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  2. Good detailed post. RE: Blood Warriors, it's worth noting that 1 in 10 has a unit superweapon of Rend -1 Dmg 2. When you get them up to 4 attacks each (as Khorne can easily do) this is like having a solid combat hero within the unit, damage-wise. Anyway, back to StD.
  3. This has been a pretty interesting discussion. It's surprising to see such a variety of responses to the way things in AoS (and WHFB, other fantasy settings, and the real world!) are named. For me, where the names really fall down is when they veer into being overbearingly pompous or simply too convoluted. Given the subject matter of the game, we're normally dealing with military forces and their organisation, and militaries are nothing if not pragmatic. They tend towards terminologies that are functional rather than grandiose, and that's the expectation that I most often feel AoS gets "wrong" in a way that can be difficult to pin down. A good example is the Vanari Dawnriders. That would be an excellent name for a specific cavalry division within a larger military organisation - they could have their own storied history, perhaps including some famous battle where they rode in at dawn and saved the day. It could be used to distinguish members of that specific division from all the otherwise near-identical cavalry divisions within the Lumineth army. Instead, it seems that all Lumineth cavalry units are called "Vanari Dawnriders". This serves no purpose in universe - why would you come up with a specific name for a battlefield role when a perfectly functional word - "cavalry" - already exists and is far less of a mouthful? That's the question that breaks the immersion of the setting; the name exists only for reasons extrinsic to the world.
  4. Oh, I didn't mean statistics - just the whole concept of them being armed with *lances*. If I understand correctly, those lances work like any other melee weapon, right? Meaning, the Knights can fight multiple rounds with them in close quarters... which is not how lances worked in real world. Such lances were, as far as I know, more of a one-use weapon: the cavalry took up speed, they aimed their lances (long heavy poles, basically) at the enemy, they crushed into the enemy. Then, the lances got discarded and the knights used swords and other close-quarter weapons. I know, AoS is fantasy, but there's just so much suspension of disbelief I can have strained... BTW. Do you guys think we'll get new Chaos Knights with other weapons (their warscroll has them listed as an option)? Or Chaos Warriors with other weapons configurations?
  5. So doing some thinking and chatting (open with that a lot I realized). How dangerous/tactically disadvantageous would it really be to summon in a Varghulf to support the 6 Flayer blob? No guarantee that Ill be able to summon the Varghulf anywhere near the Flayers, who would have to get close to a board edge if they were in danger, and then likely away from anything useful... but being able to make the ghoul blob 40 instead of 30. Could then use the remaining 100 points to either bump up a ghoul squad to 20 or get a second Crypt Ghast Courtier and be able to cast Cadaverous Barricade. Which is better, fellow courtiers?
  6. So I put a warscryer citadel as my contract. I'm probably not gonna be able to finish it this month, stuff came up this month that took my attention. But in the event I dont finish it, I'll get some nighthaunt on here. Probably get Kurdoss done.
  7. You got me through waiting for my Clinical informational stuff, so thank you for the two awesome posts! I liked reading about the mage college thing most of all, I got to say! On a story note, I really think that the luminith can tell some interesting stories for themselves if they get the right units. I always loved the idea of a Wandering loremaster as a hero back when they where still a thing, so having a character be able to do that kind of stuff would be lovely!
  8. Welcome to the deep end my friend! I hope you have a wonderful time playing with the Deepkin, if you need any help i know all of us would be happy to help with tactics or painting tips!
  9. @Gwendar Just perused your batrep log. You legend. Love the reports, keep them coming! 👍
  10. Today
  11. Hey Folks, I just got my hands on the Idoneth battleforce and I am very excited to be playing one of the most interesting and unique factions in the game. However, I am feeling a touch overwhelmed in terms of moving forward with the faction. I will probably get the start collecting set and my cousin has recently gifted me with a neat custom Akhelian Queen. I think that my army will not end up being very competitive, mixing infantry and cavalry, but I think that will be a more interesting force to collect and paint. I suppose I will very gradually move towards a more eel focused list. I look forward to learning the faction's play style and coming up with an interesting theme for my army.
  12. The Mantic Giant is quite good. I am also quite partial to the Heresy Giant - Mucklegeet: https://heresyminiatures.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_109&products_id=389 Giants have always been my favorite Warhammer monster and if there is a decent way to build a full giant army then it is a fantastic excuse to buy so many of the great 3rd party giants on the market - in addition to whatever fantastic models GW produces for this force.
  13. This is very exciting! Ever since this rumor came out old Olaf The Red has been bugging me non-stop for a fancy new round base.
  14. Knights: Playing as slaves to darkness, these models are currently the ones that are doing the most work for me. That being said, I don't currently have marauders, so that isn't the fairest of comparisons. I've run them in everything from a block of 5, to a block of 20, and tried with lances and without. Overall, I find that you can run a block of 5 with lances behind your lines as a "counterpunch", where you hold them and attempt to charge with them after your opponent washes against (and destroys) a unit in front of them. For any other use though, ensorcelled blades are better, and they are also arguably better as a counterpunch as well. Additionally, I usually struggle to get more than 10 into combat at once, and the extra knights tend to be just extra wounds to take off before the killing power is affected. A charging block with lances deals almost the exact same amount of damage to a 6+ save as blades do, and about 20% more damage on average to a 4+ save. Once they are off the charge though, the damage just plummets too much, with lances doing half the damage as blades do to a 4+ save, and a bit less than 2/3 the damage to a 6+. Do note though that the exact numbers will vary depending upon which mark you choose. Playing them in a Khorne army, the biggest loss would be the loss of the Khorne Mark, as you will no longer have easy access to re-rolling 1's to hit, or the +1 to wound. This is however made up for by the easier access to extra attacks. Comparing them to Skullcrushers (the nearest Khorne unit to them), for 20 points more the block of knights is going to do more damage, but be a bit less tanky. Note, this is including the mortal wounds on a charge. Either way that you are running them, I would highly recommend bringing a Chaos Lord (on foot), as the pile in and attack twice is a massive increase in their damage. A Lord on Karkadark can also be a great boon, both because of its own killing power and due to its command ability giving +1 to hit and re-rolling charges. Next, a Warshrine is a great tool in both armies - slaves because the 6+ FNP makes them even tankier, and the ability to give them re-rolling hits and wounds is great, and Khorne because you get the above AND you get to run the Khorne. Lastly, a Sorcerer Lord is decent because of Oracular Visions, giving them re-rollable saves, which if you are running Khorne stacks really nicely with Bronzed Flesh (even if like me you don't use any of the spells... though my excuse is that my dice hate spellcasting, not that I don't make the attempt). Warriors: I have tried warriors in blocks of 5 to blocks of 20, and tried them with sword+shield and dual swords. At this point, the only unit that I've been more disappointed by is Stormcast Liberators (sequitors are just soooo much better... also, stormcast have more killier options available than StD does...). At small sizes, they don't really have enough models to contest objectives, and the lack of rend leaves them fluffing anything that they attack quite often (that being said, my meta has a lot of people who like running 4+ saves - or better, so your experience may differ). At large sizes you look around and ask yourself, "Would I rather have 20 warriors, or 10 knights?" My answer is the knights. They at least will kill stuff - especially because it is so rare to be able to get all the warriors onto a single target. Should you by some miracle find yourself facing someone without a lot of rend, warriors are decent. This isn't even bringing the marauder comparison into it, because marauders just blow warriors out of the water by so much (like seriously, a block of 20 marauders deals more damage than a block of 15 chaos warriors, while costing half as much... and can get into an engagement easier as well with their charge bonuses). As for the comparison with Blood Warriors, in blocks of 5 the chaos warriors actually do more damage, while being slightly tankier (due to the 5+ vs mortals). Once you start looking at blocks of 10+, you find that they deal almost the exact same amount of damage (all thanks to the goreaxes), but now the Chaos warriors have a fully re-rollable save. My initial pass also says that there are more ways to buff the chaos warriors (sorcerer's, warshrines, dual-blades, etc.) than there are to buff the blood warriors, as most of the blood warrior's buffs will also affect chaos warriors (ex. bloodsecrator, wrathmongers, etc.). The only advantage Blood Warriors have is the Pile in and Attack on death, which overall makes blood warriors slightly more killy while chaos warriors are slightly more tanky. Either way that you take them... I would rather have Marauders. I was contemplating Bloodreavers being the equivalent of marauders (though they actually do a bit less damage, while also being less tanky), but then I looked up the fact that Bloodreavers are on 32mm bases and I just decided to give up on them completely. As far as tanking goes, a 4+ save on 30 wounds is actually the same amount of tankiness as a 5+ save on 40 wounds, which makes a pack of marauders as tanky as a block of blood warriors. The re-rollable saves on Chaos Warriors does give them the lead in tankiness, but the fact that that unit can't really kill anything while the Marauders will still sells me on the marauders.
  15. Quick question regarding battalions. Is it possible to run the Tzaangor Coven battalion from the Tzeentch Book in a Beast of Chaos army?
  16. @Malakree That list is not bad. It would certainly be better with a second warchanter, but I might give it a go as is. Although it is certainly not the best list to put together for dual Mawkrusha. The more that I think about Da Boss Fist the more I am thinking that it might be good to lean into the 2 footbosses by trying to get artifacts on both of them and use them as cheap & offensive, albeit slow, units. I wonder if there is room to drop the second Mawkrusha and try to fit in an Ironfist. You could also potentially drop one of the units of Brutes or just move it over to the Ironfist. That would let you give an artifact to all 3 of the mega bosses and a free source of Mighty Deatroyers.
  17. the reveal is usually quite small so don't except anything big or part of the main line, last year it was Dreadfane, Stormvault, Combat arena, and the Funko Pop toys https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/02/15/15th-feb-new-models-games-and-funko-pop-at-the-new-york-toy-fairgw-homepage-post-3/
  18. -2 rend is amazing! They aren’t the toughest unit, but they do decimate a target and then get to move on. Key is screening, like all of your powerfully punching units
  19. I really enjoy these. Very informative. It's a big walk down memory lane for me, but also a lot of stuff I didn't know although being a huge High Elf and Teclis fan. I'm just re-reading the Bill King novels about T&T. Good timing too - get's us through the waiting time here. Hopefully we hear something new at the NY ToyFair on the 22nd. Maybe the Sentinels, which will then be featured in the community article in 3 weeks 🥴
  20. Since we are in this topic of being tabled: let’s say you are playing a battle plan like Total Conquest where you score at the end of your turn the number of objectives your hold. My opponent tables me top of turn 4, and we both have had 2 objectives the entire game. He did not take my 2 objectives on top of turn 4. Bottom of turn 4, do I score the two objectives I held previously, even if I’m tabled? Or would those points disappear into the eather and no one scores them?? this is purely hypothetical this hasn’t happened to me, but the discussion got me thinking
  21. Do they usually show new independent games at the toyfair? Or could there be new reveals :p? Maybe cool seraphon spells
  22. Just some return questions? What’s your game plan? do you want to turn the ironclad into a killing machine and the rest supports it? then I would drop a gunhauler and add 5 more thunderers. Combine them all into one unit and put those into the ironclad. (regarding weapons I would go for all rifles because I prefer range) what’s the role of the Khemist? You can take one more artefact, one endrinwork and have 50 pts for an endless spell. so you could take the spell in the bottle Khemist artefact & the compartiment gunhauler endrinwork. That way you can fly your gunhauler forward with the khemist inside to cast an endless spell. If you take ziflin you can do this in turn one using the once per game move. And get another endrinwork. But it forces an artefact on you. Urbaz gives you more shares of gold for your ironclad and thunderers. Making that fortress of shooting even better. But it forces a endrinwork on you. you could also go custom barak. You have the battleline. So you could get the d3 artbershares without the drawbacks. personally I would joint 6 endrinriggers together in urbaz. That way you have more use from the endrinmaster command ability. Especially if that’s your goal with them. and if you roll 3 extra aethershares also give one to them so they do some extra damage in combat. lastly I personally would switch 3 endrinriggers for 10 arkanauts. It means more bodies and if you take an endless spell still enough points left over to get a triumph. Which is really good. You can spend a triumph and aethershare in one phrase for a super heavy strike.
  23. Here you go. It s not directly related to my question but if flee means basically slain from battleshock why separating them in this answer? ": Some abilities refer to units that have been ‘destroyed’. What does this mean exactly? A: A unit is considered to be destroyed when the last model from the unit is slain or flees. When measuring the range to a destroyed unit, measure to the position occupied by the last model in the unit to be slain or flee."
  24. Can confirm with research, as of GHB 2019 its one bought command point for 50, and an extra command point/relic per warscroll battallion.
  25. You should quote the reference you are talking about. Could be of help during the ongoing discussion.
  26. Doh that’s what I get for doing it from memory. Any thoughts on the effectiveness?
  27. Yesterday
  28. MOD NOTICE Posts removed. Calm down people. As I just said (a bit more subtly) lets move on and leave the discussion of GW's marketing alone for now. There is NO need to get into a fight over viewpoints of a companies release schedule.
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