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Stormcast for sale asap


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Due to redundancy I am having to sell my stormcast..


Celestant on Dracoth built

Vexilor undercoated black

Hereldor undercoated black 

Skull face stormcast with the reliquary painted as celestial vindicator 

5 liberators painted as celestial vindicator 

5 liberators part painted 

5 retributors, including 1 starsoul mace undercoated 

5 retributors,  including 1 star soul mace undercoated 


Then, Celestant on Dracoth, 10 liberators, 3 flying dudes and a reliquary guy new on sprue.


Stormcast battletome,  how to paint guide and gates of azyr novel. 


Looking for an much as possible so open to offers - I am south East UK - no PayPal so would need bank transfer.  I'm happy to friend on Facebook etc, I'm a normal,  trustworthy guy.


Look forward to hearing back from someone 

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