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  3. I really hope we get the silhouette next to the Aleguzzler to show its size. All praise to our God-Beast Behemat.
  4. Redid some stuff, still WIP, going to try and finish tomorrow, need to highlight the tails, wash the lower scales, do the skin, etc. Only thing I'll leave undone tomorrow is the cloak.
  5. Tmaffers

    War Mammoth!

    3D printed this and just finished painting today. Design is free on thingiverse. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4141336
  6. I just checked and I think mine must have been Kickstarter only. I got some nice ones from Oathsworn Miniatures several years ago, but looking on the webstore there they aren't on it any more. I've got enough from there to do a mixed male/female unit of 20, which is part of my upcoming metal horde.
  7. It`s about what you can pack inside battalion (all heroes) thus lowering drops
  8. If they are fighting Tyrion they will never be on equal ground. 😁
  9. To follow my previous post here... Well - let me give you their name to begin !
  10. I also thought it’s a High Warden from Iliatha, the matriarchal nation they mention above the picture. The High Warden model has the shield strapped to the back and a lantern in her hand. We also have seen one option with a lantern and wand. Maybe there is sword/shield option too.
  11. To follow my previous post here... Well - let me give you their name to begin ! (more to come pretty soon !)
  12. Why is the Butcher holding the Splatter cleaver and the general? I would expect that you want the SM to be closer to your line (due to Spinemarrow and the Butcher hanging back on the Vortex. So by that logic isn’t the SM the better general / SC wielder as he is more likely to be up close to the action?
  13. Yes and yes, hold up brainstorm time. So I am thinking of slicing off the top half of the dwarf, leave the legs, put on a longbeard with great weapon (what proper duardin uses a pole arm? After all, those are for Aelves) and then using that as some basic cavalry of Awesomeness, then I want to take the stonehorn, see if i can find a properly sized bear head, and put on that with a cannon/dwarven war party, run it similar to a stegosaurus with a bunch of skinks, except bear and dwarves.
  14. 3 Swords are also not bad at defending an objective.
  15. Oh hell yea, his models were continued on by grenadier and now sold by miriliton - check out some of the coolness http://www.mirliton.it/fantasy-25-28mm/dwarfs page 2
  16. @AaronWilson -- A nice writeup for sure, although there a couple of errors. You can't use the Skink Priest ability on Kroak, and razordons actually have 18 wounds for 240 points as the razordons themselves get 3 wounds each. Personally I'm not a big fan of the Bastiladon in general, and particularly not in a non Thunder Lizard list. It's going to be solid in some matchups for sure, but it's actually really inefficient on offense and really inefficient against mortal wounds. I think these points would be better spent on either more Skinks or more Hunting Packs. Hunting Packs are lovely on offense, and Skinks can be fine on offense when buffed and are just excellent chaff. I'd rather have my opponent waste their time killing chaff Skinks than not killing a Bastiladon. Razordons can actually shoot in your own charge phase, too. Just wanted to make sure you are aware of that. It's not ideal though if you don't have a starseer to give them 3d6 charge. Here are some damage efficiency numbers comparing razordons and salamanders, assuming the starpriest and priest buffs are active along with some source of rr1's to hit. Razordons (2d6): 3.4 mw and 10.21 r0 wounds (.073 WDR) Razordons (3d6): 5.1 mw and 15.32 r0 wounds (.11 WDR) Salamanders: 6.22 mw and 12.44 r2 wounds (.142 WDR) Salamanders are really just better, even if you manage to charge with the razordons. The main advantage for razordons is that they get an extra 6" of range, but that matters less if you are trying to charge with them, and matters even less in Dracothion's Tail as you can drop them in at close range anyway. Razordons are also getting a lot of mileage out of the Skink Starpriest buff, and if you take that away they lose a lot of their shine. Since that is a hero phase buff, it means that you really can't drop the razordons in without losing the buff at least for the first round of shooting. Salamanders on the other hand are only getting like 1.5 mortal wounds from the buff, so you can much more easily afford to drop them in without losing a ton of damage potential. That also means you can save the buff for something like a big Skink block that will really benefit from it. I think you might also want to consider two other things: a regular Slaan Starmaster and a unit of Saurus Guard. Kroak is tough, but a lot of lists can outdrop you and potentially take Kroak off the table on turn 1. If the enemy does that you basically automatically lose as you lose everything that is in reserve and you also lose out on your most important offensive piece. A second Slaan allows you to get more summoning points, take advantage of the excellent Dracothion's Tail command trait, gain even more casting power, and Celestial Equilibrium makes it even more likely that Kroak will get all his spells off (and your skinks too!). Occasionally you can switch your spell to something situationally useful, too. With the Godbeast Pendant (or Gryph-feather Charm if you take a battalion) it'll be much harder for the opponent to de-Slaan you on turn 1. Temple Guard make this even more unlikely. I'm not sure what the right number is, maybe just 5. You can summon more pretty easily during the battle, but I think having 5 to start provides a good bit of protection since you will rarely get the turn choice. I'll post a couple of lists that I have been working on later.
  17. I am sorry, I but are you telling me that there was a bunch of dwarfs on a bear with a massive cannon, and cavalry on bears? Conversion project has been found.
  18. Bears. you beardlings wont remember but in the early days of Citadel miniatures there was a sculptor called nick lund who had a range of miniatures called chronicle. there was dwarf bear Cavalry and an awesome cannon!
  19. Ungors have a good variation in use. 40 with spears is pretty good. 40 with Mauls if you spread them out can also all attack on a frontage. Raiders are good also (particularly as they have that pregame move to screen off alpha charges hoping over your screen and attacking twice) Generally I would say starting with 10-man units for Mauls is a good choice to begin with. I have 40, 40, 40 (spears, mauls, raiders) but I've been collecting them since 2003.
  20. It’ll be a nice tall silhouette I’m so looking forward to this being revealed.
  21. Indeed... told you that you cant trust elves... they got a dirty great chaos star mountain range in the Middle of the realm and teclis is shacked up right in the middle of it wearing his big hat... on the subject of which its obvious they all just want to be chaos dwarfs and legion at that.. big hats, bull heads, animated bull headed avatars, a realm with an eight pointed star for a mountain range..cmon, who are they kidding!
  22. Just some random musings: I do feel the same problem of not being exactly sure about wether I´m a competetive player or a narrative player. In fact I smashed multiple gaming groups by beeing that guy. I´m not a bad sportsman, I´m just a player who is seeking for cool combos. Then I started to think about what I want from GW games. Back in 4th ed. 40k when I started playing 40k we had a pretty nice group of gamers with really cool games. But no one ever thought about spamming the good stuff or tried hard to win games at all costs. We all just bought, painted and played the models we liked. We all had diverse armies, some vehicles, some infantry, some cool HQ, some special units. No list tailoring dependant on the opponents force. It was real fun! After thinking about this golden time last year I started to restrict myself when it comes down to list building: 1.) No army list entry is used more than twice! 2.) Choose the cool stuff first. Then build the rest around this stuff trying to achieve the level of competetiveness you need in that certain game. 3.) If it is the first game against an unknown opponent, don´t use your most competetive stuff. Rather loose and develop from there than being that guy. 4.) If your army is way superior, beat your opponent as fast as possible. Don´t stretch a game that isn´t a game. Rather start a new one. It makes no sense to be friendly or kind in the wrong way. Your opponent will notice if you don´t give your best. If that happens he will feel like a mouse in front of a cat. Now my games are more balanced and bring more fun to both players. I more heavily enjoy all aspects of this hobby now and my collection doesn´t fall apart with rules changes, because I avoid concentrating on that 2 or 3 must haves. What now is bad might become better and vice versa. It doesn´t really matter, because I build my collection with No Spam Whatsoever in mind, meaning there is no suddenly wasted 60 models anymore. Do note that playing with a somewhat underwhelming force is also kind of a competetive game, because now you have to try to give your best, you have to battle uphill! That way competetiveness and rather casual don´t have to be two sides of the same coin.
  23. What about conversions? Conversions can help with fluff while also helping with building a strong army if its something your interested in. My current army is skaven and I'm loving it there's a loose eshin/skryre theme without playing eshin only, I could quite easily add a stronger unit like stormvermin (not the best unit but works for an example) by converting them a bit into "eshin triads" which in fluff are their version of elite but there's no model for them, PLaguemonks painted in black robes and maybe slight changes wouldn't look out of place at all, grey seer? Eshin sorcerer. I'm no expert on most aos armies but surely there's room in alot to do fluffy conversions to blend in units that wouldn't fit in with lore etc
  24. He's Bugman, he can be a runelord if he's drunk enough! On an unrelated note while we wait for a Valaya themed army, does anyone know of a good source of female dwarven warriors, shield maidens etc? I figure some one must make them. I've seen plenty of individual hero figures for D&D, such as the wizkids and reaper models, but does anyone know of good infantry or gun line type kits?
  25. Indeed, choice of City or Starborne/Coaleced, etc is not the same as a subfaction. Certainly not what I was referring to with my original comment.
  26. Getting an extra CP or extra artifact for going without a sub-faction would be interesting.
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