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Ironjawz - What should I buy next?


Ironjawz - Which way to go?  

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  1. 1. Which model/box should I buy, build and paint next?

    • Start Collecting! Ironjawz
    • Ironjawz Weirdnob Warband
    • Brutes
    • Megaboss on Maw-krusha / Gordrakk, Fist of Gork
    • Megaboss
    • Other (please specify)

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Hi there,

Some of you might have seen my pitiful thread in the Painting section where I started a bit of a journal around painting Ironjawz.

All I bought initially was a box of 5 Brutes which I have nearly finished painting now.

SO ... the question is what should buy next? I spoke to @Chris Tomlin around what would make a reasonably strong (for Ironjawz) 500/1000/1500/etc list but I thought it would be a bit of fun to run a poll and whichever model/box wins gets bought and assembled/painted next.

There is one caveat though... I am really not a massive fan of the 'Ardboys , which are, as far as I understand, the old 8th Edition Black Orcs re-packaged? Perhaps I was spoiled by the Brutes but I really do not dig them very much.

Is it possible to make a decent Army without 'Ardboys?



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It's not impossible... but... Ardboyz are far more crucial to an Ironjawz army than it seems at a glance. They're our biggest unit in terms of bodies, wounds and quantity of attacks. Flexible in weapon loadout and our best chance of securing objectives.

If it's largely the models that put you off you can do what a few of us are in the process of now, which is use Blood Bowl orcs kit bashed with other orcy bits to make nice, Ironjawz-esque infantry. Same could probably be done with a myriad of other Ork (40k) bodies. As long as you kit them out appropriately it should work fine.

That said there's no reason you can't go without. Especially if you pursue the pure Brute route (search 'Brutefist' in the forum for several threads of conversation on these kinds of list).

I picked a mawkrusha on the above poll - took me a while to get round to getting one myself, but not only is it one of my favourite ever minis it's also extremely fun to play with (despite the fact it doesn't always perform as well as you'd hope for its points cost). Can't go wrong with a cabbage!

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I picked up the ironjaws warband and like you was initially not fussed about the ardboys, the models just seemed a bit meh compared to the brutes.

but then after being on this forum and seeing what some people have done with them really made me look at them in a different light.

this thread in particular made me love the ardboys.



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I would go for a Start Collecting Box (if you just want to buy one thing). Gives you 10 Ardboyz (more wounds on the table), 3 Gore-Gruntas and a Warchanter (needed anyway). And for the price it's awesome.... in Germany the Gore-Gruntas cost as much as the whole box.

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If you believe that skirmish might be a leak of GHB2 points, it implies that Gore Gruntas are going down in points.  Gruntas might just become a much more competitive choice.

I personally find brute heavy lists a bit boring looking aesthetically, as you end up with a list of just foot sloggers.  I second the Start Collecting as that's the best way to get the Gruntas and Warchanters that you'll probably want.  In fact you could buy 2 even IMO eventually.  The Ardboys are basically free.

Although you may not love the Ardboys today, I think they'll be key to opening up different strategies in regards to objective holding, tying down enemy units, and optimizing those casting bonuses for the Shaman.  You'll probably want them one day.

It's funny because Ardboys used to be considered among the best of the 8th edition O&G model line.  Still pretty cool IMO with a paint job that includes dags, checkers, etc to make them appear a bit more geometrical.  Their issue in Ironjawz is that the Ardboys aesthetic is too rounded and polished.  In isolation however I still think they're pretty awesome.

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Voted after reading first post but before the later ones.  I recommend the Start Collecting box (heck, I would recommend 2 or maybe even 3), especially if you want the Gore-gruntas (because of pricing, you are basically getting the Ardboys and Warchanter for free in that box!).

But yeah, the Brutes are some awesome models, and they perform very well on the tabletop consistently.  They are your heavy hitters, and a squad of 10 can be outright nasty against any target.

Ardboys are your tarpit.  With the bonuses from their banners, they stick around for a while once stuck into melee.  With some buffs, they can be really good, but their biggest utility is board control and objective holding.

Gore-gruntas are handy, even if they are a bit underwhelming for the points.  But they are fast, and they are sturdy.  With the mobility bonuses provided by the Destruction Allegiance bonus and Battalions, they can boogie up the board and hold a position.  Send them up to deny a flank or force the enemy to deal with them.

Megabosses are solid hitters in their own right, and can buff up the Brutes naturally.

Warchanters are very helpful.  They aren't much on their own for melee, but they can make everything else that much better.

Wierdnob Shamans are okay.  I find that they are mostly useful for getting Mystic Shield on units, but if you get lucky and are feeling adventurous, then Foot of Gork (or possibly Mork?) can be useful.

I haven't played with a Maw-Crusha yet, but it is on my list, and will be my next purchase for my Ironjawz/Destruction army.

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I vote for the Start Collecting! box. As others have stated, it's the most cost effective way to get Gore-gruntas and a Warchanter. You may not be feeling the 'Ardboys a whole lot right now, and that I understand. Even if you don't build them, take them for bitz. and then repurpose the heads and weapons as you see fit. As you'll likely have noticed, there are a few members in this community (myself included) that have taken to converting the Blood Bowl Orcs into AoS units.

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