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  2. Me too- although it still might be- the way the front leg folds under itself in that illustration is strange for a normal leg- the foot would need to be extra long and wide..Could be taking the design of the Aelf ranger and changing it to more AoS as a Kurnothi hunter. I think if Alarielle gets a BR book Kurnothi might appear/return there. [even if just in the lore before a later release]. The Kharadron having scales on his pack- I wonder if this is a Logisticator as appearing in the Overlords of the Iron Dragon novel- kind of a KO accountant - they take care of profit during an expedition .. [the one in the book was a bit of a. weasel...]
  4. I agree with @LuminethMage. I think the main point is to differentiate between Faction and Battletome. The Faction, together with its models, is here to stay within the game for many years to come. Battletomes will come and go, providing changes and updates to the way the Faction plays. No faction, especially in the new era, will go more than 2-3 years without a Battletome change and twice yearly erratas bring other changes, but the faction itself will continue to exist. It's part of the cycle of the hobby. Personally, I prefer the slightly faster cycle in AOS than was in WHFB. Once all the current range is out, the cycle will settle down into a standard rhythm.
  5. If Teclis is going to Shysh, could it be a Shyish city? We already have Lethis but is old and does not follow same style as the main ones today. On the other hand a CoS city that allies with LoN 1 in 4 would be extremely thematic and interesting
  6. If you compare the silhouette of the Wind Spirit in the Lumineth Teaser Video from the preview with the revealed Wind Spirit Model: then yes. One of them has the giant quiver and holds the bow sideways the other one (presumably the generic version) has no quiver as far as I could see.
  7. Well i really don't think Third éditions is 2021 because of the Nurgle Plague but yes that would be my prediction if BR is only 3 books. I thought it was 5 Books, but why 5 ? Where does that came from ?
  8. Is there a way to request an account name change?
  9. The SoW list was double smash bat, two royal mordants battalions in a Hallowmourn court... And one varghulf was the general for the extra attack & damage (couldn’t with AaC) he went against a msu eel list and it was a photofinish for idoleth, I think pretty impressive... Haven’t seen the other one, so I can’t say. But with cheese and filth small things matter, and tactics are key... lost a Deadwatch game vs slaves, because I never got a double turn. He won four turns, even loosing one would have cost him the game big time, but was not to be and I was ground down... aaaand maybe I went in too greedy, not knowing, that his general on reptile was such a crazy blender
  10. It could be a regular human wearing heavy armor and a lot of the typical stormcast iconography, or it could be a dressed-down stormcast. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  11. If there is a focus on destruction invading Azyr for the next edition I think Duardin focus makes more sense than an Aelven focus. I think it makes perfect sense, Grungni seems to be Sigmar's closest and most loyal ally and helped create the defences of Azyr. He is also trying to reclaim the ancestral homes of the Duardin which will bring him into further conflict with the factions of destruction. But then again they have to make room for the narrative of Malerion getting a sweet leather jacket and motorcycle... so I could be wrong.
  12. This makes sense. If Teclis has a March release date then perhaps Alarielle will have a June/July date with 3.0 coming August or September?
  13. anything under 22 euros is fine 22 - 150 euros is only the customs processing fee which will vary + will cost you time - currently my package from the elementgames have been in mu country's customs foor a week..... this ends at 1.7.2020 everything above 150 euros will be slapped with VAT and customs processing charges. Also if the thing you are ordering has been manufactured mostly in the UK there will be no customs charges BUT you will be dealing with the customs anyway and I am not sure which documents will your custom office want that the palstic toys from UK have been mostly manufactured there (iirc the printed things are manufactured in china? There is an exact description of what % does it need to be to be considered as manufactured in the UK but good luck going through the 2000+ pages UK-EU deal)
  14. I think Duardin are unfortunately far into the future. The main protagonist in AoS are gods, if there isn't an active god then there isn't going to be a narrative. There just aren't any hooks in the current narrative to expect them? The most active Duardin would be City Duardin nominally under the auspices of Sigmar no? As to Realm Savers, KO and FS are quite mercenary/mercantile I don't forsee any Duardin faction really as being selfless in the save the realms fashion, especially without a God to lead them.
  15. I have seen 2 builds one with double royal mordants and one with royald mordants and attendants at court double battalions.
  16. Today
  17. You guys are really making me hate Elves more then I already do 😛
  18. A few Lumineth have a Bird Motif, namely the Vanari Lord Regent and Eltharion... Currently we do not have any significant bird representation in the army, there is the unit champion for the sentinels and the owl in underworlds. This leads me to suspect that maybe it is hinting at a future release... thats right Tyrion will be borne aloft in the beak of a mighty Pelican! I am curious will Sevireth, Lord of the Seventh Wind have a generic build option like with Avalenor, the Stoneheart King and Alarith Spirit of the Mountain?
  19. I think the 4 guys represented in the map pictures are the 4 overlords of UIfenkarn, but before they were cursed / undead. We already have the gravedigger, we'll see the model of the skeleton with the halleberd and the eyepatch, and i'm thinking the gut in red armor is now a vampire, and the old man with his cat is probably gonna be a lich. The last one is the Wolf himself, we think it's a vampire but the name is a given, he's actually a werewolves. Historically werewolves were a chaos unit, but it's AoS now and it's a boxed games. It's a halloween themed game
  20. @Athrawes, huh, I totally missed that it was in a different pose in the vid, that’s cool to know
  21. So Broken Realms are just 3 books : Morathi, Teclis and then Alarielle ? Guess it's make sense, we can have AoS 3.0 after that with Excelsis Siege as starter box
  22. Thanks guys I’ll be doing the other 9 duders, along with the Dawnrider I did, in the silver tomorrow, and then I gotta start work on the other Dawnriders to get those ****** out of the way! @Aloth_Corfiser, that sounds like a great scheme, keen to see them whenever you get some painted! @LuminethMage, those dudes look ace! They yours? I really like the contrast between the dark robes and light armour.
  23. Fantasy rules stated that a character couldn't cast spells if it wore armor, so since vampires were wizards it didnt make much sense for them to wear armor. When blood dragons were introduced in 5th edition, they were made the exception and could cast spells and wear heavy armor. And as you say the new vampire models for 7th edition (Vlad, Konrad and Mannfred) wore all heavy armor and all were allowed to cast spells.
  24. I think at some point we’ll get a broken realms Tyrion book. Coming out with his model with the sun spirit and another temple (probably river), and maybe more generic units like we are getting now.
  25. I'm all for the Aelven love and really am looking forward to BR Teclis and more so Alareille but for me Duardin is what I want to see from Order. I hope they get a book or perhaps as to Destruction being the big bad for 3.0, Duardin will be the Realm savers. After all Behemat did create the Fyreslayers stature
  26. Right, I think CoS will be repeated in every book. Also Sister of Battle had a small entry in Psycic Awakening even though it was just released as well. But like you said its mostly completely unpredictable, i'm just trying to find the best patterns when I see it.
  27. Imagine the rage if Tyrion comes back but he's riding a goofy looking Llama.
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