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  2. What is this “Solar System” you speak of? Jokes aside I think this is gonna be a 40K/Necromunda week with the dropping of House of Faith(cawdor witch hunter conversions are a go!) and the water guild.
  3. Ohhhh. That sounds great! That model always catches my eye, and tempts me for a conversion.... Pics or it doesn’t exist! 😉
  4. I can’t see them doing away with a whole book and endless spells for a faction; there’s money to be made there. I CAN see SGs getting access to ghouls though.
  5. That's a really nice cross over and like ZaelART says some rules for the heroes would be really nice.
  6. Been years since I played fantasy having been a 40ker more than anything of late so I thought I'd try AoS for something new. I've played WFB since about 3rd on and off, all editions of Blood Bowl, Mordheim, Advanced HeroQuest, Mighty Empires and still have the original Polystyrene Mighty Fortress knocking about in the attic. I'm hoping to delve into Warcry and should have the Cursed City arriving tomorrow and these forums look like I might be able to get a few pointers if I need it. I'm a bit new to the Age of Sigmar but hope to learn more.
  7. But combine this with 4+ save and 5++ and Blightkings won’t die easily. So just one unit of 10 Blightkings have 40 wounds. A lot of meat to chew through... And sorry but a 5+ save for our megas is almost nothing. Two battle rounds and the mega is dead.
  8. Today
  9. I found this picture on FB, I hope its the current wording as my argument below relies on it. Apologies if not! The same paragraph you are referring to also has more wording. If my opponent would insist that paragraph prohibits me from moving with the model that is the caster/sanctum, I shall insist it cannot be attacked. However I think thats is wrong and the people above and in my earlier thread have given good arguments for it being able to move. Also note that the paragraph you are referring to initially states, "unless noted otherwise". Since you have unified the warscrolls, this allows other rules to supersede those of endless Spells not being able to be targeted or moved or being considered "friendly to both factions".
  10. You know you spend too much time with Age of Sigmar when you refer to the Solar System as the Mortal Realms in public.
  11. Maybe a new AoS 3.0. start box with Order of Azyr and some sun grots... that would be amazing!
  12. Hello friends, Here you have the video-list that I´m preparing for some games If I can return home during the next month. I´m still turning around the idea of some mortals, but... AoS 2.0. List Analysis - Hedonites of Slaanesh - Godseekers Epicurean Revellers - YouTube
  13. My Escalation league will start off with Meeting Engagement at 1,000 points. Battleplans from GHB 2020. I was thinking that getting out of the gate with a hard hitting spearhead is best approach. Here is my list: Allegiance: Nurgle SPEARHEAD Slaves to Darkness Daemon Prince (210) - Sword - Artefact: The Witherstave 3 x Plague Drones (190) MAIN BODY Harbinger of Decay (160) - General - Command Trait: Grandfather's Blessing 10 x Putrid Blightkings (280) REARGUARD 5 x Putrid Blightkings (140) Anyone have a successful ME list? Looking for comments.
  14. Correct, a points adjustment for a 2-3 units and Slaangors reworked would make us a powerhouse. @Enoby@AngryPanda There is one more option we can take, wait with sending anything to GW until the Soulblight are out. If their rules end up being systematically better than ours, then we can forget that HoS rules are signs of AOS 3 balance.
  15. The only models released separately from the previous iterations of Warhammer Quest were those on individual sprues. The only Cursed City model likely to get a seperate release therefore is Radukar, unless they do what they did with the Indomitus sprues.
  16. Well, this is a speculation thread. And whatever those rumours say - how solid is the source anyway? - some of the events could still play out similar to what has been proposed here. I have no clue where the BR story will end up, but from little I have read, to me it seems clear that: Gordrakk will play some part in it, and be the driving force for some substantial change. We might see some form of "Everchosen of Destruction" thing led by Gordrakk, bringing all current Destruction armies into one list. Good times to be a Greenskin or Ogre!
  17. So I decided to go all in on FEC (and maybe expanding to soulblight in the future). I was able to pickup 2 boxes of the Mortal Realms boxes and one box of the getting started set. this gives me: 50 ghouls 2 arch regeant 9 Crypt Horrors/Crypt Flayers/Vargheists 1 terrorgeist with a hero There’s a lot of choices for how to build the boxes, such as the obvious choices between Crypt Horrors/Crypt Flayers/Vargheists. However I’m a little confused about the other leader options and if I should build models for them. I’m also quite limited in that there’s only two stores in my country (that I’ve found, I’m in Asia) that sells AoS. They don’t sell the crypt horror set so if I want more of those I’d have to buy another large box set. My question is, how should I go about choosing my build options? I think I’ll try the magnetization for the terrorgeist/zombie dragon. Is this possible for other models? Should I build two arch regeants or is there something else I could build one as? Thanks in advance for any advice!
  18. It was done w/Silver Tower. $30USD/model. Shadows over Hammerhal used old model sculpts from WHFB, plus a Stormcast thrown in.
  19. They did in some sense, but only after CoS came out - option to give those skyhooks easy +1 to hit/wound, extra move, run and shoot and battleshock immunity, together with cheep screens, made them temporarily into the most ridiculous Cities build. Meta impact wasn't huge because for many reasons CoS are a fascinating aberration when it comes to meta and competitiveness in general, but locally, wherever this list popped up, others were forced to plan for it.
  20. What book is that from? Glogg's Megamob?
  21. Der nächste Meilenstein wurde erreicht, die nächsten 100 Artikel sind voll mit 2300 Artikeln. --- The next milestone has been reached, the next 100 articles are full with 2300 articles.
  22. I'm almost certain today they will announce another Preview for the 17th. New BR short story should be this Wednesday!! I hope it snaps back to the progress of the Waaaghs journey to Excelsis, hell it could even be our first nod at these new Grots!! Maybe a scouting Warband of Snarlfangs appears ahead of a great host of Sun Grots!! If there are indeed Sun Grots this would be a perfect time to introduce the Sulphur Breath Troggoths!! Yep tomorrow is another Reveal!!
  23. Ko became, at that point, mostly a melee alpha strike with one or two big deathstar rigger squads that dropped in, used a hook for mobility, and mulched most things in the game on a charge. So, uh, it literally wasn't any better. KO played pretty damn similar then as to now except their punch was a buffed melee unit supplemented with shooting instead of the other way around.
  24. I doubt it will happen, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if it did. Ghouls were part of vamp counts and it was mostly fine. Pestilens got rolled back into skaven, and neither pestilens nor the rest of skaven suffered for it. Yeah, GW would need to work to find a way to differentiate skeletons, zombies, & ghoyls, but they already need to work on that with just skeletons and zombies, and the more armored skeletons may me a sign that they're actuallly tackling the problem. zombies could be the hoardy chaff, skittles the tougher & more buffable core troops, and ghouls could still have room to be their own thing as outflanking skirmishers skulking on the flanks. I'm not saying GW would definitely get it right, but it wouldn't be all that much harder. And fec could use the expanded unit selection, too. Building an entire army out of three kits gets old fast. Again, I'm not saying it will happen, I don't personally think its very likely. 'Reluable Sourse' rumirs in this hobby are anything but. And I'm not saying I want it to happen either. But it really wouldn't be that bad either way. Or, well, it could be, but it wouldn't *have* to be.
  25. I'd argue our book is better designed than LRL. Our problems can be solved with a simple points adjustments and we're not saddled with impractical rules or bloated warscrolls. They've managed to create units with character without writing an essay. A concrete example, if the LoP/Shardspeaker gets dropped to 120-130pts alongside Blissbard Archers down to like 140 then suddenly the Depraved Carnival ain't such a bad deal which means we can combine it with a seeker cavalcade. Suddenly we're a two drop army. The shardspeaker is no longer a liability and the LoP can add in that wonderful CA re-rolls for mortal units. Or don't, and simply save points for the rest of the army. Another, if our elite foot soldiers gets a reduction (170 to 150, 150 to 130) then Nobles of Excess becomes more viable. As mentioned in other posts, Lurid Haze adds a redeploy and a really good CA to increase saves. Hellstriders were brought up and I honestly think some players are sleeping on that -1 hit and 4+ save. If you're rocking up with Glutos or Fiends (summoned or not) that can create serious problems for an opponent's elite units and monsters. All potential points adjustments adds up to more units, which means more wounds, which means more DP... And so on. It all adds up. I'm hesitant to buff up the Locus since it could quickly spiral out of control. Reliably being able to charge in and pretty much shut down the combat phase would be extremely powerful and could create a decidedly unfun experience for the opponent. I'm not a huge fan of 4+ rolls and in the case of the Horrible Fascination it is such niche ability I don't really understand why it couldn't be an always on ability. But yeah, adjust the points a bit and I think we'd be good. That way those abilities become nice to haves which sometimes goes off.
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