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Winter Onslaught


Events UK

Event details

welcome to Winter Onslaught! A 2 x 1 day event held at Common Ground Games, Stirling

Each day will comprise of 3 x 2000 point games of Age of Sigmar

Each day will be separate events. Sign up to one or both days. Bring along seperate armies for each day and roll some dice with Scotlands finest wargamers. 

This is a no frills event. There will be no prizes or advances ticket sales incase the event has to be cancelled due to a change in COVID regulations. Payment will be made on the day and food can be ordered at the players discretion.

No frills pack to follow shortly 

Max number of players for each day will be 24. Sign up below. Please state which day(s) you wish to attend.


Saturday players

1. Nathan Watson

2. Grant Fraser

3. Phil McGuinness 

4. Dave Fraser

5. John Harper


Sunday players

1 Grant Fraser 

2 Scott Smith

3. Phil McGuinness 

4. John Harper

Recommended Comments

Sign me up for both days please, you sexy beast!! 😂 

(Andrew Stephen) 

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