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Preferred bloodthirster


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I have skarbrand and the WoK bloodthirsters.

In my group of players we allow players to use a model as any of its variants. I built the WoK as I liked the model but I use it as IR more often than not. Stick slaughterborn command trait on him and he's an absolute beast.

Skarbrand only really gets in my list in bigger games as he's just too big a target in smaller games.

If you are picking 1 I'd go for the IR

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19 hours ago, Blood&skulls said:

That's awesome! 

I love all the bloodthirster variants model wise.  Theidea of skarbrand is quality though. Can skarbrand be magnetised?

Id go Skarbrand, nice and scariest monster we have.

He can be magnetized but despite being based on the BT kit you dont get all the BT kit stuff.

From the top of my mind Skarbrand shares the torso and arms but thats it.

There is also a bit of a base oddity with Skarbrand, Id put him on the regular BT oval one.

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2 hours ago, Blood&skulls said:

I was told of a conversion that had skarbrand on the standard thirster legs and the IR thirster using skarbrand legs. I don't suppose anybody has seen it? If so any pictures? 

I'm sure it's out there, it's all possible, that is certain. 

This is the unique Skarband sprue:

This is the half you get with it and makes up the half of the other Bloodthirsters. As you can see it shares enough parts so you can do a legswap if you wanted to. The thing however is that Skarband does not fly so it makes him look a little strange with the regular Bloodthirster legs in my opinion.

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