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Efengie Campaign - Fall of Bludor 1.0.0

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In the aftermath of the Necroquake warbands sack the ruins of the stormvault Thindrongol Nuk setting off a race to construct a Grand Soul Engine... with tragic (and bombastic) consequences.

This book includes a 2+player Narrative Linked-battles Campaign, a custom warscroll you can use to field great Heroes of the Realms in your narrative campaigns, and all of the battleplans and fluff chronicling five months of Age of Sigmar Game Day!  Also included is a recap of Efengie's participation in the Animosity: The Hallowed Necropolis global narrative event along with a battleplan to re-live some of the action.

This is the sixth book in this series.  You don't need the others, but if you enjoy this one, you may also enjoy the rest.

Book 1

Book 2

Book 3

Book 4

Book 5


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