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  2. Go idoneth, then one factionmakes your allies use the tides of death table, run and charge etc.. plus for 1 cp u can make him run auto.. Ive ran him on a 1000 pts in a doubles GT, and it massacred just about everything πŸ₯°
  3. yeah, katakros's body is a construct that reflects his personality, the art bit is probably his essence free of a body or form
  4. It really shows off their MUS-CULAAA-RITY.
  5. Yeah it has 10 sequitors. 4 Grandmaces. 4 female bodies, 6 male. Only way you can get the Prime with the Redemption Cache modeled on her.
  6. I don't know if this is the right place to post this. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NZ/Stormcast-Eternals-Sequitors-2018 Can anyone tell me the exact content of this box?
  7. So, of all the CoS options, Freeguild performs best (after devoted, but devoted is now disintegrated). Since Devoted is in the list, that's pre-CoS Freeguild with great companies. Getting 47% is actually nice. I don't think they received a boost in CoS, with loss of great companies, indomitable trait and new musicians. EDIT, also PT at 50/50
  8. Lol, he's going to be playing a dorf gunline. Might need to see if he can go as Dorf Santa and I'll go as Orruk Grinch Will need to see if my club will lend me a bunch of Ardboys tho hahahaha
  9. The counts-as 2/10 models is suuuuper nice for a faction that also (supposedly) comes stock with easy access to gnoblars Can make some nasty objective stealing/fortifying moves with that. Very curious to see where they take gnoblars and the big sky cannon respectively. Gorgers being close to my favourite ogor unit will also be on my list for things I hope they did justice :O (to be clear, nice because it's a good combo, not because gnoblars would count as 2, since they don't )
  10. Wrath of Gork could get real fun real fast with such a list
  11. The Ironblaster kit can also be built as a Gnoblar Scraplauncher so if you grabbed two you could build them as one of each
  12. If it's still legal by chrimbobo I might talk to my teammate about running this filth. Not quite as daft since you only get the 2 CP shots per turn but still pretty bad. 3 from first turn. 1.5 from Trait. 1 from 2 - 4+ 5.5 base. +2 from broach 7.5 Activations of the Ardfist. Round up because of errors carried through to give 4 summons turn 1. So 40 free Ardboys on turn 1 at 1k points. Then an extra 10 everyturn.
  13. I still have some Advanced Heroquest Skaven in my army. Welcome πŸ‘
  14. I mean... even at 2000pts, overcoming his mobility is an issue. Adding Chronomantic Cogs can help a bit, but that's even more investment.
  15. Hi! I know that this would be mostly guesstimates at the moment, but I'd love to hop onto the Mawtribes Bandwagon, as I really love both the Beastclaw Rider and Gutbuster models, and almost bought the BCR starter many times I'm planning on buying the Beastclaw Start collecting, and either one or two of the Mawtribe halves of the new starter. Would it be worth buying two of the starter set halves? From what I'm seeing in the box-splitting groups, it's mostly "get a free Ironblaster" deal, and I'm not sure if it makes sense - I could always convert the second Tyrant into Butcher/Maneater/..., and I'm guessing that usining two artillery pieces is not gonna be that good/wise, but since it would be free money-vise... Thanks for your thoughts!
  16. You can do 3x10 Tzaangors as a base instead of bestigors, they are not a full 1 to 1, but 2 wounds with a 6+++ makes them fun to play, then have some Ungors like 30-40 as filler. use your Disks as the heavy hitters.
  17. They mentioned on the stream today that an Ogor's appearance can change depending on what they usually eat.
  18. I can see Katakros having the Mortis Praetorian (his personal legion) keyword, Arkhan and Nagash will probably be exempt from the whole legions bonuses thing given that they themselves are not Ossiarchs, although they may very well get the Ossiarch keyword.
  19. Today
  20. Thanks. Didn't expect such a quick reply! I'm guessing by the sound of it that I need to have loads of big units of ungor/bestigors etc to take advantage of their board control. That sounds like a lot of hobby work! πŸ˜… Might just throw some of the cool models into my collection and it not focus on tournament lists
  21. @LLVThis is so awesome! Thanks! I think there might be a sort error in the Match Win % column in the Meta% table. Looks like the Slaanesh win rate is showing for Stormcast for example.
  22. Right, now that the peasantry have gone the best way to paint Ogor skin is grey. True aficionados and masters of the game choose grey.
  23. So you thought Slaanesh summoning was bad, huh? Lemmie tell ya about Ardfist.. So yeah real talk, this needs to be made 1 CP pr. unit destroyed, or you can use multiple CPs until you succeed in rolling a 4+. This many bodies in a Big Waaagh army with armywide +1/+1 and FNP save etc. would be nuts. Way too many bodies for people to chew through to get to the objectives.
  24. I run the largest AoS Tournament in the North East US this year is 72 players. We're a cut below the biggest in the US (LVO, Adepticon, and NOVA) We wrote our guidance before Cities of Sigmar and I'm still thinking about how to refresh things for 2020. It's essentially evolved from what our pack has said for years to reflect some changes in AoS (terrain!) Here's what our pack says: Conversions Conversions are encouraged, but should be clear to a new opponent and must be based properly. If in doubt send us some pictures to review. Player brought terrain must be the actual GW model no proxies allowed, minor conversions of a GW piece to customize it are allowed. Forgeworld models should either be the actual GW model or have been previously approved by our team. Non-GW/Proxies Models from Non-GW ranges or Proxies are allowed, but should be clear to a new opponent and must be based properly. If in doubt send us some pictures to review. Forgeworld units and terrain are not allowed to be proxied. You can not use the same proxied model to represent multiple different unit types in the same army. (Example: If you are proxying Sequitors with swords as actually having maces you can’t have some Sequitor units with swords who are armed as swords.)
  25. Don't think nagash will count as part of any af the legions. Imagine nagash as part of the fire legion that blows up when they die πŸ˜‚
  26. @Skumbaagh Start with 2+d3 command points. First turn you get +1 CP You get 5 rolls of a 4+ for a CP each hero phase. So 3.5 + 1 +2.5 CP Average first turn CP is 7. Spending 6 CP should on average net you +2 with the Broach, the extra 3 then gives you a third. Average ability activations on the first turn is 10. Understrength a unit of 5 to 1. Green puke on it, use the Ability to green puke on it again. Use the ability 10 times. Average gain on first turn ~50 ardboys. This 900 points. Theoretical maximum (assuming average Broach rolls) ~150 Ardboys. This is 2700 points... #balance. EDIT: ON TURN 1 this says nothing about the future gains from it. Average over a game is probably about 2k points.
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