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  2. The skaven didn’t really get buffed either too much, most of our units stayed the same way, and those in dire need of a points change have either not gotten one, or were reduced by 10 points. As for battailons, the skaven still seem to have the most expensive ones In the game, that don’t do anything but give you a cp and artefact slots. and for some reason they haven’t changed much or at all. I think at that point that this year there won’t be too many buffs to many Armies. In the end it’s just a step forward. who knows maybe their points pointing will be more accurate next winter. till then let’s just enjoy the next ghb. It seems to have a ton of cool narrative options, and matched play also seems to have huge ton of new stuff that We all might enjoy. Oh, and since we’re here in the rumor thread, have there been any mention or rumors about new skaven models coming out?
  3. CoS and all the armies that were released after won't receive any point update in the booklet. If you see any poinst changes of Bonereapers or Orruks, for example, they are fake.
  4. I missed this one, love the idea! Would it still be possible to join? it is a very inspirational and lively thread, How do you guys manage to finish so much in just a month of time, with such great results.!
  5. What about Legion of Grief? With Harbingers taking the role as the hardhitters? Also, I know this come off as quite noob, but Im not sure what exactly MSUs means? Anyway thanks for the pointers. Doing the filth list might work also. But why didn’t you mention Dreadscythe Harridans in that? They have a natural -1 if you can lower the Bravery.
  6. It must go on the Cathalar. Note this isn’t because she is the general, but because Eltharion is a named character, and therefore cannot have artefacts.
  7. 20 Judicators is only 560 points now. I wonder if a 2x20 Jud Anvils list has some potential
  8. New to AoS and trying to understand artifacts. In the following: GN: Ilithia 1x Eltharion 1x Cathalar (General) 2x Wardens 2x Sentinels 1x Auralan Legion Can Eltharion get the Simulacra Amulet or must it go to the Cathalar?
  9. Totally, its funny how they pushed our shooting with the decreases. I kinda get the feeling this was on purpose , a strongish shooting army is needed to balance things out in tourney scene.
  10. Today
  11. I'm not familiar with the AoS Statshammer app but the math is off at least somewhat. Diamondpick Hammers are generally the better option for stoneguard, and it's actually better to not give the champion Stratum Hammers. I also think you probably want to skip the standard bearer, although that could be argued either way. Regardless, the math that I was referring to completely controls for the unit cost as it's a measure of damage per point. I don't deny that wardens are more efficient on offense, but that it's not that big of a difference. Defensively I showed the math in my post. You don't get hosed by things that fight at the start of the combat phase because Mountain Stance is triggered in your own hero phase or before the battle starts. I also don't see taking the battalion or Avalenor as a real cost here as you need to keep your drops low (and thus want the battalion), and you want Avalenor anyway as he's probably the most clearly good hero option LRL has. Some battleplans really favor having a tough hero and, well, Avalenor is the only option. He's also quite good in his own right. I don't think you need to be in Ymetrica to make stoneguard far far better than wardens on defense, although it does certainly help. Also, keep in mind that with the battalion you just have to be WW 12 of any hero. So if you take Avalenor and the stonemage you have two options for your 12" bubble which makes it much easier to pull off. You're absolutely right about model count for objectives though, although Stoneguard being able to push the opponent off objectives is also relevant here.
  12. Since there are no nerfs to OBR (in fact they were buffed) I can only assume they will be changing the Petrifex save bonus. I am going to guess it will be "reroll save rolls of 1" instead of "+1 to save rolls".
  13. It's very important to note that there will also be a faq. Points are only half the picture.
  14. Does anyone have a size comparison between the new Tyrant and the Bestigor from the Spire Tyrants?
  15. Thank you Manny for helping end the time of WHFBfor the superior game of AOS we appreciate you and your bald head :).
  16. So bonereapers got 0 nerfs,idoneths gets maaaany bufs,tzenth got some nerfs, orcs got bufs and those are the top armys but a second tier army as citys got many huge nerfs as chariots or battlemague( only 10 less points that stormcast mage that does 400% more damage and have save 3 vs save 6 of battlemage) Also hammerers and irondrakes didnt get any buff when every other same unit of other armys got it as idoneths tralls that allready did 50\100% more damage than hammerers and now cost 20 less. Also what happens with copters???they have been bad since aos launch and never gonna be competitive?why they don get bufs
  17. Anyone able to explain what the destiny points system and hero customization is going to mean for matched play? Is it mostly an irrelevant narrative thing, or is it going to be a big rules change?
  18. If you use Anvils you have enough CP to make all 3 units of Longstrikes shoot twice in the first turn. Thats potentially 36 shots in a single round, which would take a normal 1x9 anvils list two rounds. Very interesting.
  19. While a lot of people here mention Irondrakes, you should not forget about Sisters of the Watch. While Irondrakes are more tanky and have a much better potential for buffing, Sisters are faster, have a bit better range, better damage(if compared unbuffed) and overwatch. This does not really make them better, both units are very good, just in different ways. Irondrakes are more about combining multiple buffs on them, while with Sisters you usually just slap +1 to hit and that's it. So they are kinda easier to use and give a better return when you have no buff investment.
  20. So i was doing some really heavy point/efficiency mathhammer chart showing survival factor per point and damage output per point for all the slaanesh units, even when the chart will take some more time to finish, i just realized something that may be obvious for most people, and that make me feel like a moron for not noticing before, but this thing is too interesting and i got to share it with everyone right now. Exploding 6s into two hits got the exact same mathematical value as having +1 to hit. Exploding 6s into three hits got the exact same mathematical value as having +2 to hit. Talking about averages: For every 6 dices you roll at 4+ to hit you get 3 hits and 3 misses. For every 6 dices you roll at 3+ to hit you get 4 hits and 2 misses. For every 6 dices you roll at 4+ to hit with exploding sixes into two hits you get 4 hits and 3 misses. For every 6 dices you roll at 2+ to hit you get 5 hits and 1 miss. For every 6 dices you roll at 4+ to hit with exploding sixes into three hits you get 5 hits and 3 misses. Yes, dices does not always score as their averages, and exploding 6s may feel more swingy specially when rolling few dices with MSU and heroes, but got the same mathematicall value while using big samples, so in fact our allegiance ability gives +1 to hit to everything we enlist, wich feels mindblowing to me.
  21. Any changes to general matched play?
  22. Total speculation: it might be a rebranding of the Aleguzzler. If what we see in the GHB is what we have, and there are no unlisted warscrolls or battalions, I think it's safe to say Sons will be pretty straightforward to build: at 1k run 1x3 Gargants and your choice of Mega gargant, at 2k run 1x3, 2x3, or 3x3 Gargants with 3, 2, or 1 Mega, respectively. My hope is that either the standard 3-man unit of gargants follow 40k vehicle squadron rules (deploy together as 1 unit, act separately), or there's some way to fill points. I think it'll be a bit rough at 1k with 2 units totalling to 4 models (1x3+mega), or 3 units/models (2 individuals+mega) down 150 points. At 2k it'll look a bit better, but what looks to be the template really lends itself to a 4-unit list. Obviously we don't have any real info on how the book gets around this, just spitballing with what we know now.
  23. Many of us have dreamed of this day... Vanguard Auxiliary Chamber (130) - Lord Aquilor (170) - Knight Azyros (100) - Knight Venator (110) - Knight Venator (110) Vanguard Angelos Conclave (150) - Vanguard Hunters (100) - Vanguard Hunters (100) - Vanguard Hunters (100) - Vanguard Palladors (170) Vanguard Justicar Conclave (120) - Vanguard Longstrikes (170) - Vanguard Longstrikes (170) - Vanguard Longstrikes (170) - Aetherwings (40) - Aetherwings (40) - Aetherwings (40) 1990/2000 | 1 drop | 3CP | Anvils
  24. Wait a tick what's the mancruncher?
  25. Don’t have my books on me, but I’m pretty sure that in the GHB at the bottom of the points section it states that the * indicates a change from the previous publication date (in this case December 2019) rather than the battletomes points list
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