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  2. King Taloren

    Slaughterpriest questions

    Khorne just got a new Battletome, think it went on shelves yesterday. So there are a bunch of new tools for them to use. Many of them can be found in the Azyr App if you can download that on your phone. Another resource is on the GW store site should have the new model rules for download on each individual page. 1. Yes, all your priests can pray twice, Once from the warscroll prayer and a second time for the blessings of Khorne. 2. Yes they just added the new rule on the slaughterpreists new Warscroll so it isn’t and errata but a entirely new thing added to the model in the newest book. 3. Also yes Khorne is one of the only armies that can do thing like spend blood tithe points in the opponent’s Hero phase. This is partly because of the 2 point autodeny of spells, but any of the powers may be used at that time, even summoning, (unless the mechanics was changed in the new book)
  3. Mikeymajq

    Mikeys unintentional Gloomspite gitz

    Thanks! I got a bit distracted by the new BoK release but I'm back on track painting my little gitz and troggoths. Nearly done on the Troggboss. Might finish him in the next few days. Bought some more moonclan grots and a squig herd. And the damn terrain piece which is huuuuge... and the two main parts of it didn't align properly so I'll have to greenstuff it or something
  4. Draakur

    Low Model Count Competitive Armies

    Yep ok, all of this certainly makes sense. While I do like the idea of a “monster mash” (did I get that right?), I maybe should have been more specific and described the kind of army I meant. I really dig the idea of heavier infantry types of units - the Paladins and heavier armoured heroes from SCE, Ogors and BCR in general, Dragon Ogres, Kurnoth Hunters, Khorne Juggernauts (and the other heavily armoured, elite Khorne units), stuff like that. I realise an army of these types of units would still suffer from the downsides you’re describing, maybe just less so than straight up single big monsters.
  5. KasperBN

    AoS 2 - Sylvaneth Discussion

    Hi all, Have a few questions that came up in yesterday's game, hope someone can help 1. How do the rules deal withj large models in the Wyldwoods, aka both flying and non-flying? Do flying models "land on the trees"? Do large model that cannot fly, simply just stand on the trees anyways, even though smaller models are not allowed to? It came up in Duality of Death where only heroes or behemoths can take the objective, I parked the 2 objectives underneath Wyldwoods, and we just played with large heroes being able to stand on them anyways, but what RAW? 2. How does spell casting with visibility work with our woods and flying units? Is it the same as shooting where flying units ignore the LOS rule? 3. Do summoned dryads get to move (Roused to Wrath), or just charge? 4. How does Alarielle's Living Battering Ram work with our Wyldwoods? I assume it hits our own units as well, but does it "spread" to all 3 citadel woods, aka a massive aoe if she charges near a Wyldwood?
  6. Darksteve

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    None of the abilities reference replacement of each other and there are no limitations on the slaughterpriests in terms of thier casting attempts, so you can do 1 prayer, 1 blood blessing, 1 judgement, and attempt to unbind an endless spell all in the same hero phase with the same priest.
  7. Today
  8. Ravinsild

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Does the book or Slaughterpriest Warscroll identify in any meaningful way what the order of operates are regarding their capabilities? Can they Pray, Bless and Judge all in 1 go? Do they either choose to pray or judge but they can still bless? Which combination of things are they able to do?
  9. Wulfrik the Wanderer

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Not sure if it was highlighted, but the Bloodwarriors' leader no longer adds 1 to the attack characteristic of any weapon other than Goreaxe(s) which devalues Goreglaive slightly. Still useful, but no more extra attack from being the leader. Also thought it interesting to point out that Judgement rolls are not Prayer rolls, and say any "Khorne Priest" can attempt tp cast them. A Chaps Warshrine dedicated to Khorne has both the "Khorne" and "Priest" keywords, and can therefore roll a Judegement to bring it on the field. The Skull Alter also affects this, by allowing the Chaos Warshrine to reroll failed Prayers and Judgement rolls for "Khorne" "Priests". This prayer can also be the prayer the warscroll prayer to reroll failed hit rolls that goes off on a 3+.
  10. Skreech Verminking

    AoS 2 - Skaventide Discussion

    You can never have too many rats on the battlefield.
  11. Fluttershy

    Reikenor's Corpse Candles and Deathless Spirits

    perhaps this might be helpful.. Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Core Rules, Designers’ Commentary Page 6 - WOUNDS AND DAMAGE Q: Some abilities refer to a unit ‘suffering’ a wound, while others refer to models or units ‘inflicting’ a wound – do such abilities apply to wounds that are saved, negated, healed or ignored? A: No. In the Warhammer Age of Sigmar rules, the term ‘suffered’ or ‘inflicted’ refers to a wound that is allocated to a model and has not been negated or healed. https://whc-cdn.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/age_of_sigmar_core_rules_designers_commentary_en.pdf
  12. Kramer

    Legions of Nagash force.

    Hehe that should be the slogan of the whole AoS crowd 😂
  13. Kramer

    The Painting Contract - March 2019

    Step 2 complete! Rat ogre parts are on the table and ready to go. Just can’t find my khemist I’ll do the basing together with my rat ogres. Simple grass so getting the flock from the storage will take longer than applying it. This months stretch is next months goal, and I’m already excited about it!
  14. Grimhack

    New Ironjawz on the block

    @Tzaangor Management My blues are a lot darker than his, but I love the bright colours he uses! Small update, not much painting bit I participated in a small 500pts tournament in the local GW. Lost 2 games and won 1, learned some things and had fun! I wanted to take some action pics but got caught up too much so can only give this one.
  15. The World Tree

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    KO require a significant rewrite, I'd imagine that factors into the priorities. But that could go both ways - it might mean it is prioritised as it is a meaty (and therefore motivating) piece of work, Or it might be de-prioritised in favour of quicker wins. The fact that they have a fresh model range and are receiving a Nightvault warband does indicate that in terms of production priority they are important. I think a book comes this year, but I'd be surprised if there's more models.
  16. Ravinsild

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Does anyone know the order in which the Axe of Khorne deals it’s damage? In a game today someone argued that it deals the D6 damage upon its arrival from summoning and then an additional D3 on any units it passes over. The wording always seems to favor movement though, so I thought you summoned it, moved it and then where it rested it did the D6 within 3”. Basically is the D6 front loaded or back loaded?
  17. ReAnimate Studios

    Back in the game (nurgle)

    Started working on the horns. My god there are a lot 😭
  18. Enoby

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    In other news, I went to a doubles tournament (24 people/12 teams) and we won. We had 1000 points per person. Our list was: Gloomspite: 1 mangler squig with loonboss - live to fight another day - doppleganger cloak 1 fungoid cave shaman - squig lure 20 grots with spears 20 grots with spears 1 mangler squig Chronomatic cogs Gemnids of Ulg-Hysh Slaanesh (seekers host): 1 exalted keeper of secrets - devotee of torment - dimensional blade 5 hellstriders 5 hellstriders 6 fiends We won ever match by basically alpha striking a weak spot with the EGD, and using it as a huge distraction carnifex. It really was very strong in combat, don't get me wrong (often killing multiple heroes or units a turn), but its best use was attracting usually half an army to try and kill it. We fought: - Legion of blood/flesh eater courts - Fyreslayers/Seraphon - Skaven Pestilens/Nurgle (the hardest one by far; plague monks buffed by glottkin are terrifying) I also had another game against new Khorne using something similar to the above list, but with 500 extra points (consisting of 30 daemonettes and 3 mounted heralds). Managed to win that, but decided to forgo all spellcasting. Daemonettes are still great, but a massive pain to pack up after using them. Again, the EGD acted as a great distraction against a huge chunk of his army, which caused him to forget about the objectives. The fiends performed well acting as a flank.
  19. Balloon Dwarf

    Small Model Count Skaven

    I go for heroes because of my play style. I'll have my bombardier babysit the cannons, my arch warlock with the six man stormfiends and my engineer to get some gnawhole stuff. And with regards to using weapon teams. In my first game, my warpfire thrower ended up in combat, then died. In my second game, the ratling gun overcharged, rolled a double 1, missed all 4 shots, then died. So for my play style they're fun but not something I bank on, they're more there because I had the points to spare.
  20. Tibus367

    Slaughterpriest questions

    I recently played a few games with a Khorne player and because I am a Khorne player myself I have a few questions. The battletome states "In addition to any other prayer they can chant, each PRIEST in a Khorne army knows one blessing from the Blood Blessings of Khorne". Does this mean that they can pray for something like a blood boil and then turn around and also chant a blessing like Killing Frenzy on the same phase? Second, I heard there was a errata allowing slaughterpriests to dispel endless spell after they have been successfully cast. I haven't been able to find any such errata. Does anyone know if this is true and where to find where this is stated? Third, in the battletome it states "At the start of the hero phase, you can use 1 or more Blood Tithe points to receive 1 reward from the Blood Tithe table below." Since it does not state who's hero phase does that mean Blood Tithe can be redeemed in your your own hero phase as well as your opponents? Or can they only be redeemed in your own hero phase?
  21. Trying to find the creator or any info about this conversion. It’s a bit different then Khazek. Can’t find anything anywhere! Particularly trying to find where that sword came from! Thanks!
  22. martinwolf

    More Crossbows!

    Your whole army looks sooo cool. How long does it take you to paint 30 of those? Excluding the banner.
  23. Enoby

    AoS 2 - Hosts of Slaanesh Discussion

    The list seems good to me I really like fiends, and tend to run them in units of 6 (backed by hellstriders). I'm not sure if I'm keen on the chaos sorcerer lord on manticore as while he's good for depravity, he often does nothing when his spell fails/is unbound (even more common with Khorne now). I would personally swap him for 3 more fiends (to make a unit of 6). While that does mean a few less depravity points, I've found that building for depravity points tends to be a mistake; they're really strong, but they're best treat as a tool to aid your win rather than a tool that makes you win.
  24. Karragon

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Interesting suggestion, magic. I'm playing at Throne of Skulls this weekend and came up against a Khorne player yesterday (old book). I've got 3 wizards and cogs in my list that I often slow down time with. The khorne player denied all but 1 of my spells that game
  25. The World Tree

    Concerns with the development of AOS 2

    I think one of the big problems with realm use in games is informational asymmetry. We have a local AOS league and there's a pre-determined realm each round. There have been times when I've won because I knew there was a spell/command ability that could win teh game for me. Because my opponent doesn't know or hasn't looked at those rules right there means they were caught unaware. It doesn't feel good to do it and I don't want to have my nose in a book whilst playing just to make sure I remember all of the spells. Like magic items, it is just bloat.
  26. Roark

    AoS 2 - Blades of Khorne Discussion

    Haha, awesome. I need to be able to make a Chaos Lord on Manticore my Goretide general. On the charge, with Dimensional Blade: Daemon blade 4 3 3 -3 dmg1d3+1 Lance 3 3 3 -1 dmg4 (on the charge) Jaws 5 4 2 -2 dmg2 Tail d6 4 4 0 dmg2 And all those weapon profiles can be buffed out the wazoo with Mongers, Secrators and Deathbringers. Not a bad combat package for 250pts. He can be my Mortal Thirster. ;-) (Imagine if, around GHB time, they fix his Mark ability to be a true 6" pile-in too. That would be insane.)
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