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Weekend Warlod - Winter Incoming


Event details

Ludic Incoming Milano is happy to announce that on, the weekend of the 19th – 20th of October 2019 the very first edition of “Winter Incoming” will be hosted, a gaming event dedicated to the promotion of organized play in the city of Milan!

Our first Weekend Warlords will take place during this occasion, a two day - single player, Age of Sigmar Tournament. The event will be endorsed by the “Champions of Age of Sigmar”, Lega C.A.O.S. and will be sanctioned by their Official Info pack wich will be available soon.




·         Format Structure: Age of Sigmar 2000 points. The event will follow the official info pack, the missions and scenarios will be selected randomly the last days preceding the start of the event and after the closing of Lists Submission.

·         Rounds Structure: 5 Matches with the maximum round time being 2 hours 30 minutes. 3 Games will be played on Saturday 19 and 2 will be played on Sunday 20.

·         Realms of Battle: Will be selected randomly and announced two weeks before the list submission closure.

·         Participation Fee: 25 EUR.  The whole Prize Pool will comprise plates, gift vouchers, and event-exclusive gadgets distributed to all the players

·         Prizes: Will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Best Army. Best Slaughterer. Best Sportsman. Event-Rookie and last but not least the formidable Wooden Spoon.



Saturday the 19th:

-          10.00 A.M.  Sign Up Opening

-          10.30   Tournament Starts/ First Round

-          13.00   End First Round – Lunch Break

-          14.00    Second Round Starts

-          16.30    End Second Round

-          16.45    Third Round Starts

-          19.15    End Third Round

Sunday the 20th:

-          10.00 A.M.  Sign up Opening

-          10.30   Start Fourth Round

-          13.00   End Fourth Round – Lunch Break

-          14.00   Start Fifth Round

-          16.30    End Fifth Round

-          17.00    Awards


1)      Tournament Points:

-          30 Points Major Victory

-          20 Points Minor Victory

-          10 Points Draw

-          7 Points Lesser Defeat

-          0 Points Major Defeat

2)      Painting:

-           Full Paint Requirement. We are aiming for the best Hobby Experience for all our players and as such we kindly impose to our participants to have full painted armies. ludicincomingmilano@gmail.com

3)      Proxy:

-          Proxies are NOT allowed, nor for models nor for scenery pieces.

-          Modifications are allowed as long as these do not compromise the shape/dimension of the original model.

-          Any proxy found during the matches without previous authorization will be promptly removed from the table of play. A certain degree of freedom is allowed as far as weapon equipment is concerned. Do ask the Staff in case of doubt.

4)       Materials:

-          Each participant must be self-organized, with all the different needs for the correct occurring of their matches (Dice, Ruling, Measuring Tape, etc).


Army Lists, specifying each detail, should be sent to the following e-mail, no later than Sunday the 30th of September: ludicincomingmilano@gmail.com

1-Leonardo Ravioli 
2-Alessandro Nordino 
3-Andrea Radaelli 
4-Elias Poggi 
5-Roberto Battistini 
7-Andrea Alfano 
8-Alessandro Galli 
9-Nicolò Caniglia 
10-Ambrogio Lamartina 
11-Mattia Lo Parrino
12-Federico Tarroni
13-Ambrogio Facchini 
14-Pietro Braghieri
16-Luca Grimaldi 
17-Salvatore Lanza
18-Manuel Clemente
19-Stefano Dimasi 
20-Marco Finotto
21-Stefano Monopoli
22-Luca Onorati
23-Simone Perego 
24-Federico Ronchi 
27-Michele Onorati
28-Fredi Marcarini 
29-Vittorio Canziani
30-Andrea Epis
31-Federico Azzali
32-Stefano Bonamin
33-Daniel Lenzotti
34-Stefano Chiodi
35-Andrea Graziosi
36-Lorenzo Canali
37-Teo Rolezio
38- Pierpaolo Danese
39- David Gori
40- Marco Pinto 
41- Cecco
42 - Damiano
43 - Matteo Compagnoni
44- Jacopo Favarotto 
45- Domenico Palmieri
46- Luca Bellino 
47- Leto Colombo Alessandro
48- Pisacreta Jacopo
49- Dinardo Davide
50 -Alberto Azzani
51 - Vendramini



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