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  2. The "giant" thing could also be a new Chaos War Mammoth to go with the S2D book coming out..... I can dream, right?
  3. Eh, that's not entirely true - first years of warhammer was grimy but also more fantastical than for example 6th ed. TBH if there are dragons and regular gryphs in your world, what is wrong with demigryphs? In 3rd edition, even regular gryphs were just hybrids born thanks to chaotic energies. They were just stable mutants like 40k abhumans.
  4. Giant Indraugnir scale Dragon for the Twins to ride? Yes please.
  5. I just want a massive Ossiarch dragon! Or A Daughters of Khaine dragon Just more DRAGONS!
  6. Sounds good to me. Bonereapers definitely open the way for skeletons piloting bone mechs made of skulls.
  7. I worked for a company once where we had to ensure that all public-facing materials did not contain language above a 6th grade reading level. It really made it hard to write compelling or original text. What it did do, though, was make sure there stupidity of our customers did not prevent them from choosing us as their service provider. I'm guessing there's some of that going on here.
  8. @michu Yeah, but that crowd is a lost cause. Failed to adapt with the times, stuck in an era when GW actually was more predatory, etc. Best not to let their detached-from-reality bitterness infect the real world. 😉
  9. I have something better - whole giant skeleton made of little skeletons!!
  10. Or what? Don't leave us in suspense? I would love an updated bone giant, but it would have to still have an option for the hat made of smaller skeletons. That was peak warhammer that was.
  11. Mentally wishlisting this, and thinking about the role of Total War and Vermintide in preserving affection for the setting, I think I'd prefer a Mordheim level of detailed, granular focus on the Empire and the surrounding environs for the first run of this, even if at the expense of everyone getting new minis of their beloved old army in short order Like, at least initially I want to be playing a 750pt assortment of barely-equipped, toothless militiamen trying desperately to stop a village near Bogenhafen getting razed by beastmen, not reliving blackfire pass with more miniatures than I can fit in my house They can logically differentiate the game's appeal from Age of Sigmar by stripping WHFB back (partially) to its original grimy roots. From what I know, a lot of the newer, late period WHFB units*(skycutters, Phoenixes suddenly existing) seem like AOS in all but name, waiting for a setting that could more coherently accommodate them. (cf also the quite strange place WFRP finds itself in narratively now) Because AOS has made huge progress in ensuring there's an incredible variety of big armies for any player's tastes, WHFB can afford to be a more specialised, immersive game set in a more defined, fully-realised setting. Accompany every "season" of releases with tons of terrain, campaign packs etc to really fill out that part of the world, there's no rush. Give me lots of ramshackle houses, and fleeing/drunk/poisoned civilians as extras on the unit sprues etc *Me and some of the boys was thinking about permanently retconning the existence of demigryph knights
  12. You're right, sorry. I guess I'm just having a bad day.
  13. Yes, I understand. Doesn't make the "OP rules" joke worse, I think... Oh, and Wolf Lords are still Jarls. That's just low gothic translation (and a bad one, even SW think so).
  14. Probably not going happen, but maybe a Monsterpocalyse game with big units for every GA Order: Ironweld Jaeger robots Chaos: Chaos-corrupted Viking Giants Destruction: Kaiju beasts Death: Bonewalker Giants or
  15. Doubt it. I've recently read T9A forum topic about WH:Old World and people there consider GW worse than skaven and think that nothing good will come out of this....
  16. We do need more giants with laser eyes in AoS!
  17. Agreed. The should also help chip away at the hostility some people feel toward GW because those people think GW is somehow trying to squeeze the customer or use various forms of market manipulation that paint them as bad actors. It really does seem like several of the supply issues have been due to high rates of success and low ability to keep up. For instance, this could be why the new models in the various dual sets have been slow to release on their own - not something sinister, just a hard time working them in to the production schedule due to limited facility availability. Just sayin'. Maybe GW is not as evil as some people think.
  18. That was commentary on the uselessness of prophecy. People give Tolkien too much credit for "recreating the language and themes" of Germanic myth (which he did), but not enough credit on how he subverted many mythological tropes, which then became standard fantasy tropes. As for the clunkiness of "Gorefather" or "Gorechosen", and the like, it's a common ailing of GW today. The worst offender is still the Space Wolves, in which everything is "Wolf-Something". Even the company captains used to be called Jarls (very serviceable and fluffy) but then got transnamed into Wolf Lords. Meh.
  19. How do these rules interact? Or more the point, is Vitrolic Spray considered a modifier for the purpose of Ethereal?
  20. Today
  21. Who knows? I bet there would be more than one amazing way to do this, althrough it would be only "small" godbeasts as thoose in the lore are of the size of continents But Lorewise descendends of the Godbeasts would be an amazing thing
  22. Same for deathriders and that’s really fine. +vokmortian came from awful to ok choice.
  23. A return to the idea of the godbeasts maybe?
  24. Update from the weekend. Had more people show up than expected, so it was a 1k game instead of 1.5k. Long story short; I lost. By one point. Not bad for my third serious attempt at LoG. Long story longer, here's my strat and my musing as to where I did well and where I didn't. Summary: Deployment - I am very inexperienced when it comes to Legions of anything, so I am still getting over feeling over-extended or over-exposed for basic setup and deployment. That being said, playing Nighthaunt models I am used to, so once the game starts I do well enough that I think my true area of improvement is deployment. Once I figure out how I will finally be able to fight level instead of uphill. Edge to NH until I learn how to deploy as LoG. Healing/Resurrection - Using most of my gravesites to be overlapping healing pools where combat was sure to take place, or where I was going to take ranged damage, was a real win. Leaving just one gravesite back for unit resurrection and protecting my general there was a better strategy than giving myself several graves I could run away to. This allowed me to keep the focus on the board's center instead of the edges, and kept my opponent focused on trying to remove my units with no way to slip in. This is a clear win for LoG. Buffs/Debuffs - Overlapping synergies is very powerful. If I hadn't mucked my deployment, I think I would have been roving death on the board. This is possible for both NH and LoG, but becomes necessary in LoG while there are no battalions available. Battalions are a chance or bandaid for a bad start. LoG's Dread Withering spell helps, but a spell can never replace an always-on buff. Point, NH. Wound Output - I felt the loss of not having Wave of Terror. Twice, maybe three times I noticed getting 10 or more on a charge. That vs the one time Danse was successful shows a very big loss of damage potential. The chance to land WoT is 16.67% on any given roll. You can spend CP to reroll a charge, and if you take an Aetherquartz it's a 33.34% chance to get the CP back, and it's debatable if CP available to NH is best spent on this or not. Meanwhile Danse is 72.23% to cast successfully, with only one chance at it, less up to 55.56% chance to have it unbound, for a total of *drumroll* roughly 16.67% chance of having it actually take. Once. The real chances are probably higher, but I lack the math. And even when it does go off the second attack is likely going to be less powerful than the first, because why wouldn't your opponent counter-attack the unit that's going to fight again? Unless someone can point out a way LoG can match that kind of damage/chances at damage, I think the point is clearly in the NH camp. Total: NH 3/LoG 2 Are gravesites really why LoG is considered better than NH? Enough for some people to say NH is C tier and LoG is A?
  25. The problem with the terrain in the A Song of Ice and Fire picture isn't that it's 2D, it's how you interact with terrain that's always annoyed me about Rank and Flank. Basically, it's just a solid obstacle. Granted, at least they likely won't be using movement templates like in Rune Wars. Might as well be playing a naval miniatures game at that point.
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