoth (220)
- Tempestos Hammer & Thundershield
Drakesworn Templar (460)
- Storm Lance

2 x Tempestors (220)
2 x Fulminators (240)

Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber (2730 Punkte)
Helden (520 Punkte)
Lord-Aquilor (200)

Knight-Zephyros (100)
Knight-Venator (120)
Knight-Azyros (100)

Vanguard Angelos Conclave (1280 Punkte)
10 x Vanguard-Hunters (5/5) (240)
- Shockhand Axe
- Astraler Kompass

- Stormcast Eternals Battleline (Lord Aquilor General)
10 x Vanguard-Hunters (240)
- Storm Sabre
- Astraler Kompass

- Stormcast Eternals Battleline (Lord Aquilor General)
10 x Vanguard-Hunters (240)
- Storm Sabre
- Astraler Kompass

- Stormcast Eternals Battleline (Lord Aquilor General)

3 x Vanguard-Palladors (200)
- Starstrike Javelin
3 x Vanguard-Palladors (200)
- Shock Handaxe

Vanguard Justicar Conclave (770 Punkte)
3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (Prime Ramir) (180)
3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Longstrike Crossbows (180)
3 x Vanguard-Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows (140)

3 x Aetherwings (50)
3 x Aetherwings (50)
3 x Aetherwings (50)


Sacrosanct Chamber(2200 Punkte)

Lord-Arcanum on Gryph-Charger (240)

Knight-Incantor (140)

Knight-Incantor (140)

Lord-Exorcist (140)

Lord-Ordinator (140)
5 x Evocators (200)
- 2x Grandstaves
- Lore of Invigoration: None
5 x Evocators (200)
- 2x Grandstaves
- Lore of Invigoration: None

3 x Castigators (80)
3 x Castigators (80)

3 x Castigators (80)
5 x Sequitors (120)
- Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields
- 2x Stormsmite Greatmaces
5 x Sequitors (120)
- Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields
- 2x Stormsmite Greatmaces

5 x Sequitors (120)
- Stormsmite Mauls and Soulshields
- 2x Stormsmite Greatmaces
Celestar Ballista (100)

Celestar Ballista (100)


Insgesamt: 12010 Points

I also made a new Lord Celestant and Lord Castellant, but haven't painted them yet, and also didn't made any pictures.

Also I'm considering, if I should use the Base Style I used for my Faithful of Eloni, because parts of the story are taken part there.

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I don't know if my stories are really that much written in my blog, so I post them here, too.

Here are my first characterdescription to give parts of my characters some background. I wrote these in german and translated them for this blog in english. Hope I didn't make much disspellings and grammatical errors. I think there could be some controverial points about some things, but I think there would be a possiblitiy in AoS. And even Stormcast Eternals couldn't be flawless ^_^ The three Liberator Primes have there models, but these are not painted yet.

Judicator Prime, Yelena Stormheart


Before her reforging, Yelena was a sister of the verdant cycle order. The order had build multiple monasteries, sanctified to Allarielle, in Eloni, a continent of the realm Ghyran. Yelena was assigned to the spectral monastery, which was build next to the spectral gate, a Realmgate in the realm Hysh where several aelfish brothers and sisters did came from. Next to their studies, Yelena had chosen the path as a ranger and mastered the art of archery for hunting in this context. When her monastery was attacked by skaven, she warned her brothers and sisters and fought against the hordes. Despite the situation seemed hopeless, she fought heroic, shooting dozens of skaven until she hadn’t no arrows left and was ready to die with her hunting dagger in her hand, when Sigmar called her to Azyr. Because of her arts with the bow, she was reforged as a Judicator and assigned to the Celestial Vindicators. Through her good results with the bow  in training, she earned the right using a Shockbolt bow and accomplished the rang of a Prime. By chance she found out that another sister of order, sister Verena was also saved by Sigmar and reforged as a Liberator. Until today both cultivate their friendship, which they had back than in the order. When there Thunderhead Brotherhood was sent to the Scabrous Sprawl, she recognized the parasite engine, that had the shape of the mole rat, which she had seen in the distance when her monastery was attacked and she aimed to commit vengeance for her dead brothers and sisters.


Vanguard Raptor Prime, Ramir


Before he was reforged Ramir was a Gunmaster in the guildsity Mithrilrfels, in the realm of Chamon. One quarter of Mithrilfels was built into the mountain by the Duardin, which could be assured by a massive twenty metre high door and get access to there mine shafts, while the remaining of the city range over multiple square kilometers of land and was assured by massive walls. The city got her renown by trading armour, weapons and war engines made by the Ironweld Arsenal. Many citys in the continent Eloni were there most important costumers, which through the Mithrilgate outside of the city. Ramir lived there since he was a apprentice and turned out as a gifted weapon builder and excellent marksman, whereas his favorite gun was a Long Rifle. To test his weapons he had gone hunting several times, where he was supported by his tamed falcon he called “Caroline”. Nobody had thought, that an enemy force would dare to attack the city. Then came the age of chaos. Through the city was besieged by Slaves of Darkness, daemons of Tzeentch and skaven artillery and they were cut of the Mithrilgate, came skaven of clan skryre with the help of their warp-grinders into the city and sabotaged the defences. After Ramir has shot three Stormfiends with his long Rifle and killed dozens of acolytes and weaponteams with his pistols for three days he was out of ammonition, cause multiple ammo dumps exploded by skaven sabotage. To survive longer Ramir was forced to used his Long Rifle as a club. The Duardin had abandoned the outskirts of the city and sealed off the montainpart, whereby the retreat to the mountain was cut off. During surviving two further days of besiegement and slaying two dozens ratsmen with Carolines help, he was confronted by another unit of Stormfiends. He was sure, that he would die that day, but decides to die fighting. In that moment he was called from the battlefield by Sigmar and Reforged as a Vanguard Raptor of the Celestial Vindicators. Through his excellent performance as marksman with the Long Rifle, Ramir got entrusted with a Longstrike Crossbow and was got an Aetherwing to his side which he called ‘Caroline’ after his old comrade, when he was promoted to primestatus. Besides his hatred against the skaven, Ramir had developed a grudge against the Duardin, for forsaking the rest of the city.


Liberator Prime, Samuel und Riko Stormclaw


Samuel and Rike had grown up as the sons of the chieftain of the stormclaw clan, a warriorclan in Ghur. There heraldic symbol was a stormtiger, a 5 metre high creature that rides on the winds and his roar causes storms. Tales suggests, that the first chieftain of the clan had slain one of those beasts and the first blades of the clan were crafted by the teeth of the beast. Due to the tradition both learned fast, like all other boys, how to handle a sword. Samuel, the older of both brothers was more calm and focused while Riko was often guided by his wild nature. Both achieved the arts of mastering the two-handed sword whereby Samuel achieved it four years before his brother because of his calm nature and was promoted to the rank of a Greatswords Champion inside the clan. Together they fought back several rival clans, but it was the encounter with the Greywolf Clan, that should change everything. It was a hard blow for both to see, when Beowulf, the chieftain of the Greywolf Clan, slayed their father in duel with his warhammer. Samuel ran in blind rage to Beowulf and entangled him into a duel. It was the first time in Rikos life, that the saw Samuel in that state of rage. When his shock dissolved, he ran to his brother to support him in combat, since Samuel wouldn’t survive this alone after their father had failed the duel and both combatants had shown some cuts and bruises. The Battle felt like hours, as the booming of drums and stomping of feet let the fighters pause the battle for a moment. All warriors knew which meaning the sounds had. An Ironjaws Warclan got attention of the battle noises. Both clans were exhausted by the battle against each other, but the imminent arrival of the Ironjaws let them forgot there rivalry for a moment. As the Orruks arrived, they cause a bloodbath between both clans. At the end only Samuel, Riko and Beowulf were standing in a triangle back to back and achieved it to fight back several Brutes and Ardboys. Near to exhaustion and just before collapsing Sigmar saved and reforged them. Both brothers were assigned the Liberators and chose a Grandblade as there weapon. Samuel got Prime of the so called ‘White Shields’, a unit of Liberators that wear white instead of torquoise shields in dependence to the Stormclaw Clan as a trademark while Riko’s unit is armed with two Warblades to fit his wilder nature.

To their surprise both noticed, that Beowulf was also reforged as a Liberator and became Prime of a unit. Everytime Samuel and Beowulf got close to each other, Riko had the feeling, that his brother would mentally transform into a beast and he or members of Samuels retinue had to hold him back. In such moments it felt like both brothers had swapped their behaviors, as Riko in contrast to his brother had resigned with the fact that the feud wouldn’t bring there father back and his hatred more apply to the Orruks who slaughters both clans.



Liberator Prime, Beowulf


Beowulf was the chieftain of the Greywolf clan. Tales inside the clan claim, that Beowulfs mother was a werewolf, what would explain his fangs and his wild nature, but nobody knows whether these stories are true. Its only known, that the clan founds him inside the steppe and received him to the clan. In the age of 16 years, he got into a dispute with the chieftain in that process he slayed the chieftain and took his place. From that moment Beowulf was fears inside his clan and from rivaling clans. He ruled his clan with iron hand until he was about 35 years old and encountered the Stormclaw clan, what would change everything. Beowulf had gathered his clan to attack the camp of the Stormclaws. With the howling of wild wulfs they charged the camp. Beowulf slayed everyone who got in his way and involved the chieftain into a duel. After multiple contacts between two handed sword and warhammer he overwhelmed his opponent and slayed him by crushing his skull with his warhammer. He just had shouldered his hammer, when he heard an outcry behind him and parried the blade of a jung Greatswords Champion with the shaft of his hammer, in the last moment. Beowulf could see the burning fire of hatred in the eyes of his opponent and recognized his face as one of the sons of the chieftain. He was surprised about the wild combat style for a moment, but composed oneself quick and continued the battle. His enemy incited his own wolfish instincts. Both took bloody wounds from the battle, when another warrior of the Greatswords engaged the battle and he had to defend against two. The battle felt like eternity, but all warriors paused for a moment, as the booming of drums and stomping of feet got louder. Beowulf knew that they got into massive trouble. An Ironjaws Warclan got attention of the battle noises. Both clans were exhausted by the battle against each other, but the imminent arrival of the Ironjaws let them forgot there rivalry for a moment. As the Orruks arrived, they cause a bloodbath between both clans. At the end only Samuel, Riko and Beowulf were standing in a triangle back to back and achieved it to fight back several Brutes and Ardboys. Near to exhaustion and just before collapsing Sigmar saved and reforged them. Beowulf was reforged as a Liberator and chose a Grandhammer as his weapon. Because of his postition as chieftain and his wild combat style he raised into the rang of a Prime. After he noticed, that both sons of the Stormclaw Clan were reforged, too, he tried to avoid the confrontation with them. They were rivals and he had never thought, that they would ever fight side by side. While every confrontation, Samuel had to be restrain by his brother or members of his retinue, so he didn’t charge at him. Beowulf felt compunction since he first met Samuel after the reforging. He wanted to leave his old life behind, but he didn’t know how he could do this.

This is the Prequel Story of Yelena Stormheart

Decline of the spectral gate monastery


Yelena sat at a bright wooden table in the library of the Spectral Monastery. To the left and right of her were piles of books containing information of ghyran medicinal herbs and the manufacture of medicine. She had been here for several hours and could feel her concentration slowly bottoming out. She looked over to the reception desk where the old librarian Verris was talking to High Priestess Chrysalia. Yelena shivered as the old priestess glared over at her, turned to her book and read a few more lines in the old folio. Sometimes Yelena had the feeling that the strict old Aelflady had a grudge against her, as she lagged behind with her medical studies massively. Somehow much of what she had read the last few years didn’t want to go into her head and she had had only moderate grades in several tests. Yelena felt that she preferred to spend time outdoors, rather than here in the rather stuffy library. 'Maybe I just need some fresh air,' she thought. Shoved several of the folios back to the shelf she had taken them from.

"I'll go outside for a moment, Verris. Can I leave the folio I'm on the table with? "She asked as she walked to his desk.

"Leave it there. You've at least cleared the others back on the shelf," he said smiling, in a calm, friendly voice. "A little fresh air can really work wonders. You have been here for several hours. "

High Priestess Chrysalis raised an eyebrow at Yelena, "But do not neglect your studies again. You're lagging behind the others anyway, "she said sternly.

Yelena winced a little under the tone: "Yes, High Priestess. I'll continue my studies later. "

She left the library and went to her room. On the way she saw several familiar faces.

"Well, Yelena. Are you on a wayward path again? "Arryn asked. The young Aelf with the blond hair smiled at her.

"Arryn, I've been in the library for hours and just got the feeling that my head does not want to know anymore. Have again received a reminder from High Priestess Chrysalis, because my medical studies not as preceded as in the other novices.

Arryn smiled gently, "Sometimes I feel like you're a ranger through and through. Maybe I should give you some tutoring later. "

Yelena chuckled: "I have to see first, that I can clear my head, but maybe come back to you later."

Arryn nodded and moved on.

Yelena entered her room and quickly changed her novice uniform through her green ranger robe. Then she strapped her bow and quiver over her back and checked if her hunting knife was well stowed. Hurriedly she left her room and walked quickly through the entrance hall. Outside, members of the Order hold down their jobs.

As she took a few steps, she glanced back at the scene and saw the light reflected in the brass-colored domes of the monastery she had called her home for years. Several sisters were busy with the ivy trees that grew on the bright stone to prune something so that they took on a handsome shape.

Yelena turned on her foot walked fast step towards the forest. As she neared the edge of the forest she heard in the distance a women's voice calling, "Tree is falling".

Yelena could watch as one of the trees tipped away with a loud creak and the ground shook as the trunk hit the ground.

Yelena approached the fallen trunk. Then she saw the young woman with fiery red short hair wiping the sweat from her forehead.

"Hey Verena!", Yelena called and went to her longtime friend.

"Yelena!", Verena replied with a grin and put her ax aside. "Didn’t you endure it in the library anymore?" Although Verena was quite often outdoor, she was usually quite pale. Her face was covered with freckles.

"I had the feeling that I could not absorb any more knowledge and needed some fresh air." She examined the felled tree.

Before Yelena could ask something, Verena replied, "The tree had an illness. I've had several recently. "Verena scratched the back of her head.

"Could it have anything to do with the forces of chaos?" Yelena asked worriedly.

Verena shook her head. "I don’t know." Then she grinned at Yelena. "Tell me, do we want something else this evening?"

"We can do something. I'll call you later." Yelena hugged her friend and continued into the woods. She stopped at one of the thickest trees, looked up and saw a thick branch in the air.

With skillful movements she climbed up the trunk until she was in the right place and lay down on her with her back on the branch so that her head leaned against the trunk. She loved to sit in a tree and look for prey while blowing a light breeze around her nose. But now she closed her eyes and tried to clear her head. The chirping of songbirds helped her relax. She could not tell how long she had lain on the branch when she was startled by a strange smell. She got up and peeked. There was smoke in the distance. It wasn’t black, as it was used to from fires, but had a rather green glow. 'What is that?' She thought as several trees in the distance suddenly broke away and a large machine appeared. The machine had the rough shape of a mole-rat and began to spew out streams of rats to the magenta and beige-clad rats. 'I have to go back fast,' thought Yelena, jumping down several branches until she finally reached the bottom. She ran as fast as she could. The air to her right suddenly started to flicker. It was as if reality itself was collapsing and ripping open. Several rats, the size of a growing up, jumped out. They carried swords and shields. There were also two more Skaven carrying something like a big drill with a green shimmering stone spike. Yelena's legs burned as she reached the edge of the forest. Members of the Order looked at them confused. "Warriors have appeared in the forest! Ratmen! Give an alarm! "She shouted. The air flickered again and another crack opened. Several rats jumped out and tried to attack the Order members nearby. Yelena reached for her bow, drew an arrow from the quiver, and fired. One of the rat people screamed and collapsed. Others, however, slaughtered friars and sisters who had only their work tools in defense. The bell rang with deafening noise. Ranger armed with bows or spears, ran out of the entrance and headed for the Skaven. Yelena dove to the side as a Clanrat struck her with a sword, grabbed another arrow, and struck the ratman between the eyes. In the distance she could see Verena swinging her ax, cutting the shield and armor of a skaven. Yelena always tried to move, even though her muscles burned from the sprint back to the monastery. She shot arrow after arrow, striking another rat man with each one until she reached into the void and realized she had used up all the arrows. Frustrated, she swung her bow over her back again and reached for her hunting knife. Another Clanrat thrust her sword at Yelena, barely missing her and tearing the fabric at her stomach. Yelena rammed the knife into the skaven's side, which screamed and collapsed. A loud bang followed by a shake lifted them off their feet as a warp bolt hit one of the domes, blasting them and setting the ivy on fire. Yelena was dizzy and her ears were ringing. She just took the skaven blurry, who stabbed his knife into her stomach. Yelena screamed but managed to keep her own knife in her hand despite the pain and rammed it into the skull of the skaven she had attacked. The world became increasingly blurred and more blades hit her. In the distance she saw another ratman, who seemed to be much more armored. He leaned on a large halberd and his left hand seemed to have been replaced by a metal claw. Eyes glowing green, he watched the devastation. Then Yelena collapsed. Any heat seemed to stream out of their bodies, and the world seemed far away. The last thing she heard was her own heartbeat until suddenly everything stopped. No cries from members of the Order, no queuing of rats, no roaring of the monastery bells. Nothing. Only the feeling of warm light that made her last thoughts disappear.

The first time when she wokes app after dying.

Reforged, a new life



"Uh, what happened to me?" The young woman wondered as she slowly came to herself. Everything in her head was spinning, and when she opened her eyes, she felt blinded and at first only blurred. As her eyes cleared, she realized that this place wasn’t familiar to her. She was in a small room with bare walls. Several candles burned in candle holders that were attached to the wall. She lay in a rather simple bed with white sheets, which was still in a much better condition than her own bed had been with the Order. As she sat up slowly, she noticed pain in her whole body. She felt like she had gone through hell literally. As she looked down, she noticed she was dressed in a sleeveless turquoise robe with the symbol of a two-tailed comet embroidered with gold thread. "Isn’t that the sign of Sigmar?", The young woman thought in surprise. Still slightly dazed, she examined her body. She had changed. Her body was more muscular than she remembered and she had the feeling that she was taller as well. In addition to the stronger muscles she saw small scars, she never had seen before. "What happened to me?" She wondered aloud.

"As I see you coming to you," a calm voice said from the door.

"What?", The young woman startled from her thoughts and looked to the door. A tall figure in turquoise armor, with white shoulder armor and gold decorations stood in the doorway. His face was hidden behind a skull-shaped mask. "Who ... who are you and where am I? Am I dead? "The young woman asked. The sight of the figure frightened her. She had never seen such a figure before.

"Dead?" The figure asked in a calm, analytical voice. "Well, let's say you’re not dead anymore. You really were dead for a long time. But our god Sigmar saved your soul and gave you new life. To introduce myself first. My name is Morbius. I’m Lord Relictor of the Celestial Vindicators. We belong to a group called Stormcast Eternals. How are you feeling?"

"My whole body hurts and feels tense."

"This is normal after the first reforging. You'll feel better and stronger soon”, Morbius said calmly.

"What do I mean by reforging?"

"All in good time. What do you remember from the time before you woke up here? "

The young woman tried to collect her thoughts. "My name ... my name is Yelena Stormheart. I’m a novice of the verdant cycle. The monastery of the order was attacked by ratmen. The last thing I can remember is fighting against them. "

"Can you tell me something about the Order, Mrs. Stormheart?"

"The Order devoted itself to the worship of the Everqueen Alarielle."

"Oh, you were a worshipper Alarielles?"

"Yes," said Yelena, looking questioningly at Morbius, but couldn’t see through the skull mask and his calm voice how she should assess his reaction. "Is that a problem for you?"

"No, Alarielle was an important ally in Sigmar's Pantheon. But we have not heard anything for centuries. "

"Alarielle is a living person?" Yelena asked, puzzled.

"Of course, she's lives in Ghyran. However, during the Age of Chaos, she has retreated to a secret place. Sigmar is also alive and reigning from this palace. "

Yelena could hardly believe what she heard. Although she had heard stories from the myths during her studies, she had assumed they were stories and myths.

"May I ask you something, Lord Morbius?"

"What do you want?" Morbius replied.

"What happened to the spectral monastery?"

"Unfortunately, I do not have much information about the monastery, except that it was destroyed centuries ago. Maybe our acolytes in libraries have a scroll about it.

Yelena's eyes widened. She took a hand over her mouth and shook her head in disbelief before asking, "Centuries ago? That means, everyone I knew is probably dead? "

"Quite possible. But I have no information what happened to your friends. "

Yelena did not know what to say when she thought of everyone she had known. She had lost everything. They felt close to tears.

Morbius put his armored hand on her shoulder: "I can understand how you feel. We have all lost many  friends in the last few centuries. The forces of chaos have occupied large parts of the empires, desecrating places, killing people, duardin and aelfes alike who could not be converted by them. You have to be strong for what is to come! Do you still have questions before I have to leave you for now? "Even though his voice is calm and partial feeling cold, compassion was still felt. Yelena looked into the skull mask's eyes: "Where am I? You say something about a palace."

"This is Sigmar's palace in Azyr, the last sanctuary for the peoples of order. Blessed be Sigmar that he could prevent the conquest of Azyr. But we will soon recover the realms of chaos. I will leave you now. You will also receive your armor tomorrow and fight for Sigmar and all the peoples of order. The maids will help you buckle it on. They will then escort you to the Judicator Temple, where your training will begin." Morbius turned and left the room. Yelena's thoughts flickered. "I had been dead for centuries? And now should I, a faithful of Alarielles, fight for Sigmar? "Several hours passed while Yelena tried to handle her losses before she decided to get up and learn about her new surroundings. She slipped in a pair of sandals that stood in front of her bed. She felt a bit shaky on her feet in relation to the time she didn’t had walked and went to the door to possibly get some more information about her new life.

And her first mission (don't know entirely if I had hit the story of recapturing Ghal Maraz right here)

Yelena’s first mission


Yelena felt a little nervous as she grabbed her Shockbolt Bow. Her Thunderhead Brotherhood was chosen to support Thostos Bladestorm and Vandus Hammerhand to recapture of Ghal Maraz in the Eldritch Fortress. Her results in training were excellent, but this time it was the real mission since she became a Stormcast Eternal. Because of her pigtail, that she weared despite her shaved head since she was a sister of the verdant cycle order, she decides herself against wearing the usual helmet with facemask. She left her quarter and ran through the hallway to gather her retinue, when she passed some Liberators.

‘Yelena, is that you?’, a female voice asked.

Yelena stopped abruptly and turned around, her sight fixing the only Liberatress of the group. First she didn’t know that to say. Her subconscious had recognized the voice, but that was from a time hundreds of years ago. ‘Was this possible?’, she thoughts with a astonished look. Her opposite sensed the confusion in Yelenas look and grasp her helmet. ‘Do you recognize me?’, she ask while removing her helmet.

‘Verena!’, said Yelena a little stunned, when she saw the pale, freckled face of her former friend. ‘I thought, that I was the only survivor’

‘I thought the same', said Verena back, while sharing a hug after all this time. ‘So, we were both chosen by Sigmar when the monastery was attacked by the Skaven. While the training I had mostly to do with the other Liberators.’

‘Listen Verena. I’m glad to see you again, but our conversations has to wait for another time. The Thunderhead Brotherhood I’m assigned to is dispatched to the Eldritch Fortress to support Thostos Bladestorm and Vandus Hammerhand to recapture of Ghal Maraz.’

‘We got that order, too’, replied Verena.

In this moment Yelena realized that Verena weared the same white Tabard, like her. ‘So, we are assigned to the same Brotherhood. Then we should hurry. Our brothers and sisters need us down in the Eldritch Fortress’, said Yelena while her voice has some force of her rang as Prime.

Verena put her helmet back on, before she replied: ‘Yes sister, we are paying back, what chaos had done to the inhabitants of the realms for hundreds of years.’ With a last clasp of hands they continued their way. Yelena had meanwhile forgot her nervousness, after knowing, that she would fight together with a familiar soul from old times.


Minutes later, they arrived at the Sigmarbulum. Yelena searched the hall for other members of there Chamber.

‘There they are’, Verena said as she saw a cyan colored helmet with a orange plum. After they arrived it didn’t take Yelena long to gather her retinue. At that moment her unit did consist of five members. When she glanced around, to see how many of the units had markings of the Blazenhearts she noticed that only fourty of her brotherhood were ready. These consist three retinues of Liberators and a second retinue of Judicators. Verena was assigned to Riko Stormclaws retinue, one of the two Stormclaw brothers. After Valten Blazenheart, their Lord-Celestant was at another mission, Lord Castellant Victor Brightsoul would lead them in their first mission. As she gazed over again she saw several other stormhosts including the Hammers of Sigmar and Anvils of the Heldenhammer. Then she saw Ionus Cryptborn, the Lord Relictor of the Hammers of Sigmar as he stepped in front of the Stromhosts. ‘Brothers and Sisters. The Situation is critical. Several brothers had fallen in this mission in Chamon and came back to Azyr. I was one of them. However our Lord Celestants Vandus Hammerhand and Thostos Bladestorm are near their goal to reach Ghal Maraz. But are also close before getting isolated from their retinues! To make things worse, Kairos Fateweaver prepares a ritual to bring Ghal Maraz into the realm of Chaos. We are running out of time and have to act immediately! Our mission will not fail and we will regain Ghal Maraz! FOR SIGMAR!’

Thousands of Voices joined in and raised their fists to salute.

Minutes later Sigmar through the stormhosts as meteors down to Chamon. With a hard impact, they landet in the inner courtyard of the Eldritch Fortress. Parts of the walls collapsed by the impact. Yelena tried to orientate herself shortly, before the grabbed her bow. She saw Vandus Hammerhand on his dracoth and then the first Chaos Warriors between her and him.

She tried to judge the distance as Victor gave the command to charge: ‘Liberators, advance! Judicators, give them shooting support!’, that was her signal. She gave her retinue order to target the Chaos Warriors which blocked the way to Vandus Hammerhand and bend her bow. In the time of seconds she found her target let down a rain of arrows, whereby multiple chaos warriors collapsed. Her shot followed volleyshots of her retinue and quarrels of the other Judicators. Riko and Samuels retinue advanced and involved the closest chaos warriors into close combat. In this moment Ionus Cryptborn and his subordinated units marched ahead to reach Vandus. First troops of chaos had overcome their confusion caused by the new arrivals and started to charge, while Horrors and Flamers of Tzeentech let rain fire upon the Stormhosts. Yelena shots volley after volley until she heard a shout from her retinue: ‘Judicatress Yelena! Watch out!’

In that moment she was pushed aside, as a member of her retinue was struck by warp flames instead of her. He collapsed by breathing hard before he raised back to Azyr as blue light. ‘We will see us again', said Yelena partly sad and frustrated after she realized, that he has sacrificed himself to save her because she was to focused on her targets.

She shook her head, got back on her feet and targeted the Flamer that had caught her nearly. He screamed in a high pitched voice, when he dematerialized after spiked with multiple arrows. Additional blue lights raised to Azyr, but Vandus, Thostos and Ionus advanced further. In this moment the ground started to quake and parts of the fortress started to raise, though the main part of retinues were cut off. It was too late for the retinues of her chamber to get up there and so there was only the hope, that the retinues that had reached the rising part of the fortress could succeed in their mission. 'Cause as much damage as you can!', shouted Yelena, while her own unit contained only two other Judicators and she gained control over three of the other Judicators after their prime had fallen. In the distance , she saw Riko’s retinue, that had only four members left. Verena was in combat with a Chaos warrior, while two other warriors closed the distance to her from behind. 'No, you will not do that!', said Yelena, more to herself and target them. Another volley fell both warriors. Verena decapitated the warrior she was engaged to and realized the fallen warriors behind her, with arrows sticking in there backs. With a salute she thanked Yelena and turned her attention to the next Warrior.

They were all getting nervous because they couldn’t be part of the main goal. A scream, coming from two throats let all warriors to pause for a moment. 'What happened up there?', ask one Judicator of her retinue. Yelena was clueless for a moment, then she noticed the disturbance between the daemons. There would only be one conclusion for that scream. Kairos Fateweaver had fallen. Chaos troops around her started to retreat. Then Vandus Hammerhand stood on the parapet of the fortress. The Hammer in his hand wasn’t Heldensen but instead Ghal Maraz. All Stormcast Eternals raised their weapons and shouted of delight. Today they gained an important victory.


Also I have this story, that was based on a Hinterlands testgame. The Knight Venator wasn't part of that game, but I made up the character here because the game went bad. I can't make the game from perspective of the Lord Celestant because he really died the way in the story do to a doubleturn in turn 2.

Afterwards thinking, perhaps it would have been better, using a Knight Azyros instead of a Knight Venator because the Azyros doesn't have a Missile Weapon that could shoot every opponent from a distant.

In the end, this is the mission I mentioned in "Yelena's first mission" and the point why Valten Blazenheart wasn't there.

The first battle of the Blazenhearts


Lucas flew his circles over the battlefield. It was the first mission of the Blazenhearts and the Knight Venator had agreed to explore the area for Valten Blazenheart from the air. During the briefing in Azyr it turned out that a warband of Khorgos Khuls Goretide was threateningly close to a refugee camp recently discovered by the Hammers of Sigmar. Sigmar had sent Valten Blazenheart along with him and a Thunderhead Brotherhood to the camp near the ruins of the former city of Magmadrom to intercept this group. Valten had instructed his Liberator Prime Beowulf to fortify the camp, but there was a risk that this attachment would not finish on time. For this reason, Valten had gathered a small group. Duncan, a Liberator from Beowulf's retinue, who, like his Prime, used a grandhammer as a weapon, had first reported his support to Lord Celestant. In addition, Jaina and Steve, two Liberators followed the other Liberator followers and Vladimir, a Judicator with his Crossbow.

They wanted to slow down the advance to give the other more time.

'Magmadrom must have been an impressive city in the past,' Lucas thought as he looked down at the ruins from the air. The city was crisscrossed with several channels through which a steady stream of lava flowed and as unbelievable as it seemed to areas in Aqshy, there seemed to have been a small forested facility in the city. The chirping of his Stareagles, which Lucas called 'Veronica', brought him out of his thoughts.

"What did you see, Veronica?" He asked, scanning the area. Near the burned-out ruins of a commercial building he could see the first offshoots of the Bloodbound. Several Blood Warriors and Bloodreavers led by a Slaughterpriest made their way through the severely damaged ruins. "We have to tell the Lord Celestant," he said to Veronica, and made a turn. After a short flight, he could see the turquoise armor of his teammates between the rubble. Lucas dived and landed next to the Lord Celestant, dropping to his knees as he landed.

"First offshoots of the Bloodbound are approaching," Lucas said, saluting. "The ruins and debris in the area, however, seem to slow them down."

"Good," replied Valten. "That will give the others more time to fortify the camp. We will encounter them here. Men, take position in this area. Lucas, you will observe from above and if we fail you will fly back to Beowulf"

"Are you sure I shouldn’t fight by your side, Lord Blazenheart?" Lucas asked, a little worried.

Valten put his hand on his shoulder and said, "I know this mission is likely to be a suicide mission. Lucas, you are the highest ranking officer next to me. Should we be defeated you should lead the units here until I return. No matter what, do not fight. You have served me well as a scout. "

"As you wish, Lord Blazenheart," Lucas said, rising again. He had tried to suppress the doubts he had about this task, but he had no intention of resisting the order.

"Muhahaha, the false god sends us his henchmen!"

The exclamation had still been deafening loud despite Luca's height. He could see Slaughterpriest and his people spotting Valten.

"Do you think so?" Valten said quietly. "You have suppressed these lands long enough. We will stop you from continuing to shed the blood more innocently. "

"Muhahaha, Khorne does not care whose blood flows as long as it flows," said the Slaughterpriest, letting his morning star crash into the nearest wall. "For Khorne, finish them". The Chaos pack tried to reduce the distance as fast as the terrain allowed.

Valten faced the approaching group and summoned the hammers of his cloak and hurled them at Slaughterpriest. This bent through the impact. His helmet was cracked, revealing a scarred face.

"Not bad," the slaughterpriest said as he wiped a trail of blood from his mouth that seemed to come from internal injury. "But now speak your last desperate prayer."

Lucas could hear Slaughterpriest dark talking in a non mortal language.

Valten Blazenheart writhed, steam seemed to rise from armor.

"Lord Blazenheart, what is with you?" Duncan asked, approaching Valten.

"Stay back," Valten said in pain before the body of the Lord Celestant burst in a fountain of boiling blood and his soul rose as blue light past Lucas towards Azyr.

Lucas was shocked by the scene that had just happened. He was about to reach for his bow, but remembered his orders. The rest of the members were in shock too. "You'll pay for that!" Duncan shouted and ran with towards the Slaughterpriest, while Jaina tried to held off the accompanying Blood Warrior, by blocking the swing of his Goreglaive with her Shield.

"Good! Your Rage is pleasing my master!" the Slaughterpriest said grinning while swinging his Wrathhammer.

Meanwhile, Vladimir was in firing range and tried to support Jaina, but his bolts found no weakpoint in the Blood Warriors Armour.

Duncans Hammer clashed with the Blade of the Slaughterpriest when both arrived in close combat. After dodging a mighty swing of the Wrathhammer, Duncan found a weakspot do to the Slaughterpriests Injuries and kicked Slaughterpriest off his feet with a mighty swing.

"Wha ...?", the Slaughterpriest shouted surprised, when Duncans smashed his skull.

"This was for our Lord Celestant", he said before focussed the Blood Warrior fighting with Jaina.

Incited by the bloodshed, the Blood Warriors and Bloodreavers were not stopped by the loss of their priest and involved the remaining Stormcasts in close combat. 

The Bloodreavers started to surround them. Jaina switched her focus to them after Duncan parried the Goreglaive with his Grandhammer. While she was able to kill some of the Bloodreavers, the Blood Warrior rammed Duncan, bringing him out of balance and than ripping his armour with the Goreglaive. Before Jaina could react she was slashed by the Blood Warriors backswing and sent back to Azyr.

Steve felt stunned when he saw the two blue lights rising to the sky, that he reacted to slow and  fell after receiving several blows from the Meatripper Axes.

Vladimir was the last one to hold the Bloodreavers, trying to fall back to keep some distance, but this wouldn't last long.

Lucas hand was itching to intervene, so he could try to save Vladimir's life, but remembered his mission and that he wouldn't do much against this superiority. Lucas turned and flew as fast as his wings allowed back to the camp to deliver the bad news.



These are the only stories I had translated. I have to look that I translate the others. If someone has tips, for wording or grammar. It would be nice to hear.

I took the quick attempt with google translator and rereading the story for stuff that went wrong, it is possible, that I didn't have found anything.

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So, I translated the next story (hopefully I found most of the translation errors),

The story is the next one for Yelena Stormheart, taking place in the Scabrous Sprawl during Godbeasts


Clash with an old enemy



Yelena stood in front of her retinue in the assembly hall of the Sigmarbulum. The Blazenhearts chamber was now completely forged and ready for action. Sigmar had gathered them together with other chambers of the Celestial Vindicators and the Knight Excelsiors, and no one knew what to expect, yet. Then Sigmar stepped in front of them.

'My warriors. The forces of chaos are at work in the Scabrous Sprawl. Several Skaven clans dig the area for Warpstone, but they seem to be looking for something else. They have to be stopped with all might.'

A whisper went through the hall. Yelena clenched her fists when she heard the word 'Skaven'. Memories of the day, before Sigmar brought her back, wake again. So today should be the day of retribution for those days. She returned her attention to Sigmar, who continued his speech.

'The Supreme Commander for this mission will be Lord-Celestant Pharakis.'

The Lord Celestant of the Knights Excelsiors saluted proudly: 'I will not disappoint you, Sir!'

A few minutes later, they arrived in the Scabrous Sprawl. It was a deep black night, illuminated only by the lightning of the incoming Stormcasts and the glow of warpstone lights from Skaven machines.

Yelena's Brotherhood had landed near a place of geomantic power. In the distance she could make out the first Skaven warriors. Yelena tore her bow and opened fire. Her unit did the same. To her satisfaction, she could hear screams from several dying clanrats. The joy, however, was brief, as she could hear squealed orders from all sides, followed by the attack of thousands of rats. They were everywhere.

‘Liberators, build a shieldwall! Restrain them as long as you can!’, ordered Samuel to his retinue. Suddenly the environment was shrouded in green light when a Warpbolt hit a retinue of Knights Excelsiors Liberators and sent several of them back to Azyr.

‘Wait?,’ Yelena thought, trying to focus the glow of Warpstone's in the distance, while her entourage continued to take on the onrushing Clanrats. When another warp-bolt illuminated the surroundings, she saw it. It was one of the parasite engine that had a shape familiar to her, the shape of a mole rat. It was the same machine she had seen the day her monastery was attacked. Yelena felt adrenaline pumping through her body as she thought of the day. She clenched her teeth and shot the next volleys.


Days passed and Yelena felt that her arm was getting heavy. She shot volley after volley of her shockbolt arrows into the torrent of Clanrats, but for every rat she killed four new ones seemed to follow. She had imagined her retribution more fulfilling, but the battle had already lasted days and an end to the Skaven was not in sight. In the distance she could see the mole-rat-shaped parasite engine spitting out more and more skaven as she continued to scrape the ground to Warpstone. She was frustrated with the idea of dealing with the lower rats, whose numbers seemed endless.

‘Watch Out! Poisoned Wind Mortars !!', a member of her retinue shouted. Yelena glanced up to see the approaching green spheres trailing a trail of green smoke. Yelena threw herself sideways before the spheres struck and green gas spread across the battlefield sending several Stormcasts and Skaven gasping to the ground. However, the evasive maneuver had brought her out of balance, causing the enemy tide to come within striking distance. Yelena hadn’t the time to pull her Storm Gladius, so she blocked several blows with her bow until it broke. Yelena swore, threw her broken weapon away, she pulled her gladius, fought off several blows and slit rat throats. There was a roar from far away. She glanced in the direction of the roar and saw several Stormfiends with Ratling Guns taking their position. The runs began to rotate. Yelena just managed to dodge the first salvo that sent several of her brothers back to Azyr, but felt a sharp pain in her knee pit and saw that a skaven blade had penetrated the the lining between the armour plates. She gasped as she slashed the skaven. She defended herself as best she could against the incoming skaven, but was less agile at her injury. Yelena's felt breathless as her whole body cramped with pain. She looked down at herself and saw several several bloody holes in her armor caused by projectiles. The reality seemed to be in the distance. In the distance she could hear someone calling 'Judicatress Yelena!' The voice, however, seemed far away and very subdued. Then everything became black around her.




'Sister Yelena,' said a voice. She was only muffled to hear, but then became more penetrating. 'Sister Yelena! You’re sleeping while studying! '

Yelena's eyes widened and she looked around sternly. She was sitting at a bright wooden table where many books were stacked. On the walls stood massive bookshelves filled with books, scrolls, and folios. As she looked down, she noticed that she wore her novice uniform. 'I am in the library of the Spectral monastery?' She thought confusedly. 'Wasn’t I just on the battlefield fighting skaven?' Only now did she realize someone was standing next to her. 'You will never be a high member of the Order if they spend all day hanging in the trees and then sleeping during your studies.’

‘It won’t be happening again, High Priestess Chrysalia,’ Yelena said, still not being quite with herself.

‘It won’t be,’ Chrysalia said. ‘You have to go back. You still have a blood guilt to settle.’

‘A blood guilt?’ Yelena asked confused. She had never heard those words from a white mage. At this moment, she realized that the High Priestess's uniform had turned red in several places. As she looked down on herself, she saw several red wounds that had come from bullets, turning her own uniform red, too. 'Where did those wounds come from?' Yelena asked, her eyes wide with dread. She looked back at High Priestess Chrysalia, who was no longer standing beside her, instead lying on the ground several yards away. Yelena rushed to her and found that she was dead. She looked around and saw many more corpses that were her friends and colleagues. Yelena felt heat and heard a crackle. When she looked around again, she saw that the library was on fire. Her novice dress was wet with her own blood and a pool was already forming on the floor. 'Yelena!', she heard a voice from the doorway. When she looked to the door she saw Verena running towards her. However, she didn’t wear her novice uniform, but a turquoise armor with white shoulder armor and several gold ornaments instead.

'Verena? What are you wearing? 'She asked, confused, feeling like the armor was familiar to her. 'Yelena, we have to go back!', Verena said.

'Back to where?'

'To the Scabrous Sprawl. Our brothers and sisters need us!'

'Scabrous Sprawl? ', Yelena asked dazedly.

'Yelena, come to your senses! ', Verena said and grabbed her by both shoulders.


Yelena's eyes widened. The pictures of the burning library were gone. She was in her room in Azyr. Her turquoise tunic was wet with sweat. As her eyes cleared, she saw Verena's worried face. She was kneeling beside her on the edge of the bed, still holding her shoulders.

'At last you woke up,' she said with relief, releasing Yelena’s shoulders.

Yelena groaned, 'I remember. This Stormfiend caught me. So that's how it feels when you die. 'She lifted the fabric of her tunic so she could see her stomach. She could still make out several small scars as the projectiles broke through her armor.

'Aye, it isn’t such a nice experience,' Verena sighed. 'One of the poison wind mortars caught me. That's probably one thing we need to get used to.'

'Yeah, it seems so,' Yelena said as she felt the scars on her body. 'Or avoid dying as an alternative.'

'What about you? I almost did not wake you up and you talked in your sleep'

'It was just a nightmare', Yelena said. 'Did I just dream it or did you say we had to go back?' 'Aye, our Chambers' entourage are still fighting in the Scabrous Sprawl. Lord Relictor Morbius gathers the entourage of how we returned to Azyr. He told me to check on you.'

'How long was I gone. I do not have a real sense of time?’

'They told me about three weeks, 'Verena said, 'many have fallen in the fight against the forces of chaos, sometimes the reforging takes a little longer.' Verena got up and went to the door.

'I’ll be right there’, Yelena said, jumping out of bed and getting rid of her sweaty clothes. She was a little startled that three weeks had passed since she had fallen in the Scabrous Sprawl. After she had cleaned herself, she put on the loincloth and the bandages she wore as underwear and began to put on the individual pieces of her armor. She was surprised to see that neither her armor nor her weapons bore the damage they had received on the battlefield. The blacksmiths had done a good job. She slipped on the pieces of her armor and checked that all Parts also sat correctly, grabbed her bow and set off. Outside, Verena was still waiting for her. Both threw themselves a confirming look before Verena put on her mask and both ran to the meeting area. Yelena could not believe it. Her wounds had healed by the reforging and this time she did not feel the pain or tension she had experienced during her first reforging. They reached the Basilica of the Storm. Yelena had not expected that so many of her brothers and sisters had already died in the Scabrous Sprawl. Although the Skaven were not as powerful as Tzeentch's servants in the Battle of the Eldritch Fortress, this battle proved to be exhausting. When her retinue saw her, they saluted her. Yelena nodded and returned the greeting. Minutes later, they returned to the Scabrous Sprawl like a thunderstorm. Yelena felt the frustration in her grow as her eyes cleared and she got a picture of the situation. The fighting had been going on for weeks now, when the information the others had told her was true, and yet the battlefield was still teeming with Skaven. It was like fighting a sea. In the distance, the parasite machines were still digging, spitting greenish smoke out of their chimneys. The sight of the Mole rat machine rekindled her desire for revenge. 'The blood guild, for my fallen brothers and sisters,' she thought, shouting short orders to her retinue, cocking her bow and firing. She had killed several dozen clanrats with volleys of arrow when the earth suddenly quaked. 'What's happening? It's like the ground … is ... living! 'Yelena looked around in confusion as parts of the ground rose and fell, and Stormcast Eternals, like Skaven, were equally swallowed by cracks or buried by landslides. 'Under our feet the world titan Behemat should rest. The Skaven seem to have awakened him by corrupting the Places of Power, 'Lord Castellant Victor shouted as he sliced several Clanrats with his halberd.

'What!?', Yelena shouted a little shocked 'It’s that what the Skaven have been looking for?' The earth quaked as slowly but surely the huge creature rose. Yelena swallow. She had already heard of the god beasts, but she had never seen such a creature. The screeching of Skaven nearby brought her thoughts back to battle. She shot until she saw something different from Clanrats and Stormfiends. A skaven whose body was covered in scars and swellings and wore a rather ill-fitting grey armor over magenta fabric. He was accompanied by a Stormvermin unit and seemed to have some authority among the Skaven. Yelena swore, when she realized that she was too far away to attack him. 'Hey Riko! Can you take us further? I spotted one of their leaders.'

'What do you imagine what we're trying to do here? By awakening this ... creature, the number of Skaven seems to have eased at least a little. Samuel? Are you backing up?'

Samuel nodded after decapping a rat-ogre with his Grandblade and signaled to advance. The other members of the Thunderhead Brotherhood also began to move. They made slow progress as there were still enough skaven on the field, but they were able to reduce the distance to the supposed warlord. Dozens of skaven felt under the swords, arrows and bolts of the Brotherhood as they fought their way forward, but Liberators and Judicators also fell in the process. Days passed until the decimated Brotherhood came slowly within reach and Yelena had seen some incredible things during this time. She had witnessed how other Stormhosts' brothers had jumped to their deaths from the great green Torc, as well as the arrival of the Celestant Primes and the Stardrakes of the Extremis Chamber. Yelena had been familiar of seeing a Dracoth since her first reforging, after some leaders had her as a mount, but the sight of the Stardrakes elicited some admiration. The steady advance had thinned her brotherhood steadily, leaving only just under a fifth. She had lost sight of Samuel and the rest of his retinue. Only four of his Liberators had joined Riko's retinue. It was the same for Yelena, who commanded isolated members of the second Judicator retinue, now. Yelena guessed that she was now within range to attack the Skaven Warlord, tensing the bow as she continued to shorten and shoot the distance. She swore as her arrow volley hit the surrounding Stormvermin, who had unconsciously moved into the arrow's line of fire instead of the targeted Warlord. He was startled up by the collapse of several Stormvermin. 'Fast-Quick, Sret! Stop the intruders’, she could hear the Warlord squeal. The surrounding Stormvermin set in motion to meet the decimated Brotherhood. However, a loud thunderclap made both parties startle. This one seemed to have come from the heights around Behemats. Moments later, the noise was drowned out by the shouts of sirens. The warlord glanced back at the parasite machine, their claws beginning to glow green in Warpstone, tearing a hole into reality with digging motions. 'What-what !? Moul two, activated the grinder drive?' The warlord squeaked in alarm, then looked up at Behemat. Yelena followed his gaze and saw that the god beast began to waver. Yelena swallowed as she thought that the god beast would crush them all. The enemy warlord had meanwhile run into a Stormfiend with Grinderfists and squealed orders: 'Hey-hey, get us out of here right now. The big thing is about to fall.'

The Stormfiend, acting as if ignoring the warlord, set his grinder in motion, then moving as if the packleader in embryo position in a rack on the back of the Stormfiend had taken control and started the reality to break up. 'Quickly-fast, Skaven from Clan Machi! Retreat!', the warlord yelled before running into the resulting Gnaw Hole. Many of the magenta and beige-clad rat-dwellers retreated quickly, leaving only the few who were still in the fight with Riko and his Liberators soon overrun. Yelena threw another look at Behemat's wavering body between two arrow volleys then at the Gnaw Hole through which the Skaven escaped and made a decision. 'Judicators, don’t let them escape. Follow them! ', She ordered and started moving.

'Yelena, where are you going ?! ', she heard Riko calling from behind, ignoring him. A few steps later, they reached the Gnaw Hole. The tunnel in it seemed to be beyond any reality. She had no idea where the tunnel would take her. The thought of dying useless again took away the decision. 'Follow them,' she said, stepping through the Gnaw Hole. The skaven had long since disappeared and the tunnel was now abandoned. They had taken a few steps back when a hand fell on Yelena's shoulder. Yelena spun around ready to attack when she realized that it was Riko. 'What did you think of this action? We do not even know where these tunnels lead. We should turn back, 'said Riko.

'You did not have to follow me. Go back if you really want to die in the Scabrous Sprawl’, Yelena said and pointed to the entrance of the Gnaw Hole. With a muffled bang, the entrance behind them darkened. Behemat had fallen. Riko sighed. 'What are we doing now? The way back is blocked.'

'Then we look for another exit. These tunnels must go somewhere’,Yelena said, shrugging her shoulders.

'I think you do not understand the gravity of the situation. This tunnel could lead us directly into the realm of chaos. We are outside the Realms. If we die here, we might not return’, Riko said frustrated. 'We know the story of Gardus Steelsoul from the Hallowed Knights. Had he died in Nurgle's garden, his soul would not have been able to return to Azyr. This fate can also hit us here. What then?'

'I already told you. You did not have to follow me. You have your own choice’, Yelena snarled at Riko. Both primes were emotionally charged and on the verge of breaking up.

'Enough! This dispute does not help us!', Verena shouted as she intervened and made them both startled by their action. Both looked around a bit embarrassed when they saw that the other members of their entourage had gathered around them.

Riko snorted. 'We'll clear that later. This way seems to be the only one that stays right now.'

The group began to move. Nobody knew how long they were already on the way. All they had seen the last few hours were greenish glowing walls that seemed to resonate like a sheet in a breeze. Slowly, frustration in the group spread. They had not met a single skaven since they were in the tunnel.

'Hey, do you see that too?', Verena asked and pointed to a distant piece of the corridor. Yelena tried to figure out what her Verena meant, then it strucked her attention. The green shimmering wall seemed to be turning into brownish stone. 'There seems to be an exit out there,' Yelena said, quickening her walking pace. They reached a larger cave. There was a faint smell of putrefaction in the air and greenish slime covered parts of the walls. This cave had been corrupted by Nurgle's magic, but did not seem to be in the realm of chaos.

'What do you think we are here for?', Verena asked.

'We'll find out. I see daylight ahead, 'Yelena said.



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A little building during the last month. Actually realized that I didn't post anything here.

July 7, 2018

I had build my Stormcast Eternals Part of the Soulwars Box.


Only difference is the Lord Arcanum (which I gave a Blood Angels Head)


July 29, 2018

The Sacrocanct Chamber is growing, by Tempest of Souls, Sequitors (Snapfit)


And I made some other head changes, this time Castigators


August 4, 2018

I bought some other Boxes. Astreia Solbright, Knight Zephyros, the Farstriders, Escher Gang, Sequitors (Mulitpart Box), Sequitors (Snapfit), Stormstrike.

I really wanted a Lord Arcanum on Dracoline (I know that the Gryph-Charger variant is better, but it was for optical reasons after next week the Evocators on Dracoline will be released).

I didn't liked the idea of using 1 of 3 Evocators for that, but Astreia's base was to overloaded for me. In combination with the Bases of the Farstriders and an Escher Gang head I built this:




First I wanted to use the Neave Blacktalons head, but the colar and her picktail didn't want to fit.

In case for the Sequitors I built 3 more 5 man squads (and yes, I only had built 2 Greatmaces in each squad:



(The Prime was already build, but I changed the head)


I made a conversion of the Prime, changing the leg, the shoulderpad and the head.

Some headchanges for Castigators (now I can play 2 units of 6)


I actually built the Knight Zephyros with an Escher Head, so I can use Naeves head for something else.



At last, I built a new model for "Yelena Stormheart", my Judicatress Prime. The first model was made from a male Judicator model, with a Sisters of Silence Head and some greenstuff for the chestplate. (here the old model)


The new model is build with the parts of a female Sequitor-Prime with the bow Parts of a Judicator and Naeves head (in case of the Robe, as a follower of the Order of the Verdant Cycle she is wearing it, as a reminding for her old membership with the cloth colored in green instead of the normal colors).


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This is more a information post.

Here are the colors I used for the project:

Cyan Armour

  • Thousand Sons Blue
  • Nuln Oil/Drakenhof Nightshade/Coealia Greenshade
  • Thousand Sons Blue (retouch)
  • Ahriman Blue
  • Baharroth Blue

The first models I painted, I used Nuln Oil, later models (I think it started with the Prosecutors) where shaded with Drakenhof Nightshade. At last I switched to Coelia Greenshade, after the color is closer to the Thousand Sons Blue and required less retouching after shading


  • Retributor Armour
  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Auric Armour Gold (alternativ Sigmarite)


  • Leadbelcher
  • Nuln Oil
  • Iron Breaker (Optional)

Wood (Bow/Crossbow)

  • Dryad Bark
  • Nuln Oil
  • Gorthor Brown

White Armour/Cloth

  • Celestra Grey
  • Nuln Oil/Drakenhof Nightshade
  • Ulthuan Grey

Dracoth (Scales)

  • Incubi Darkness
  • Coelia Greenshade
  • Kabalite Green
  • Sybarite Green (Optional)

Dracoth (Leather)

  • Stegadon Scale Green
  • Coelia Greenshade
  • Sotek Green
  • Temple Guard Blue (Optional)

Purple parts

  • Screamer Pink
  • Nuln Oil
  • Pink Horror
  • Carroburg Crimson

Red Cloth

  • Methiston Red
  • Agrax Earthshade?
  • Evil Sunz Scarlet
  • Wildrider Red (Optional)


  • Zandri Dust
  • Seraphim Sepia
  • Ushabti Bone

Armour Innerlining

  • Skavenblight Dinge
  • Nuln Oil


  • Dark Reaper
  • Nuln Oil


  • Rhinox Hide
  • Nuln Oil
  • Doombull Brown
  • Agrax Earthshade (optional)
  • Tuskgor Fur

Base (Desert)

  • Armageddon Dust
  • Agrax Earthshade
  • Karak Stone (drybrushing)
  • Steel Legion Drab (Base Edge)

Base (Ghyran)

  • Armageddon Dust/Astrogranite (texture)
  • Castellan Green (Base)
  • Rhinox Hide / Elysian Green (brushed patches)
  • Nurgling Green (drybrushing)
  • Averland Sunset (drybrushing)
  • Steel Legion Drab (Base Edge)

Actually I have forgotten what color I used for the skin of the Gryph-Charger.

Could have been

  • The Fang
  • Drakenhof Nightshade
  • Russ Grey
  • Fenrisian Grey

but I'm not sure anymore.

Edited by EMMachine

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Okay, a small update for my Blazenheart Chamber. Yelena Stormheart my Judicatress Prime is back with her new Mini, ready to lead.





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Hm, it looks like, I missed an update here.

I had painted my Lord Arcanum on Dracoline I have called "Lavie". (She was actually painted in mid august).




For the model I used mainly Astreia Solbright. The head is from the Esher Gang and for the base I used the structure of 2 of the farstrider bases.

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