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Troubled Doubles - Darker Days '19


Event details

A one day 1k Age of Sigmar doubles tournament with a twist.

Games will be playing on a 6x4 tables, and the pairing will be randomised for each round.
Players will be scored individually throughout the tournament.

There won't be standard realm rules being used, but each table will be 'themed'.
The tables used won't relate to over standings for the tournament.
Basically, you won't know who you are getting paired with or what tabled you'll be playing on, so it will create a truly unpredictable set of games.

We will be using the current General's Handbook 2019 for the battleplans for this tournament.
Armies must be no more than 1000 points using the Vanguard pitched battle profile (so up to 4 hero, minimum of 2 battleline, up to 200pts of allies, etc..).
The battle plans will be announced on the day and before the start of each round.
Some battleplans may need to be modified slightly to work for the doubles games and notes of any changes will be made available to the players ahead of the games.

As is standard with 2000pt games of AoS, there will be 2.5hrs for each game with an additional 15mins for any pre-game introductions and army explanations.
Players must aim to finish their games within the allotted time frame.
Any games that won't finish in time, the players should call over the TO and together we can decide on the outcome.

10 points for a major victory
7 points for a minor victory
5 points for a draw
3 points for a minor loss
1 point for a major loss
There will also be secondary and tertiary objectives that will add additional points to the scoring for each player.
Secondary objectives will score you between 1pt-5pts.
Tertiary objectives will score you 1pt each.

All of the rules for the 'themed' tables, as well as a list of the secondary and tertiary objectives can be found in the events pack.

We will also be asking players to record all kill points, both destroyed and conceded, because these will be used in the event of a tie-break and also there will be an award for who was the most lethal.

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd places.
There will be additional prizes, these include:-
- Favourite Teammate
- Favourite Opponent
- Most Lethal
- Noble Effort
- Wooden spoon
There will also be a prize for 'Best Army', which is player voted and although there is no painting requirement for this event in order to be eligible for 'Best Army' all models must be fully painted and be based.

All entrants that take part will receive a free t-shirt and potentially some dice as well if budget will stretch.

Spaces will be limited to 20 maximum, so book early to save disappointment.
You can secure your place by paying your entry fee of £15.00 either:
via Paypal to:

Unfortunately we are unable to issue refunds for tickets if refund requests are made within one month of the event taking place, however you are more than welcome to let someone else take your ticket should life get in the way.

Registration will be at: 9:00am - 9:15am
Game 1: 9:15am -12:00pm
Lunch: 12:00pm -1:00pm
Game 2: 1:15pm - 4:00pm
Game 3: 4:15pm - 7:00pm
Awards: 7:15pm
(Times may be subject to change dependent on numbers.)

Troubled Double Darker Days '19 Event Pack.pdf

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Recommended Comments

So total of 20 places available.
All 20 have now been filled.
I will be taking names of anyone who wants to come along but wasn't able to get in quick enough.
Once we have got 4 more people who are keen on coming along, then we can add another table onto the event. 

1. Adam Button
2. Ciara Potter
3. Tommy Potter
4. Simon Potter
5. Ash Hale 
6. Sam Sendell 
7. Matthew Arnold 
8. Ryan Pearson 
9. Thomas Challen 
10. Sam Phillips 
11. Lee Palmer 
12. Aaron Hazell 
13. Josh Richards 
14. Shaun Lang 
15. Pablo Plaza Fernández 
16. Ivan Herrera 
17. Felix Andrews
18. Kane Holloway
19. Joe Clark
20. George Newbould

Edited by Tropical Ghost General

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Mock up of the dice for the event, currently in production. Pearl green and black with white pips and image for easy to ready dice. Maybe someone from GW should take note of this 😂.

Dice Mock Up.jpg

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