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  2. From what I've seen it would work with some of the cards. You'd have to pull some of the deployment cards if you wanted a safe area out of which you risk your fighters by moving them forward. I'll live with my guys dying on turn 1, I just need to remind myself about it during deployment and make sure my key models are protected a bit by the grunts blocking lines of approach.
  3. Is there any scope to house rule the deployment options so that warbands start out further away with more of a tactical first turn before everyone's bogged down in melee? Or would that ruin the card based battleplan setup?
  4. The problem you have with Executioners is: 1: They will not get the buffs from Prayers or Witch Brew 2: They will not get the buffs from Cauldron (shield and leadership) and or the ward save. 3: Exe's have a 1 inch reach and no rend Now you dont need 20 snakes, thats just something I am loving to use So, basically you are paying 380pts for a unit thats isnt very good compared to anything else the book can offer (minus maybe bow snakes)
  5. That’s a good one to ask about... It almost sounds like this is one that should probably have fallen under being unable to cast. Might need to send an ask to GWs FAQ team. For the time being I would probably run it as the damage table shows and wound suffered by the changeling determines the strength of the spell.
  6. Yeah, most likely they allow for STORMCAST, SYLVANETH und KHARADRON units in Free City armies but won't reprint their war scrolls in the book.
  7. To be honest, I'm wishfully hoping that we're going to see some of the hysh elves that were merged with the native spirits of the Hysh. In part I feel it continues what we've seen with Sylvaneth, Daughters of Khaine and possibly wanderers. The other part because it's something that allows me to port "knights radiant" into my own background.
  8. I've always wanted to run a unit of Flagellants, but allies and the fact Greatswords outperformed them stopped me painting another 40 models. Considering how easy it is for us to field 100+ infantry painting more is a bit of an ask.
  9. I’ll be tracking this thread to see all the different spelling of ‘Waaagh’ over the next few weeks.
  10. sorry for the third post, I just caught up and the Hysh aelves get me so excited 😅 But, those rumor engines coupled with the teaser for Underworlds: Beastgrave is pointing towards a Ghur-themed Wanderers faction. I've mentioned it in another thread, but I see this as part of the old faction splits--whereas Sylvaneth are the (Wood) Elves who merged with aspects/spirits of Athel Loren (LIFE), the Wanderers would be the Wood/High Elves who merged with the primal aspects (BEASTS). Aelf-centaur immediately reminds me of the Wild Hunt and Kurnous. The lion model could mean we will see some High and Dark Elves included in the Wanderers, since all 3 have rangers (shades, shadow warriors, waywatchers) and all 3 have beast-taming aspects. This ALSO lines up with the Ulgu and Hysh aelves still to be released: Ulgu is the Dark Elf split from Daughters, and Hysh is the High Elf split from Idoneth. I am not sure if those current aelf factions are tied to a realm specifically...but the parallels/mirror are definitely there. This can eventually lead to a shared tome too, like what happened with orruks.
  11. No, that would be a dishonest review. The bias is that the reasons he state for not liking the game are even more true of games he does like. I'm saying he's acting honestly but inconsistently. He literally tried to rate the game a 1 on set up because you have to build and paint miniatures before you can play. Think about that. I could see that rating from someone who was just into board games and prepainted miniature games like X-Wing, but the channel is about miniature games and the guy plays and paints all sorts of games with a larger table and more miniatures than Warcry. The review was honest and informative, but it was inconsistent even with their own reviewing system where a 1 is literally reserved for things that do not work at all.
  12. Aye, I think a 6+ mortal wound save is needed but other than that wounds and armour rather than the after saves. Unbuffed ironjawz base melee profile should be the strongest and most reliable in the game. That's before buffs etc. that makes DoK go nuts for example. True ironjawz should be high attacks, strong profiles, solid rend (blunt weapons are actually better against armour than bladed) with above average damage. Ardboys attack profiles should be average damage for the strong melee factions or elite infantry for more average armies.
  13. I don't see how it makes it biased, if Owen had liked the game he would have said so in the review. GW sent them a copy of the game for an honest review, if they had not enjoyed it and then said they loved it, it would be a biased review.
  14. Hey everyobe, so I've just got from Warhammer world yeaterday and I want to start a 2000 point project after finishing my FEC! Could you guys help a total novice create a non dreadful list, only stipulations are the following; - Love enlightened disc models - Want to run Archaon (RoC just adore the model) Rest feel free to do whatever! Any help would be appreciated even if it is what to buy first or a list you have made.
  15. I also think that GW is not abandon the Keywords, and that is important. Take legions of Nagash and Nighthaunt for example. The fact that GW is (for now) providing us a way to play with our miniatures, doesnt mean they wont suport those keywords in the future. There is a lot of speculation about Wanderers lately. If they get new models, Wanderers player will have the options of playing CoS or Wanderers alligeance. Same can happen with Dispossessed and the elves.
  16. My own negative review would be as follows: How fast things are into the action -- some people love stuff happening right away, I find I like a turn to maneuver in and generally like choosing to risk a given piece. In Warcry with the small board and the pretty rapid rate at which even slow models can move, combat is a given on turn 1. I'm sure I'll get used to this, but my preference is for games with a set up and risk turn. Alternating Activation and unequal model counts -- one of the strengths of alternating activations is that you don't have to wait a long time between turns. If you end up playing 12 models vs 8, you can have a period where 4 models are moved at once while the other player waits. I get that there are no good solutions to this, but I still don't like it. Battletech has this thing where it forces people to move multiple but that has damage applied in a separate phase and simultaneously. If you did something like that in Warcry you'd be giving the person with more models a huge advantage. Going last really is worse in Warcry given that damage happens in the single phase and not later, so I guess being able to move a block of guys at the end of the turn won't be that big of an advantage, so I don't think it'll be game breaking, but it might make for some unpleasant surprises with the right combination of models and abilities. You can move-counter move for everything else, but suddenly a block of guys coordinates with no reaction possible. Campaign not to everyone's expectations -- there's no winning here as people have selective memories when it comes to 90s GW campaign rules. They remember the times when blood bowl leagues finished out their seasons or when necromunda leagues played out alright and then don't really remember the fizzles and massive power imbalances late in the leagues. So I like that GW made the campaigns so that those issues won't crop up, but I think there's probably a way to make things a bit more like the older campaigns. Perhaps a later supplement with more narrative focused campaigns with set rounds will come up. I'm not really interested in doing 90s style campaigns again, but people seem to really like the idea of them and get excited for them. Massive damage swings - it's actually pretty easy to really put out the damage when you roll 4 or 5 dice needing 3+ to hit. Especially with models where the crit damage is more than double the normal. There will be times when a very rugged fighter just gets removed by a lucky roll. It'll be fine as it'll happen to both sides and the games are short, but there will definitely be moments when your guys die out of nowhere. Having guys be unkillable in a timely fashion would also be bad, but this game will definitely surprise people and sometimes that surprise is going to be really negative. Things arrive from every direction - some deployments and scenarios will have the enemy just show up behind your initial deployment. If people don't think ahead about this they'll be caught out and have a negative experience. It can also make the game seem pretty all over the place. Definitely something to watch out for. Warbands sort of incomplete - I plan on magnetizing any guys that can be built more than one way, but it also feels like you'll want some duplicates. But not all duplicates. So getting a second warband is going to produce some dead models like duplicate leaders. I have a Stormcast and Legions of Nagash army so I plan on leaning heavily on that rather than buying multiples of the new warbands. I might also convert my 2nd of given fighters for the chaos warbands I do end up playing Stormcast - Easy to build Castigators and Sequitors would have been great. They even come with a gryph hound. Concentrating on the vanguard chamber to start definitely minimizes how easily new players can jump in compared to if they had used the easy to build intro models as a basis. I have loads of positives to say about the game, but I figured I'd post a negative take given how I bashed Owen at GMG for having a bias.
  17. ..because Owen was developing a game called Battleshout, but GW got there first 😉
  18. I am so down for spirit soldiers/constructs fighting alongside angelic, geometric aelves... Please GW take my MONEY
  19. I’ve been dropping my battalion on my mortal lists. I’ve run this at our local weekly AoS nights. We have 12-16 players every evening. I’ve played pretty much all the top lists in one form or another with victories at this point. I just don’t find the need for command points outside of re rolling charges. The extra artefact always goes to a hero that’s getting shot off the table anyways. So what’s the point. I’d rather just buy the single command point if I need one more. Tyrants of blood is essentially the only battalion I’m running. But I think I like the versatility of this mortal list I’ll share. Makes the objective game in our favour and spreads our damage dealers out forcing the opponent to make hard decisions. Try it out. Let me know what you think. If you want the command point. Drop the one 5 man BW unit for reavers. And the axe for the icon for the 50 points. But I find turn one. I don’t really “need” to spend the first point. So it gets banked. And on turn two. I’m just needing the 1 or 2 running goretide to auto run and charge a 10 man BW unit. Or re rolling a failed charge. Or battleshock immunity. But once in combat they seem to bank back up and I generally end games with spare. So I don’t see the necessity in an extra artefact or command point or even going out first. I generally like taking turn one. To drop those skulls where I want them. To ****** up the wizards. We have an upcoming tournament I’m trying to decide on this list or my tyrants list. Cheers
  20. However they did show a flagellant with the other Free City models so the Devoted are likely in the book.
  21. Let it never be said that AoS lacks lore now 😂. I love all these speculations.
  22. I am not totally convinced if the 20 Blood Sisters are the best way to go. Personally I am working on something like this list: Slaughter Queen on Cauldron of Blood (330)Hag Queen (90)Bloodwrack Medusa (140)Hag Queen (90) 30 x Witch Aelves (300)10 x Sisters of Slaughter (120)10 x Sisters of Slaughter (120)5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90)5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (90)5 x Blood Sisters (140)20 x Executioners (320) Slaughter Troupe (130)Balewind Vortex (40)Total: 2000 / 2000 The Mortal wounds output comes from a 20 man unit Executioners plus 5 Blood Sisters, instead of 20 Blood Sisters. Plus a Balewind Vortex helps the Medusa out against close combat assassination and double range on her spells (Mindrazor). The 30 Witch elves are now the primary target for buffs. What do you think?
  23. I assume you meant switch out the swordmasters for greatswords since those are basically one for one - great weapon, heavy armour and 2 attacks a piece.
  24. Greetings to all fellow hobbiysts from our on-growing community here in Milan, Italy. Our name is Ludic Incoming Milano and our mission is to bring together people and gamers to play what the love the most and discover new games! In particular our Age of Sigmar community has grown a lot in the past months. We are currently holding Wednesday - Gaming nights featuring atleast 5 tables for Age of Sigmar. We are happy to be here and share our passion for the hobby with people all over the world!
  25. anything faery-esque will probably be given to the Sylvaneth, as the new Wanderers are most likely going to focus on the primal aspect of aelves and the beasts that they share Ghur(?) with
  26. My own theory is that Sigmar has been sending Stormcast into the Underworld, not only to gather Shadeglass to help perfect the Stormcast remaking process, but also to rescue Katophrane souls from Nagash's imprisonment, and has been turning them into a new Chamber (Ruination?) ready to be his instrument to topple Nagash as the supreme God of Death and replace him with another death god that has so far eluded Nagash's grasp. Phew, just realised that was all one sentence. You may now breathe.
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