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  2. I'd also point to the Putrid Blightkings as an exemplar. It's pretty easy to build a block of 20 PBKs in such a way that it's difficult to tell that they're based on five basic body types. The Idoneth warrior sets have two strong builds each so that you can field 20 unique models, minimally. The poses are also wonderfully dynamic. I think part of the reason the LRL line has felt underwhelming is that many of the models feel like copy/past jobs. Aside from the heads of the LRL archers, it's hard to see what's unique? They still look great, but definitely feel more like a throwback to mid-90s pewter design constraints than the modern plastics.
  3. Oh, that sounded like an exiting game.! Always great if the outcome hinges on a few roles (I almost groaned about the 1 point Mangler just reading it : ) ). Thanks for the write up! All in all, did everything work how you imagined, or were there some surprises? That Assault of Stone must have felt awesome : ) I Love the "Aetherquartz" object markers. Your white also seems to work out well!
  4. So, as I mentioned a couple days ago: I got my Lumineth on the table for the first time! Against the White Dwarf Battalion for the Gloomspite Gitz known as the Jawz of Mork! If anyone isn't familiar with this battalion, it enhances squigs into a ferocious stampede! Also it changes the moonshrine so that squigs can get resurrected at half strength instead of only moonclan units. Mission: Shifting Objectives Turn 1: The Gitz take first turn and seize all the objectives across the board. The Boingrotz, Squig Boss leader, and Skagrott slink to the very back of their deployment zone in hopes to avoid my archers, which they will. The Squig herd advances on the right flank and takes one of the secondary objectives, and a unit of stabbas takes the center non-primary objective. The Mangler Squig roles up onto the primary and the Squig Hoppers bounce past it and straight into a Warden Phalanx. Wardens pop their aetherquartz for +1 save. Moonfire flask takes out a squig hopper. The Hoppers absolutely flatten 16 Wardens... leaving four. That had me sweating a bit lol. The Wardens do strike back and kill a couple of hoppers. The Lumineth march forward in formation to counter attack. Stonemage remains in place and unleashes an Assault of Stone on the Hoppers, who have a 6+ save... 8 mortal wounds! Over half of the Hoppers just got smashed underneath some rocks! The Archers make their presence known, hosing down a good number of squigs in the squig herd, and taking off about 8-9 wounds off the Mangler Squig. All of my spells go off beside Ethereal protection. The Dawnriders surge forward on either flank and crash into their respective targets with some good charges. The Squig Herd is trampled underfoot, the rest flee from battleshock and kill a knight on the way out thanks to their frenzied flight. The Knights assaulting the mangler squig whittle the chained creatures down to one wound with their sunmetal lances alone... guardian sword and hooves fail to do anymore. 😑. Now that the Mangler is on one wound, it manages to wipe out an entire unit of ten dawnriders in one chaotic, gore-splattered round of combat. This changed the outlook of the game completely... if I could have done just one more wound, I'd have an entire unit of dawnriders still in the fight and the primary objective under control. And now there is a very angry Mangler on the rampage! If I had won turn 2 priority, I knew I'd have a good chance to recover and counter-attack back into a position of strength... Of course, gloomspite win the priority. To make matters worse, the primary objective stays where it is, on the flank that is pretty much decimated at this point. The mangler would go on to crash into the sentinels on my left flank and chew up 15 of them. The last five do strike down the mangler with the glorious light of hysh in their eyes. The Stonemage whittles down the rest of the Squig Hoppers when she joins the fray. The remaining Warden unit charged into the center objective under a constant hail of supporting fire from the other sentinel unit marching steadily behind them. 11 out of 40 stabbas remain by the end of turn 3, but at this point, the game is 5 - 2 and there is no chance of me coming back at all. So, I concede and call it good game to my opponent! Also working on the 'white' in my color scheme: Stage One: Stage Two: Stage Three:
  5. Today
  6. @Lowki Awesome, I really love the blue, and your Hexwraith. Such a nice model. There are still a few days left "cough". I'm still really motivated and have kept working on my Lumineth basically every day. Wardens are 100% finished (shields attached, bases done). Danwriders 99% finished (missing the base on one of them), and I've assembled I think 14 or so Sentinels and the Cathallar (which I almost totally messed up), and started painting the a Sentinels. It is getting a bit difficult to keep up the pace, because at the start I really felt that I also make good progress with painting as such (no wonder, because I hadn't done it for years ...), but I have mostly plateaued in that respect. Seems like all the low hanging fruits are gone : ). It's still a lot of fun though. I'll post a picture of my army in two days. The pictures really helpful to feel the progress of the project.
  7. It’s the 28th somewhere! So the end of the month is upon us! Finish your work for the month and come on over to join us in October! (Or is that Orktober?)
  8. Hello folks and welcome to the Painting Contract for October 2020! If you don't know the rules they are: Each month you post an amount of models that you agree to try to paint/build/convert/sculpt. This can be terrain or models for Age Of Sigmar, Warcry, Blood Bowl, Blitz Bowl, Warhammer Underworlds, Warhammer Quest Silver Tower / Shadows Over Hammerhal, or Gorechosen. On the 28th of the month the contract closes and you can then post your progress images so that they can be critiqued, shared and boasted about. It is a great way to get involved in the community and to get inspiration.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone share their progress! Enjoy!  @Mohojoe& @TheOtherJosh & special thanks to @Kramer
  9. Yesterday
  10. Let's set it up! I'll ping you on discord and we can organise a game when im home after work.
  11. @RUNCMD I could probably give Thousand Eyes another look sometime, but if I wanted to run mostly StD then I would play StD 🤣 So yeah, for now I'll probably stick to Skyshoal + Hosts Arcanum and my magic\shooting based Pyrofane and Hosts Duplicitous lists. All for experimenting though, so if you want to play TTS just let me know.. I can always run Skaven or something else.
  12. I have no idea how it will play. But they’re all cool and thematic models. You love them. Just go for it and then figure out how to make them work. They all, except maybe the flamethrower, seem to feature in a lot of list. But usually the storm fiends are being buffed by an engineer. So you might want to look into that? again don’t play Skaven enough to really advice on how it plays. I’d just go for it because it’s what you love.
  13. @Gwendar LOL I do know you love those skyfires Mate your Thousand Eye list is looking very similar to mine! I have 40 Marauders as well plus a few other units, but ill post it when I've had a bit more thinking put into it! Yeah can agree with you that Pyrofane is much better w witchfyre but im getting a bit bored of the Kairic + Enlightened combo I usually run. I could run some on foot tbh, but the movement and shooting from Flamers is always fun and creates some nice lil zones I find! Yeah the 2nd list is something that I want to practice on TTS before I invest into it, but I like it's potential/I think it has some merit, albeit needs a bit o tweakin' here and there!
  14. Depends on the battalion is the effect is poor. if you take a bigger unit of gluttons/leadbelchers/ironguts the +1 to hit from the slaughtermaster is huge. And the goremand does help a lot with that. And doesn’t seem out of place with a bloodgullut list. but 120 points is also 6 cats/20 gnoblars screening, 3 more gluttons etc. So it all depends if you get more use out of it. I like our artefacts. So I almost always take one. Even at 1,5K which is my preferred size. or do you mean the big war glut battalion?
  15. Who would thought that 16 dices per mini would makes sense? Haha, that ludicrous.
  16. So, I had the full intention of running Skyshoal tonight, but I've been pretty deep into making Cult of a Thousand Eyes work. Played against an experimental Skaven list but it wasn't long enough to do a full batrep.. so I'll just put some pictures below. Anyway, here's the list: I out-dropped and gave him T1 since I was out of range of any significant shooting; all he could do was kill 10 Kairics and give me 2 FP. I did what this list does best and that's pump 1 unit full of buffs and go to town, so I chose the Marauders. They got full Hit, Wound and Save RR's and then +1 attack with the agenda and 26 did ~45 damage after saves.. of course it was only Clanrats, so make of that what you will. VG killed a Doomwheel after fighting it twice and almost killed the Bombardier behind it. Enlightened went below average and killed 23 Clanrats. I got the double and he called the game. deployment + end of game (T1) pictures I like the idea of this, but even after 1 game I can see it struggling with pretty much anything top-tier. 3 VG just do not do enough for their points even when RRing hits and fighting twice. Swords and Spears math out differently but not by much.. either way I think I would be better off taking just one unit of 40 Marauders or 10 Knights with a Sorc Lord than trying to make Cult work with lots of these units. At that point you would mostly be running StD units anyway. All in all I think I can put the idea to rest, but it was good to get some play experience with it. I do still really like the idea of 10 Knights + Sorc Lord.. but when it comes down to it their tradeoff is 6 more wounds with a better save (especially with RRing all saves from the Sorc Lord) and a 5+ vs MW's but they are slower. In terms of power, both units want the +1 attack but even Enlightened without the +1 attack still do more... but only marginally so and you get a sturdier unit for 110 more points (counting the Sorc Lord) so.. make of that what you will, I suppose😉 Anyway, thoughts are always appreciated it. Next time I play I'll probably run the Skyshoal and see how it goes. EDIT: @RUNCMD looks like you posted the same time as me so I'll edit a response here. I enjoy Chosen, but I've only used them with a Bridge to deliver them where they're needed. 1st one is interesting.. generally we (or at least I do) build wholly into the Covens strengths. I can see taking Flamers in Arcanum, but in Pyrofane I would much rather but those points into more Kairics and Withfyre Coven if I wanted to make something shooty. I do the same thing with my Pyrofane of Strong magic + decent shooting + 1 melee threat (Chosen or Enlightened).. or you know, 6 Skyfires because I love them. The 2nd list is different for sure.. curious how it works for you. If I do Conflag it's just always 12 Flamers + Changehost and I can't really bother trying anything else🤣
  17. @Gwendar I dig the Arcanum list, spesh because it mixes in mostly Mortals! Be'lakor with his ability is too good to pass up these days. So crippling. I don't think I would change anything of the list but def (as someone mentioned above) try taking one of the Slaves to Darkness spells if you can fit them in with the remaining points. Or just aim for the Triumph, as it's always decent to take those re-rolling wounds one I reckon. I still prefer Enlightened on Disc but since we have been posting, you've made me keen to try out Skyfires again so im going to play a game with them in the coming days to give them another go and see how they fair! So i'll let you know. Sorry its been ages since I said I would post this, but here is a couples of lists that I've put together recently that I think would be a fair bit of fun: LIST 1 LIST 2 So with list 1, basically you get a bit of the best of both worlds. The Chosen buffed in a Tzeentch list are mental. It chops through anything however they can be quite slow. But this doesn't really matter because mostly you'll be running them turn 1 anyway to get where they need to be. Coupled with the flamers, you can create some zones of fear I found. Majority of the list is self explanatory I think, but if anyone wants me to go into the thinking behind it let me know. Also the high spells means highly likely to get a unit of Pinks on the board Turn 2 (provided all goes to plan )! Second list is something im still tweaking (haven't actually built nor played with so is all paper theory atm) but would love to give a go! I really want to make use of the flamers and the warpflame host with the idea of them being a bit more scary to be charged or to end up within that 9inches of to suffer more wounds. The Chariots im on the fence on, but, their warscroll is what gets me because the adding +1 to hits applies to ALL the attacks of the unit, so those flaming maws and blue horrors and lamprey bites get the +1 as well. Which is always nice in melee, and with their high movement they make it easier to do the MWs on and it's on a 2+ which is nice. thats really all these guys are there for and to provide the extra "exalted flamer" buff incase the other one dies. Plus you dont see them a lot which is cool and I really enjoy playing and building unique lists. The thing I think this list will suffer from is board control/anything that is going to come from board edges etc. high movement is great to counter that but it is still a squishy list so could go either way! I'm trying to tweak a Cult of Thousand eye's list as well, which I really love the idea of. Those D3 enemy units re-roll hits is really invaluable! @Warmill your army looks great so far! please keep the photos coming! Loving those Kairics and Pinks! @SleeperAgent the Tzeentch Start collecting box is up there with some of the best value you'll ever get from a SC and youre on the money about what you can build! I'd highly recommend Kitbashing a Fluxmaster out of one if you dont like the Resin/finecast model. It's super handy and I have come to use it in a lot of lists and he has become a critical model I find. I agree with Frowny in that you'd chuck a LOC in there and you have yourself a solid start for lists if you go down the Daemon heavy route. Anyways, Happy Monday all!
  18. Hello, do you think it's a good move to take the warscroll battalion for a bloodgullet list? I mean actually the shooting meta + the 1-2 drops list makes us no choice in the first turn order. So I was thinking to don't go for warscroll battalion. Ok, we will lose 1 Cp + 1 artefact + 1 (poor) warscroll effect, with 160 pts we can take more units. Do you think this idea is bad?
  19. The rulling on Thanquol is really clear. You roll x number of dice per model for x number of warpfire thrower. This FAQ is only there to confirm that you only do that ONE time. You don't roll x dice for x warpfire thrower for x number of time. Yes, some people was thinking that because you have 4 warpfire thrower you can repeat the attack 4 times, which is madness.
  20. I would love to see it’s range extended each turn by 6” like the Beastmen.
  21. Some things that have occurred to me (some of this has already been mentioned): Adjust how combat ranges work. 25 mm bases with spears shouldn't be fighting in three ranks (or two ranks with swords). This punishes low model count armies like stormcast, who are already at a disadvantage. The "simple" answer would be to adjust weapon ranges based on base size and start dipping into fractions (half inch range, 3/4 inch range, 1.5 inch range), but that might be difficult to implement in practice. They might also adjust it so all weapons have a half inch range by default but certain weapons have "reach" where they can attack through models in base to base. Not sure. Make magic less of a zero sum game. Right now the armies who are best at casting also tend to be the armies who are best at blocking enemy magic. This makes bringing in a support wizard in a non magic focused list difficult. Adjust how monsters work. This could be straight up warscroll changes (combat focuse monsters get higher wounds/damage) or rules bonuses (eg, monsters get +1 save, +1 damage, +1 to wound, and/or -1 to be wounded against non-hero/monsters). Battleshock. IDK how, just change it.
  22. I just had the horrible realisation... that’s what my girlfriend does if she sees a small critter running by🤭😂
  23. Currently having some issues with the recent FAQ regarding Thanquol. Having 4 flamer provide 4 dice per ennemy model within 8" or just one? The FAQ does read : Q: If Thanquol on Boneripper has more than 1 Warpfire Projector, can he make 1 attack with each one? For example, if he had 4, would he be able to make 4 Warpfire Projectors attacks and roll 4 dice for each model in the target unit each time? A: No. What's your input on this?
  24. Really the Loonshrine should have it's rules updated to allow GSG to regen a fully destroyed Battleline unit at half strength rather than just Stabbas and Shootas. Just my opinion, of course.
  25. Well, that would be a 5+ in Zaitrec, 4+ if you use Aetherquartz and 3+ (or possibly 2+) if the Hyshian Twinstones are around - so not so hard possibly.
  26. Points changes- Tomb King on Royal Warsphinx - down to 380 Tomb King on Exalted Chariot- down to 400 Skeleton Legionaries- 10/40 100/360 Rules Changes King on Exalted Chariot- Crown of Desert Kings- roll a d6 on a 2+ another EMBALMED HERO within 18 may use its command ability with paying CP, on a roll of a 6 two EMBALMED HEROES may use their command ability for free this includes the king on Exalted Chariot. Tomb Herald - Standard of the undying Legions- The bearer may decide to plant the icon, if he does so he may not move this turn. Immediately all friendly Icon bearers in DESERT LEGION within 24" may activate their icon bearer abilities even if they have already done so this hero phase. If the unit does not have an Icon bearer you may choose one model to return to the unit. Liche Priest Gains PRIEST keyword Hierophants Scroll - once per hero phase may attempt to dispel one spell or endless spell. Gains Prayers pick one per hero phase roll a dice on a 3+ it goes off Righteous Smiting - only change is its now a prayer Consume souls- Pick a DESERT LEGION UNIT within 18" for every enemy model killed by it in the next combat phase roll a dice. on a 5+ return a wound to that unit. If it is comprised on 1 wound models gain a model back. This cannot take you over your starting number of models in that unit. It cannot take you past the max wounds on your warscroll. Pharaoh's Protection- Pick a friendly DESERT LEGION unit within 18" they gain a 5+ to ignore mortal wounds. Scarab Prince wounds changed to 10 Tide of scuttling scarabs change attack characteristic to D3 attack for every enemy model within 2" Cursed Dagger- any to hit roll of 6+ does 1 mortal wound and the attack sequence ends. Command ability- all scarab swarms completely within 18 gain D3 models to the max unit size they started with. Casket Of Souls Unleash souls - same, with the addition of if any wounds result in a model being removed gain 1 soul token. However you must choose one of the 2 abilities Unleash souls and Consume Souls Consume Souls- choose one enemy unit within 24, roll a dice for every model in the unit. For each roll of a 6 the enemy unit suffers a mortal wound. In addition it is cursed. A cursed unit half's it movement, run and charge rolls until the tomb king players next hero phase. If any models were destroyed by this ability gain 1 soul token. Soul Tokens- The casket of souls may have any number of soul tokens on it. They may be used in one of 2 ways. Soul Shield- in the hero phase remove one token, ignore 1 point of damage received from any source to any friendly TOMB KINGS unit within 12". Mortal or otherwise Bind Soul- in the hero remove one token, one friendly unit unit within 24 may activate its icon bearer. If that units icon bearer has been destroyed you may replace that model back to the unit.(it does not matter in the unit has already activated it banner this hero phase already) More to Come....
  27. His 'signature attack' is to jump up and down. Thats so dumb and I love it.
  28. I think they have those listed on the Community page. Not sure, but check.
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