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The Wolves of Ulric are now dead and in need of burial.


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The Howling is brand new, one day event taking place on 23rd September at Common Ground Games in Stirling.

We will be playing 3 x 2000pt games of General's Handbook 2017 Age of Sigmar.

The comp pack will go up after the new Handbook drops, hopefully in July, to give everyone plenty of time to make ready their forces.

Numbers are capped at 32 and the price is £15 which includes lunch and some awesome prizes.

There' be loads of updates coming once dawn breaks on a new Age of Sigmar, until then get yourself signed up and start plotting the downfall of your enemies. In that spirit grudges will of of course be allowed.

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1. Scott Smith

2. Calum Todd

3. Gary Clark

4. Ross Joyce

5. John Harper

6. Garry Marshall

7. Nathan Watsoun

8. Alan Aitken

9. Mark Roberts

10. Richard Strachan 

11. Graeme Davidson

12. William Convery

13. Brian Duncan

14. Stuart Dinwoodie



Scott Smith Vs Brian Duncan

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