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  2. Could you or anyone else summarise what they spoke about? Seems I have to subscribe on Twitch to watch it again...
  3. It's clearly going to be skeleton jack, king of the pumpkin patch. I too hope it's a new aos oc. Don't need more old world links. Make new stuff.
  4. In most battleplans, according to the core rules: "Once you gain control of an objective it remains under your control until the enemy is able to gain control of it" So no, you don't need to stay near it to retain it (exceptions include Places of Arcane Power)
  5. As the GHB is next month I've just been painting up unfinished units waiting to see what is happening next. At the moment I'm working on my altar in the same scheme as my army, anyone else painting?
  6. Can you spend a command point to re roll on a failed cast of a spell? Just like how you can for failed charges
  7. Do you physically need a model to be within 6 inch range to hold an objective? Or if you have had a unit stay on an objective for a turn and then move it away, does that objective still remain as yours until it has been recaptured by the other army? Or is that objective no noones again?
  8. Got the book. Everything was already known about LoG. Zero surprises there. Yet to finish the story though so might be some there.
  9. This is fantastic - thank you very much! Not sure when my next game is but will certainly be trying this out. Will save a lot of time for me trying to figure it out and then writing it in my notebook.
  10. I don't care who wins, and, to quote the chess scene in Peep Show, I usually don't even know who's winning (probably not me though).
  11. You’re assuming that GW wants to sell a lot of these boxed sets. That’s really only going to be true if they are a way to clear overstock of existing sprus, which seems unlikely in this case given that a Sylvaneth is about to get another big sales push from the new Battletome and Gitz seem popular too right now. In reality, these limited run boxes are a promotion and quite possibly a loss leader. Why would GW want to produce enough boxes to meet the full demand when they are selling the contents at significantly below the market price for the individual components? If they sold enough copies of Looncurse to appease anyone who wanted one or more Arch revenants, what would that do for the market afterwards? People complaining that GW didn’t produce enough boxes are really complaining that GW didn’t make enough for them to buy everything they wanted at discount prices. If all you want is an arch revenant or two then you can pick them up on eBay for less than half the cost of the box (ie cheaper than a share of full Sylvaneth content). How many people who wanted the Sylvaneth still sold the Gitz (or split the box, which is fundamentally the same thing - they weren’t buying Looncurse as an intro set, they were plundering a discount box for stuff they wanted and selling the stuff they didn’t to minimise their net spend. Not that I’m suggesting this is morally wrong, it’s the way this hobby frequently works. I just think the level of indignation is strange when the complaint is that people can’t buy the box at a discount and sell off the stuff they don’t want because someone on eBay bought it to sell on first, and the suggested solution from some people is that GW produce enough discount boxes, at increased cost to themselves, to make everyone happy. Some people even think this would make good economic sense!
  12. So, folks who have the book now; where there ANY surprises?
  13. Today
  14. I doubt it. There are quite a few odd interactions that require a FAQ. I'm guessing they are finishing the last bits and it will come next week.
  15. Could I just check my payment has been received and I’ve secured a place? Philip Jenkins
  16. I would consider something a tad darker if your gonna go with red Squigs. The orange in top or red is too much hot colors. Try contrasting with a darker color robe
  17. Another report from the front lads. This time scorched earth in a crowded desert city. (cool map, but would never be seen in a tournament ) He was using the new kurnoth hunters warscroll with the arch revenant. I wanted to give the skull reaper horde another chance before I changed it. Not exactly an army people are afraid of, but it might offer some insight. I'm not going to go into exacting detail on this one though as it was fast, and I'm tired. The Armies: Terrain: There were streets and open fire lanes in the center but he clogged up the major arterial way with his wildwoods by the edge of deployment. I set up my altar to block more line of sight Deployment: All the kurnoths hung out in the center with the revenant and a wytch wile 2 spite squads grabbed each objective with the last wytch on my left. The thirster and 5 reapers, 5 mongers, and 5 blood warriors sat on the right, sitting next to the wildwoods. I dropped the rest of my army in an extended line, covering both the center and left objectives. The Battle: I won the roll off to pick sides and chose to steal his wildwoods. No free dryads for you! Also blocking line of sight from his shooters. and my opponent chose to go first. The battalion let him teleport a unit (6" away) and move 3 others, so he teleported the melee kurnoths directly in front of my right hand "castle" (more like a fort) and moved the shooters up. The revenant then chased the melee hunters and the shooters did 5 wounds on the blood warriors guarding the big block of reapers. Charge phase the hunters make it to the mongers (who were guarding the flank of the thirster) but most get stuck on the blood warriors in front. He uses the revenant to give them +1 attack. 4 easily kill the blood warriors who do a total of 3 wounds back. 1 only gets 1 attack through on the reapers doing 2 damage and 2 of them kill 3 mongers who finish off the wounded one. In return the thirster does 8 mortal wounds and 7 damage on the unit of hunters while the reapers + mongers kill all but one who is kept around with a command point. That 1 dude also did that evocator thing of mortals, but only in 1" and only 1 dice per model in the hunter unit, killing a reaper. Objectively worse than evocators, but still new. My turn I move up the big castle (who gets clogged on the streets/altar/buildings) who ran because they weren't going to get in range this turn. Plus he had a shooting line I didn't want to let him get the chance to unload shots with. Call it a gamble. The right hand reapers fell back towards the spites and the thirster finished the last hunter. We rolled off and I won it, choosing to go first. The thirster went after the enemy general and the big reaper blob moved on the shooting kurnoths with the small unit of reapers + blood warriors threatened the left objective. It was at this point that I overestimated the reapers. Or underestimated the durability of the hunters. The big blob charged 2 hunter units and captured the center objective. They outran the mongers and were only getting +1 attack. 4 reapers did 6 mortals and 1 wound to the first unit while the 3 did 5 mortals to the second unit. In return they killed 1 reaper with stomps. Meanwhile the arch revenant only got 1 attack through and did 2 wounds to the thirster who promptly did 15 wounds back, but she resurrected with 3 wounds on the spot. I expected him to retreat her onto one of my objectives, but the only ones who moved up were the spites who just sort of sat there warding off my attacks from his objectives. The great bows killed 2 reapers and injured another. In combat the revenant went first and did 6 wounds to the thirster, while the reapers killed 1 hunter form the first unit and did 2 mortals to the other. The wounded reaper was finished by stomps and the revenant paid for her temerity. I won the roll off for turn and my opponent decided to call it. That was a weird one. My opponent essentially threw himself upon my sword turn 1 and whilst I didn't quite manage to finish him there that was 600pts to kill blood warriors and tie up my smaller block for a turn. Losing the roll offs is what really finished him though. If it manages to get through the bows can be nasty, but with hitting on 4s they're not a great choice. I suggested using the second kurnoth bunch as scythes and playing less aggressively. Castling and all that. We'll see how that goes, he's sticking with the woods for a while yet. The mortals from the hunters are nice (for them), but not really game making, even with the bonus ones from the greatswords. Side note: Holy cow! my opponent only failed 2 saves from all of my big unit's attacks over 2 combat phases. Those were some hot dice. As for my thoughts on my army... I was really missing the priests this game. Getting trapped by that hunter was bad and being able to snipe things with them would have been nice. The thirster feels so vulnerable, I'm certain that if those 3 hunters had made it to him he would have been at death's door. Need to keep him wrapped. The reapers did a fine job, but I need to limit my reliance on them. Everything else worked as expected. I was a little surprised that I managed to keep that re-roll 1 aura from the enemy heroes who were hiding (mostly). Side note: that arch revenant is not to be trifled with. -2 rend always hurts. They definitely aren't useless to mortals. you just won't be using those command abilities on much. It's why the insensate rage is a popular choice of thirster. Besides being the least points he doesn't make you feel like you're wasting the command ability he has by not using it. Plus explosions. Explosions are always nice. The others aren't bad choices either, I just feel like you have to consider bringing more daemons if you're using them. Even if it's just more thirsters. Agreed. The only times I've summoned one, the game had been decided by then and he really didn't add much. Could be worth summoning if you're on a hero capturing scenario and happen to have the points. That's rather specific though.
  18. Morathi might get a minor point discount as there has been numerous feedback that she is slightly over costed for what she does.
  19. Game 5. Border war vs Sylvaneth. Major Loss. 15 to 23. Most enjoyable match of the tournament. Great sportsmanship from the opponent.
  20. I hear what you're saying completely. My point is that if it was handled differently, GW would produce more, sell more, make more $ for the shareholders AND players would get what they want. I don't see a downside to gauging the player base better.
  21. The most ironic thing about this is that totally new players to Warhammer would probably have been the least likely people to have been able to even see a copy of this box on the shelf of any store, let alone actually successfully secure a copy.
  22. Interesting. From what I can see here, the woods appear identical. They just added the Citadel Woods LoS rule directly to the warscroll to help clear up confusion. EDIT: Nvm. On the clearer zoomed in photo after this I can see the way damage is dealt at the end of the charge phase is a change!! Yeah FLGSs had their shipment cut back from what they were told by GW they would be able to sell. As you said it seems there were people who preordered through their local store soon after preorders were available only to be told after launch their "preorder" was meaningless. GW has already done the expensive time/ money investment by designing these sets and having manufacturing arrangements made. Now it would just be up to them to get their s*** together as a business to figure out how to meet demand. It's as you said here though: They want to keep the "excitement" and pressure of demand up as high as possible, while lowering their risk as much as possible by purposefully low-balling demand.
  23. A closer zoomed photo. I like how the Wyldwood is now going to be a constant D3 threat for every charge phase regardless of whether the enemy charged or not (but good luck to bringing allies...). As for placement, do you think it would be possible for the area inside the Wyldwood circle to allow for already placed terrain? Such that you count the distance for placement of Wyldwoods from each model and not the completed circle itself l. Would fix the biggest issues regarding wyldwood placement!
  24. The only reason this matters (or anyone cares) is because of the arch revenant. Everybody keeps talking about, “how garbage t-revs are” and now they care that they cant get their hands on a bunch of t-revs all of a sudden? Give me a break... If it matters all that much to you proxy a model until the arch-rev actually comes out. That way you don’t have to buy a bunch of units you probably won’t use, making whatever money you saved on the box totally pointless. Looncurse was a box supposed to bring NEW people into the hobby by giving them two semi-balanced forces to play with for the first time. GW clearly underestimated the sheer insanity that new plastic crack would create among established players; because quite frankly everyone freaking out about this needs to get hit in the head with a giant cartoon hammer and take a nap for a bit.
  25. It's more that GW should've done Pre-Orders farther in advance so that they can gauge the market better. Wouldn't it be better for GW to have an adequate number of Pre-Order sales so that everyone who is interested could get a box? I see no reason for them to not be able to take Pre-Orders further in advance, make a decision based on how many Pre-Orders to manufacture that many, and then add an extra percentage as "Extra Sales". It's ludicrous that some people on this very forum didn't even get their copy that they had "Pre-Ordered". All because GW decided long ago that they were going to only do a release with X number of copies, instead of gauging just how much interest there was from a real "Pre-Order" system. I also heavily doubt it takes GW 18 months from idea -> release. They have the manpower and the skill to do projects at a faster pace than a Kickstarter would be able to.
  26. So I finally played 2 of the idoneth battletome battle plans and I had a blast, though I have to say it seem very one sided, especially at 1000 points. Incoming tide was a very unique idea for having a force try to stop you, and finding some way to table or run off the other side of the map was fairly fun. The harvest was probably my favorite one though, and can really have some fun narrative play of trying to capture the survivors and the like. It was very fun, but I basically could get a turn 1 charge off and since I went first... yea. It hurt the stormcast s in played against a lot.
  27. The spark does not add a damage on the MW's if I recall, only to the normal hits. @AliKing Rangeltoft is correct, this is illegal unless you make the Warpseer General.
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