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Deathwalker character using Tomb King rules?


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Hey all

So I decided to start working on a 1000 point Deathwalker army. I really want to make some kind zombie hero similar to the nemesis from the resident evil movies. Ive already converted up a model, its basically the khorne slaughterpriest with the wrecking ball with a zombie head and a few bones attached. Now after looking over all the rules for different death characters I found the Tomb King with Monarch's great blade. The rules are exactly what I was looking for. Now my question is would any one have a problem with me using these rules for my model?

This is the list I was going to run:

General: Necromancer - 120

Hero: Corpse Lord - AKA- Tomb King with Monarch's great blade - 100

20 zombies - 120

20 zombies -120

10 dire wolves - 120

corpse cart - 80

zombie dragon - 320

Total - 980

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I personally wouldn't have any problem and I think the majority of players wouldn't either. Perhaps you could add conversions of some sort to make him look different to avoid confusion and to make the hero feel unique. However, there are some Warhammer purists out there who only accept the actual GW model, unmodified, on top of that people can deny you your fun for various reasons - one of the most rediculous ones I've seen was to deny people games because a conversion was slightly cheaper than the actual real model...

In my opinion however - go ahead, just notify your opponent :). If they make a fuss, then don't play them ;). I personally would feel an actual tomb king would be completely out of place theme-wise in a zombie army and would love the originality of using a Corpse Lord instead. Another problem you may face however is that people may complain that the corpse lord is bigger than an actual tomb king.

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Wow, that sounds really cool! Go for it! As a TK player, I would have no issue with this whatsoever :D A corpse lord would certainly fit better in with the Zombies than an actual Tomb King model would, and it's not like you're doing it to gain an advantage.

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