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  2. Painting is the difference between playing Warhammer and playing Starcraft. Remove the hobbie side and there is no reason to play this instead of some video game
  3. Envyus

    The Rumour Thread

    I think they already did. A malign portents story features a Skink leading members of his temple ship into action, with details showing they come out of the Spawning pools in the ship like they did in fantasy. And them saying their Slann is inactive so they have to take action without the input of the Slann. In fact from the sound of it, the summoning is just the Slann teleporting them down from their ships.
  4. mastercrafted

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    @Galdenistal I've never used that prayer before, but does the unit have to make a run move ie? D6"? And then just move a few of the models that distance still leaving the bulk of the unit on an objective?
  5. Envyus

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    I imagine Hammerhal will be detailed. I have doubts about Azyr though. I don't think that can be detailed until the main game allows stuff to happen there. As there are currently no rules supporting playing in Azyr.
  6. Ekrund Oath Splitters

    AoS 2 - Gloomspite Gitz Discussion

    Hey Skumbaagh! Lets do a little comparison between a Colossal and a Mangler: Colossal moves 4d6, has a 5+ save, Bravery 10 and 16 wounds all for 300pts. He has 1 ranged attack at 8" 5+ 5+ Rend - D3 damage. Then 8 attacks with a 3" reach hitting on 2s and 3s Rend 2 D3 damage, 6s to hit are D3 MWs instead, Then 10 attacks 1" range 5s and 3s Rend 1 and just 1 damage. He has a native -1 to hit in close combat and on a 6 when he charges deals 1 MW. When he dies on a 2+ summons 5 Cave Squigs so with that in mind he is really about 270pts so we are looking at a 30pt difference between the 2 monsters. The biggest difference between the 2 is that 1.) The Colossal does not have Fly and 2.) It degrades a lot worse than a Mangler (by a huge amount). The Mangler moves 3d6, has a 4+ save, Bravery 10 and 12 wounds for 240pts. He has 7 attacks 3s and 3s with a +1 to hit when he charges Rend 2 D3 damage, then 4 attacks 3s and 3s Rend 1 D6 damage, both of these profiles are 2" reach. Finally we have 4 1" range attacks 4s and 4s no Rend and 1 damage. He has Fly and when he dies explodes on a 4+ for every unit within 6" dealing D3 MWs. So just from those attacks we can calculate the maximum damage each model can do; Colossal at 37 damage dealt (not including the MW from the charge) whilst the Mangler has 49 as its maximum peak damage. Yeah we will never roll that perfect damage sequence but the Mangler already beats it in that field. This is due to the Mangler having more accurate high damage attacks compared to the Colossal (its mainly the feet letting the Colossal down). However it is worth noting that the Colossal has access to D3 MWs per 6 to hit with its 8 Jaw attacks at 3" range, this is quite good at picking off characters behind a screen or just inflicting heavy damage to units that wouldnt be too bothered by its Rend (Ethereal units, Eels, Stormcast). Now comes the juicy part, the most important part in my eyes between the two is the lack of Fly for the Colossal... Maybe this is because the Warscroll was updated inline with the other Squig units (except Cave Squigs) or it was deliberate not to give it him. But this does affect his movement a lot, he can get trapped behind other units, he might not be able to squeeze through some terrain, he might not be able to leap over an enemy unit to reach a support character or monster you want to have a nibble on. I have found Fly on the Mangler to be amazing, your units and your enemies, terrain, charging it affects all those interactions. Finally we come to the defensive part of the comparison. The Colossal is ignoring 16% of hits in combat vs the Mangler who is only ignoring 16% more wounds given to him with his 1 higher save. Now the Mangler can loose this 16% benefit if the Rend is high enough (Rend of 3), so i would give the defensive benefits to the Colossal. With 4 Extra wounds as well the Colossal will survive longer than its counterpart and will also spawn 10 wounds worth of a unit that also has 10 attacks 4s and 3s with a Rend of 1. So with all that in regard i would say that they are both as good as each other, the Colossal is more of a mainline type of Squig, it can last longer in combat, it will hold more things up. The Mangler is a heat seeking missile (or Nuke as people are calling him now), send him towards a unit you want to destroy, if he dies he deals damage, if hes left alive he deals damage but you cant rely on him to last in sustained combat like the Colossal. Now saying that the Colossal still doesnt want to remain in combat as it will degrade but it has the wounds and the -1 to hit to do so. Its kind of a design choice really, do you like the look of the Colossal? or would you want another Mangler. Ive gone for the Colossal as it looks cool and it will draw attention away from my other lesser Squigs hopping around the board. At the end of the day you cant go wrong with either. Hope that helps! 😉☺️
  7. Ritualnet

    Beastly Skin

    Just a quick update as I've not taken any photos. I decided that the harsh shadows was better, after realising that on the table top, the shadow and mid tones blend in too closely, and it's not really that visible. Those that didn't get the agrax wash on top of the bugmans, I painstakingly put it into the recesses, and the rest gave them a wash. I'm now at the stage where I have all of the ungors, with their skin at Cadian Fleshtone level. Now to highlight, and paint in the rest of the details. I've worked two things out so far: Painting in batches like this is a slog. I will start off strong, but after the first or second minature, I start to flag. The legs confuse the living bejebus out of me. Where do the shadows go? I'm starting to just paint the whole thing cadian, barring the most obvious shade points, and hoping to wash it later if it looks too stark. If I am doing more Ungors later, I need to find a way of doing them. I think I'll finish the highlights within a day or so, and then can do the fun stuff (weapons, fur, etc).
  8. Envyus

    Age of Sigmar RPG

    The Idoneth are more neutral I would say, as they do whats needed for their survival and feel bad about it. The DoK are just straight up evil. They worship the God of Murder and their Queen is evil and treacherous as are the Daughters themselves.
  9. I think @Dead Scribe and I represent polar opposites of the narrative-ompetitive spectrum, but I'm with them on pretty much everything they've said on this thread. List building is a great part of this hobby whether youre doing it for competitive advantage or to build a characterful army. Rather than taking competitive list building away from tournament players, there's no reason that the tournament community can't put in place it's own restrictions to alter the challenge rather than removing an aspect of the hobby. We all did this before the first GHB came out and it worked just fine. AOS has hundreds of different components with millions of different possible combinations. Balancing all that, especially when there is a very active community looking hard for ways to unbalance it, is ultimately a thankless task that would involve a lot of work for very little return for GW. The tournament scene is alive and thriving as is, and GW sell plenty of the minis for other ranges to casual and narrative players who like the style and the fluff. People who want to chase the meta can do so but it's not GW's responsibility to shape the hobby around them. You can have balance at the expense of variety. Restricting everyone at a tournament to the same list would give you perfect balance, but it would become very dull. It's also worth noting that one of the biggest factors in balance is what your opponent is bringing. A Gaunt Summoner is way more valuable against a horde army than an elite multi wound army for example. If you dictate points by which three builds are popular on the tournament scene you unbalance the game further for those playing in different settings. It's worth remembering that a) hard-core tournament players make up a small, albeit very active and vocal proportion of the community and b) to change the game for one part of the community affects all the others. A once a year shake up is a fair compromise. tl;dr - If the tournament community wants more balance they're free to impose it on their own events, but it shouldn't dictate the game as a whole.
  10. Melcavuk

    Exploring and Expanding the Ironweld Arsenal

    To add a shade of creepy to the Ironweld, because nothing in the mortal realms is entirely good or wholesome: There are those that say the innovations of the Weld have progressed at a pace that no engineer could possibly sustain, in such a small space of time to have gone from the first blackpowder spitting rifles to the lumbering cogforts that now allow them to secure strategeic positions faster than ever before, it would be sheer arrogance to assume it was merely their intellectual superiority that had driven them forward. The Guild simply dismiss these cries of discontent as the petty ramblings of those who could never dare to dream as the Weld do, that could never see beyond the today and into all the tomorrows yet to come to pass. They claim it is the will of Grimnir, their divine benefactor that has gifted them the opportunities to develop such marvels of the modern realms, with more yet in design there seems to be no stopping the wheels of progress turning in the factories of the Ironweld. And yet the rumours persist, some labourers even claiming that deep within the factories of the Ironweld, as the screech of the boilers of the steam engines begin to die down another scream still lingers a few seconds longer... not the pitched metallic screech of the boiler itself but something distinctly more... alive. And then there are those who say the Witchhunters have become far too wealthy in cities that the Weld hold dominance, that their purges have become far broader for much smaller offenses. Where then do these caged witches and wizards get sent? Why then have the public executions suddenly ceased in the name of civility and preventing spectacle? Such questions are ofcourse whispered in hushed tones, none in the Freecities could afford to have their contracts with the Weld cancelled lest the cannonades be removed from the ramparts. Yet whispered they are... (Are the bigger siege engines powered by caged wizards? The runes of grimnir containing and channelling their power? Were all these wizards deserved of this fate? Reader makes up own mind) Also: It is a grim land... Shyish, barren not only of life in many of its darkest corners but with the excavations of Nagash the Weld did, for a time struggle to find the fuels to stoke its mighty boilers. The Weld marches on the strength of its industry and it began to look at though there would be no progress in Shyish, the very thought of which could have left the many burgeouning cities of men within its borders defenseless against the tides of death. It was then, under the cursed moons of the Malign Portents that the Guild secured a new contract that solved such an issue, with the tides of restless dead flinging themselves against the defenses and with so many within falling to the plague a solution was needed. The Weld were commissioned to burn the bodies, to prevent such restless corpses from ever rising once more, yet how they did so was absent clause in their contract, in the weeks that followed the great furnaces of the Ironweld were stoked once more, the Guild masters smug in their innovations as they had found a resource in abundance in the realm of death..."
  11. Zungam

    Stockholm Slaughter 1

    Vi har ett rulespack! Läs det om ni skall vara med, det står massa bra saker som när man skall skicka in armelistan, hur man vinner turneringen och vilka battleplans vi ska spela. Frågor finns säkert, maila oss gärna på krigsluntan@gmail.com så svarar vi. Rules pack is here
  12. Overread

    What should GW do to balance AoS?

    @Gaz Taylor I would go further and say that there is a huge weak point in wargaming in general with regard to actually playing the game and passing on skills in that area. Assembling, converting, basing, painting and even army composition you can get masses of easy information on and some of it very high quality. There's loads out there in the internet to help a gamer get as far as arriving at the store with their models in a bag. However from that point on there's a sudden drop off - terrain setup, deployment, battle plans, target prioritizing, movement tricks, tactics - etc... It's all missing. Some go as far as to say that any GW game has none of these elements and that its purely a list building game; others see that there are strategies but have no idea what they are; whilst those in the know I think have no formal structure to their thinking so its very hard for them to pass on what they know to others. I think this in itself can produce a lot of gamers who have a very low level of self confidence in actually playing the game. This leads to a lot more cries of "overpowered" and "broken". Of course the game being alternate turns also feeds this very directly. A player having a very good turn can seriously decimate an opponent at times; leaving their opponent feeling like they've already lost. Fantasy has often had less of an edge here than 40K - I think rank and file helped a lot in this because you could only do so much in a turn. Loose skirmish movement seems to work a little worse; but that might just be that 40K spent a lot more years with a lot more of an overpowered power curve issue - things are alot better today certainly in that regard.
  13. Galdenistal

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    If by 'Stealing' the objective, you mean remove them in 1 turn, you'd have to focus multiple units to wipe them out. Khorne is pretty much built to wipe out non elite units, but removing 30 Chainrasps (1 wound, 5+ unmodified save, probably immune to battleshock) is going to be hard work in a single turn. With a lot of our infantry on 32mm bases with a 1" range, I can't see us generating enough attacks via combat, you'd have to whittle it down via ranged attacks first. You could also use the Slaughterpriest prayer to force them to move off it, might need 2 casts though to move them fully away from the objective.
  14. xking

    The Rumour Thread

  15. Gaz Taylor

    What should GW do to balance AoS?

    This still seems to be going round and round but I'll throw in something to see what happens... Firstly, I think Age of Sigmar is very well balanced. I have been playing since 4th edition Fantasy and 2nd edition 40K and seen many, many changes in GW and the games they produce. And I think they have hit things pretty much spot on at the moment! They seem to spend a lot more effort into writing the rules and thinking about the army themes and the different styles of play (speak to any of the Design team or watch that Stormcast episode with Sam Pearson). GW also seem to be spending a lot more effort in listening to the community and taking on feedback (and in return, large parts of the community seem to be responding with actual feedback rather than just moaning about something). The issue I see here is one person's view point of balance is very different to another's. For example, I remember playing in a local doubles event years ago and me and a mate took a Dwarf and Lizardman mix (this was Fantasy). We knew we had a very strong force but we both didn't think it was overpowered (this was during the End Times where all the Elves could fight together). Out of all the players at the event, only a few of us had any actual experience playing at what you guys would see as 'proper' tournaments and as such during one of our games we had somebody rage quit. We were facing a very tough Ogre Kingdoms and Lizardman army which would have steamrollered us if we weren't careful. Our opponents had their first turn and positioned everything up as we would expect and then we took our turn and as the Lizardman general, I used my Skinks to do lots of skinky things (set up to block charges and shoot stuff). After rolling a few dice and killing off a couple of Sabertusks, one of our opponents moaned and complained that the game was over and he could see we were going to win and it wasn't fair. He promptly stomped off and left his partner to carry on with the game. We all wanted to play, so carried on and in the end it was really, really close (we got a win). This ramble is basically me saying, there will never be anything like true balance in a game which has so many moving parts and moving goal posts. Yes it's a product that GW want to sell but in the end, what we have now is really really good. We have three ways of playing the game and GW actively encourage players to play the game how they want to. So I think for me it's a massive thumbs up for GW but also to you guys who have been providing constructive feedback to them. This is something we are all very passionate about but I think that passion can sometimes cloud our vision and make us blinkered to some aspects of the game and hobby. So for those of you who feel that some factions are too strong or something isn't quite right - tweak it. In your gaming group or for your games, try tweaking the points or for some of the older warscrolls try playing abilities using the similar wording that GW are introducing (so wholly within for buffs for example).
  16. Don' forget that now bloodletters can activate their decapitating blow without worrying about -1 to hit (and Gloomspite Gitz have plenty of such abilities).
  17. Lucur

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    The only case where the Drake couldn't move would be if he's just barely in contact with enemy models at the "pointy" ends"of his elliptical base, otherwise you'd still be able to turn on the spot and maintain b2b contact. Edit: that's assuming no terrain interferes ofc
  18. zombiepiratexxx

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Trying to decide whether to start IDK or build a Tzeentch army and I already have some Tzeentch models and bought the Battletome recently. Regarding Lords of Change, which is "better"? A Lord of Change or Kairos Fateweaver? I've looked through the Battletome and they seem very different, presumably that is why they have the same points cost, as they are doing different things. The Oracle of Eternity seems nice but you lose out on the Command Ability, but, having access to all spells close to him seems like a decent thing to, presuming this works with Endless Spells too? Just looking for input from those people more in the know. I already have the model and it's built as Kairos but my group wouldn't care if I played him as a regular LoC. Should also mention that we're not super competitive, just looking at my options for including a cool birdie.
  19. zombiepiratexxx

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    A question on Eels. If you, for argument's sake were taking 6 of them in your army, would you prefer a 3/3 split of Morsaar and Ishlaen or would you take 6 of one or the other? Also, if you were taking 6 of one, which would you think would give the best performance? For extra info, this is what I was looking at, basically the battleforce box with some extras. I also have 240 spare points and wondering if more troops are the order of the day or take a King? + Leader + Eidolon: Aspect of the Storm Isharann Soulscryer Isharann Tidecaster : General - Isharann + Battleline + Namarti Reavers : 10 Namarti Reavers, Icon Bearer Namarti Reavers : 10 Namarti Reavers, Icon Bearer Namarti Thralls : 2x 10 Namarti Thralls, Icon Bearer + Other + Akhelian Allopexes : Akhelian Allopex, Retarius Net Launcher Akhelian Allopexes : Akhelian Allopex, Razorshell Harpoon Launcher Akhelian Morrsarr Guard : 2x 3 Morrsarr Guard, Akhelian Guard Command Group
  20. Overread

    What should GW do to balance AoS?

    I think one big issue is that GW releases things in bits to us; but they see the full picture. Take the changes to Khorne demons as a good example. They've changed with the new box which is clearly made to work with an updated Battletome that isn't out yet. Therefore the changes made feel odd because we've only got part of the picture to work with. I know GW doesn't like to overpromise on what is coming and they are very good in generally not leading us on too far with most things "coming someday" however I do feel that with AoS they would have benefitted greatly giving gamers at least a full 1 year update on what is to come and roughly when (or at least in what general order of releases). I'd hate for them to get like Spartan Games once were - hinting and showing loads of design phase ideas and talking up new games and new models and then missing their own deadlines with no mention (some things they hinted on coming never ever came even after years whilst others clearly went through huge changes in the background that were never communicated so the early hints and release info were totally wrong by the time the product made it to gamers); but I do think they could give us a longer AoS forecast.
  21. Today
  22. Overread

    01-01-2019 Update 4

    @Fairbanks my thanks. For me at present I'm counting a box done when its assembled and in a state ready to paint. Painting (despite the number of years I've been an on-off wargamer) is still something I've yet to really tackle head on. So I've not added it to the completed boxes list thus far. To me its a whole separate struggle that I'm aiming to make a start on in Feb/March. The only downside is that with DoK so many have elaborate hair designs that most of my army is currently headless! Even though I list them as complete they won't be until they are painted an their heads stuck on their bodies. I can't even add my Melusai to the mix as they are even more complicated and I plan to paint the snake part separate to the body so they are laying in various bits and will do until I've likely painted through a whole host of witches.
  23. My vision on this is the same as it was when AoS1's problems showed. 1. They have to be more consistent with their design, we know there are different designers working on different books, but ideally when a book is released a final side by side comparison is done, at least within their Grand Allegiance and if not within then next to others (in the case of LoN). 2. Point costs fix a lot too, ideal balance isn't what GW should aim for but consistancy is. It's simply said and quite honestly simply done if GW would look back. My issue and gut feeling remains however is that due to GW's sales rising they're falling in the old habit of making the newer armies the better armies. This isn't always the case but now has happened on occossion. Next to that, like 40K when a rebalance/errata is done, ideally go through all armies or none at all. Latest example I still don't get is that Bloodletters have been reduced in effectiveness, cost remained the same, while several newer units have been increased in effectiveness while their cost remained the same. This should lead to an indication that things arn't as they should be from the getgo. Which often shows. At the same time though I clearly remember how upset Death players used to be, still thought Death sucked when Legions of Nagash came out and because of that I also believe that GW might have unbalanced them for the simple reason that the Grand Allegiance didn't matter for about 6 months. However for an Order army I can't really find that excuse.
  24. Overread

    Event Norms for Realms, spells and features

    I honestly fully expect that in AoS 3.0 Endless Spells will become a core rule of the game. It's a visual element that I think they want in the game and players really do seem to love to have access too.
  25. couchmonster

    Eyes of the nine

    Hi all I was hoping to get some pointers. I've recently started playing & fell in love with Eyes of the Nine off the bat. I immediately decided to stay away from traditional objective grabbing due to how squishy these boys can be & instead have focused my game on Vortemis' finger guns & T'Charik's cricket bat...which has been paying off... Where I'm stuck is that I'm wondering if I'm missing out on any spells that are too good not to run, as more often than not I'm just slinging Bolt of Change. The deck I'm running at the moment is this... https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,N340,N371,N86,N80,N319,N67,N303,N64,N326,N317,N66,N61,N65,N72,N73,N69,331,N70,N81,N538,N499,N79,424,N85,N529,N543,N87,N548,384,N452,N388,N342 Thanks in advance
  26. schwabbele

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    How would we handle this from the FAQ: I was under the impression 2 model would lock a unit, however if a move can be 0" for pile in then that would also count ? But this would imply a move is also a pile in? Damn I am confused now
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