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War in the Mortal Realms III, a 1 day tournament in central London


Events UK

Event details

Bad Moon Cafe are pleased to announce the third monthly Age of Sigmar tournament!


A 24 player, 1 day, 3 game tournament in London, set in Ghyran!

Tickets available here: Bad Moon Cafe - War in the Mortal Realms III Tickets

In brief

The event will take place over 1 day, on Saturday 16th March 2019. Bad Moon Café will open from 08.00 till 23.00 on the day and the tournament will take place from 09.00 till 19.00. There will be 3 games played over the day, all set in the Realm of Life, Ghyran.

Armies should be created using the Generals Handbook 2018 Matched Play rules consisting of up to 2000pts. Players should bring 3 printed copies of their list- 1 for themselves, one for the opponent and one for the event staff.

Triumph bonuses will be used as per the Core Rules.

Endless spells will be allowed as per Malign Sorcery Rules.

Realm Artefacts will be allowed and Realm Spells will be allowed.

Realm of Battle Realmsphere Magic and Realm Commands will be used. Realmscape Features will be used but are pre-determined as detailed in the Battleplans below.

Forge World models are allowed.

Objectives used do not have height or size for rules purposes.

Proxies, conversions and 3rd party models will be allowed but must clearly represent the warscroll.

Firestorm allegiance and abilities will be used.

The Tournament will be run using Tabletop.To software using Swiss Tournament Rules with strength of schedule. We will be following the UK Community Scoring points system rulesets.

There are no painting rules, points or limitations.


Game 1 : Duality of Death, with the Lifesprings realmscape feature
Game 2 : Scorched Earth, with the Seeds of Hope realmscape feature
Game 3 : Better Part of Valour, with the Fecund Quagmire realmscape feature


Rules pack is attached to this post and can also be found here.


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