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Mohojoe's Sales and trades


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Hi all, 


a large lot of various stuff for sale or trade. 

I will add pictures when I get a chance 



kastelan robots and tech priest (built and part painted) 

Inquisitor Eisenhorn 54mm model (built and undercoated) 


River troggoths ( built and undercoated) 

10x liberators ( part painted) 

5xhexwraiths/black knights ( new on sprues)

coven throne ( part built with all options available) 

20x moonclan grots (built part painted) 

60x gnoblars (undercoated)

stonehorn/thundertusk ( part built) 

star drake part built and base coated

12 Ogor bulls painted and based 

4 mournfang built and undercoated 

****** tonnes of ogre bits and part 





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Hey all, I have a Ironjawz Start collecting set to trade. It was bought for a conversion project but it no longer fits the aesthetic I want. 

It is untouched minus one or two bases, these have had the GW fancy AoS bases added to top it up and I dont mind throwing in some resin ones too, to sweeten the deal. 

Open to trades, would ideally prefer destruction themed minis, but am open to most things of they take my fancy or i can see conversion oppurtunities within them.



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