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General AoS chat for people who play at the Devizes and District Wargames Group in Wiltshire (& friends). To get to the discussion area, click the "General Discussion" tab above ^ :) To get notified to everything, you can click the "Follow" button above and then will get a notification each time something gets posted #clever
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  2. Not sure if there still is or not. It was on a tweet from Ben C a while back, but not seen anything since. Its a good venue, worth going to! Sold out pretty quickly last year, so keep an eye for when tickets go on sale
  3. Cool beans - that's still a pretty decent list of events! Fancy doing BOBO one year, though May is always a tricky month with loads of other things. I think next I may try the WHW GT... Hadn't even clocked there was a Bad dice GT 😂 I quite enjoyed Smash the year @Chrisdanish and I went (just don't talk about the Air BnB), doesn't quite work out date wise for me this year.
  4. Not able to do blackout doing smash gonna try do facehammer gt may look into few more depending on work and family commitements
  5. Mr Brush, thanks for the heads up. Decided im not going to Blackout this year. Still trying to goto an event only once. At least until ive run out of good ones within a reasonable distance of home or my parents house. plan for this year looking like: SCGT (late april) - booked BOBO (mid may) - booked Essex GT (early July) - booked Bad dice GT (suggestion it would be June ish, havent seen any further details since)
  6. Just tagging @TheAdequateWargamer and @Twh30 that Blackout tickets are on sale and starting to sell! I've just booked the Travelodge in Queen Street for my brother and me!
  7. Started work on the next model! Need to do a little bit of tidying up and then work out where to paint the flame effect (and how...)
  8. Soo the weather.. Didnt someone breakout the countrysize pot of valhallan blizzard about this time last year aswell? @Chrisdanish i saw their facebook posts the other day. Would love to but wife is out all day on the 16th so its a disappointing no from me. The greenstuff join of the jugger head onto the eel body looks ****** up close, hopefully paint will help mask that. The bloodletter riders fit really well and look a lot like jockeys Loving the azyrite ruins set! Would recommend! Apart from there being about as much moldlineage as bloodletters have. Probably going butcher up another kit and rebase the fleshhounds (..again) but with them jumping over bits of ruins.
  9. Cheers! I certainly intend to spam all of the social media outlets Idorne looking very cool there!
  10. They are looking great Jon! What about a road trip on the 16th to Swindon for the opening of Firestorm?
  11. @RuneBrush no worries, hope this weekend is good. No doubt social media will once again be lit up with hobby stuff! @Chrisdanish boom! The 10th? I can be free 'Idoneth DeepKhorne' so far:
  12. Sorry Jon, I haven't been getting notifications. Think I might have logged out :( Cant do this weekend but can try and book something the weekend after maybe?
  13. Sorry Jon, last weekend was sadly completely full - as is this one (it's the Heresy Weekender - woohoo!)
  14. My big plan for the year is to focus on my Stormcast and Beasts of Chaos army. BoC probably won't be tournament ready until the second halve of the year. I've got a thematic Necromunda campaign running in Radstock, which will be the 3rd project I'm looking at finishing (not sure if I will ever finish the terrain). Im also hoping to finish a necron army this year as it is easy to paint as well as doing a bit frostgrave to help break up the slogs above. I've already got a million unfinished projects, but I'm really tempted to get CMON's ASOIAF as they look great miniatures and the game is suppose to be good.
  15. A single 2k list of khorne daemons is all im planning on painting + playing with until ghb '19 appears.
  16. Hobby wise I've changed my mind almost as much as I've eaten junk food this year White Dwarf diorama is currently the only active project I've got going. That's very nearly complete too - all being well it'll be done by the end of this week, just a few bits and bobs. Realistically I'm not going to be able to look at much new until early Feb (am away this weekend and need to clear up after the diorama and then it'll be the Heresy Weekender). I'd like to do something fantasy based for Golden Demon this year (so second week of May), but I know time is tight and not sure it's sensible to go from one big project straight into another! Almost tempted to just pick up a box of squigs for something completely different!
  17. My plans for 2019 are to try and work through so many of my unfinished projects in batches around 10 guys at a time. I want to make progress on the following projects: 3 x Necromunda Gangs ( Orlock, Cawdor and Delaque) A Free Guild Army (themed around the last army of the empire) A Seraphon Army 2×Astra Militarum armies (one praetorian guard themed, one themed around Vigilus PDF) 1 x Genestealer Cults Army (The Brotherhood of Bob) 1 x Adeptus Mechanicus Army (metallica) 1 x Crimson Fist Army 1 x Thousand Sons Army 1 x Space Wolves Army If I can make progress through this, I might find time to work on my Bolt Action and Black Powder armies. I have attached a photo of the first batch of the 60th Viligant PDF.
  18. Hey Everyone! I thought I would get the ball rolling on the painting threat as it's looking a little 🐻! With the impending GW paint price hike, the Internet is in a fit of panicked rage to ensure that ALL grey plastic has been painted prior to this deadline. Don't you miss out! This year will be the year of paint more than you can buy. I may have said that before but this year will be different .... hopefully. I have a stack of stormcast to paint including the prime, vanguard stuff and soulwars. Looking forward to getting these all finished so I don't have to paint another one ever again. I have the remaining malign potential spells to paint which proved good fun to paint last year and helped break up the monotony of yet another stormcast. Depending on what happens if anything I may get some high aleves rebased and painted. I have a few craftworld start collecting boxes I would love to get on the table to join the masses of smelly, miserable, 40k players who hate the game as much as they hate themselves. I would love to get a kill team sorted as that seems like fun and have a box of BA tactical marines ready to roll. Saying all that, sat in front of me are two knight model from the Harry Potter range, Bellatrix and Wromtail. They are pretty cool, about the same height as a stormcast but considerably thinner and likely to break. I'm looking forward to getting cracking this year by dedicating a little time but often in the mornings before I get to work. So that's my plans but more importantly what are you putting on the painting desk for 2019¿? (Pics if you have them)
  19. God damnit I forgot about the Christmas jumpers! Just a quick thanks for turning up, playing some ace games and grabbing a good curry last weekend. I hope you all had a blast with it. I know I certainly did! Let's make gaming great again by making this year the year we bash out a load of games and newly painted toys. If anyone fancies a game/pint I would love to play last weekend if the month. Keep your eyes peeled as I'm hoping to get a four player firestorm campaign going (only a year late).
  20. Following on from our curry talk, I just noticed that Bristol Smash is being advertised! I'm likely not going to be doing it as I'm fairly sure it'll clash with the AoS Open Day, but know that some of you could be up for it

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